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Module 3: Planning

How to choose the right staff
Before hiring staff, consider these questions:

What job really needs to be done?                        Think carefully about the job and what it has to do with your business.
                                                         Write down all the things you want the person in this job to do.

Who would be right for the job?                          Write down all the skills and knowledge the person will need to do the

How will the person be employed?                         You can employ people in a number of ways; you need to think about how
                                                         many hours a week this will take and make a decision before you employ

How will I attract the right applicants?                 You might use word of mouth to let people know you have a job to fill.
                                                         However, the more people who apply the better.
                                                         You could also advertise, use your business network, talk to customers,
                                                         hire an employment agency, contact local TAFE colleges or use a web site
                                                         to advertise.

How do I assess applicants?                              Use written applications, interviews and work tasks to assess applicants.
                                                         Use the list you made at step 2 to decide who has the qualities you need
                                                         in this job.
                                                         For example, you may want someone with good bookkeeping skills. You
                                                         may assess the candidate by asking about their experience or asking
                                                         them to do some basic bookkeeping to demonstrate their knowledge.
                                                         You may want to ask someone to help you assess each of the applicants.

How do I interview?                                      Write down four or five questions as a starting point. These will make
                                                         sure that the people being interviewed have the chance to talk to you
                                                         about themselves.

How do I make the final decision?                        Use your assessment techniques to narrow down the choice. If in doubt,
                                                         you may need to keep looking.

*Adapted from Hiring, Managing and Firing – a guide for Australian business. By G. Davies and P.M Williams.

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Driving the economic development of Queensland

The following list identifies some of the issues that you need to consider when you employ staff:

 Topic                            Issue                                                    Your Workplace
 Terms and Conditions of          •   hours of work
 employment                       •   time keeping
                                  •   pay procedures, superannuation
                                  •   leave
                                  •   staff facilities
                                  •   first aid facilities
                                  •   parking
                                  •   use of telephones and other equipment
                                  •   social activities
 Workplace health and safety      •   WorkCover
                                  •   Work area safety – identify hazards and decide on
                                      control measures and implement them
                                  •   Protective clothing and equipment
                                  •   Accident procedures
                                  •   Fire procedures
                                  •   Emergency exits
                                  •   Smoking policy
                                  •   Behaviour and conduct policies
 Introduction to the workplace    •   Workplace tour
                                  •   Introduction of others
                                  •   Show how to use equipment
                                  •   Security and confidentiality policies
                                  •   Overview of the business
 The job itself                   •   Specifics of the job
                                  •   Products
                                  •   Services and customers
                                  •   Training
                                  •   Schedules
                                  •   Expectations

   Greg and Jill were able to work together in the store. They also decided to employ two casual staff, each working up to
   10 hours per week.

   Greg and Jill decided to advertise the two casual positions in the local weekly newsletter and hold interviews at a later
   date. They wanted employees who were familiar with customer service, were reliable, would be capable of rotating
   stock and would know how to use a cash register. They devised some questions to use in the interview.

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