How to change a tire on a 2004 Chevrolet

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					                                                 How to change a tire on a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD
        1.   If a tire goes flat drive to a slow level place.
Put the vehicle in park and turn off the engine .
        2. Apply the parking brake so that the vehicle will not roll.
        3. Find the set of tire changing tools                                                              Keep bystander away from lifted vehicle. Could result in injury or death.

                                                                                              7.   Get the tire wrench and begin to loosen the nuts on the center cap and remove it.
                                                                                              8.   Break the lug nuts loose. Do not loosen to much.
                                                                                              9.   Jack the pickup up until the tire is just able to spin.

        4.   Remove the spare tire from beneath the rear of the vehicle by inserting the
             tire wrench shaft through the bumper and turning it counterclockwise until it
             has reached the ground.
        5.   After removing the spare tire turn the wrench shaft clockwise to wind the tire
             cable up.
        6.   Place the jack beneath the axle.

                                                                                              10. Begin to loosen the lug nuts the rest of the way and remove the tire.
                                                                                              9. Place the spare tire on the hub.

                                                                                                         Do not sit under the vehicle while placing the spare on the hub.

                                                                                              10. Begin to replace the lug nuts back onto the lug bolts.
                                                                                              11. Tighten the nuts until they are tight and the tire has begun to spin.

                                                                                                         Check that no one is under the vehicle.

                                                                                              12. Let the jack down.
                                                                                              13. After lower the vehicle use the tire tool to tighten the nuts up the rest of the way in a
                                                                                                  rotation going from side to side to tighten it evenly.
        Jack placement for front.                  Jack placement for rear.                   14. Place the flat tire in the bed of the pickup.
                                                                                              15. Place the tire tools back to their rightful place.