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									River Falls Municipal Utilities * 222 Lewis St., Suite 228 * River Falls, WI 54022 * 715-425-0906 *
                                                                                                              December 2009
                   g Heat Bills                              Gift Certificates A
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           The public hearing will be held Monday, January 18, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers

 River Falls Municipal Utilities has computed a sewer           the market will bear. Instead, a rate analysis is
 rate review. It was determined that a rate adjustment          completed every two years to determine if user rates
 is necessary for the utility to obtain a reasonable rate       cover actual operating costs. At that point,
 of return to cover operating costs and capital                 adjustments occur if warranted.
 additions. Rates were last increased October of 2005.              The utility’s goal has always been to provide the
     This proposed rate increase is necessary due to            best service at the lowest price. If you have questions
 an increase in annual operation and maintenance                regarding the proposed rate change, please contact
 expenses. Some items associated with this include              the utility office at 425-0906.
 the aging collection system, unusually high
 maintenance at the West Central Biosolids Facility,
                                                                                           2005     2009 Increase
 the decline in Sewer Connection Fees, and the
                                                                 Malt beverage (16 oz)    $1.09    $1.20    9.17%
 interest on investments during slow economic times.
                                                                 Ice cream (1/2 gal.)     $3.74    $4.32 13.43%
     With this proposed rate change, the average
                                                                 Avg. monthly sewer bill $34.68 $39.75 14.60%
 monthly residential bill is expected to increase
                                                                 Postage stamp             $.37     $.44 15.91%
 approximately $5.00/month or 14.6%. The impact of
                                                                 Cola (2 liters)          $1.11    $1.37 18.98%
 the rate adjustment upon individual customers may
                                                                 Eggs (1 dozen)           $1.22    $1.65 26.06%
 vary. Unlike many commodities, the utility does not
                                                                                  (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
 automatically adjust rates annually or charge what
                                                                                                           Printed on recycled paper.
                                                            If you are planning to build a new home, expand
CITY OF RIVER FALLS CURBSIDE                               an existing business, etc. be sure to contact us
CHRISTMAS TREE PICK-UP                                     regarding our newly proposed Water Impact Fees.
This Christmas season, the City’s                          While this is an increase, River Falls still remains
refuse hauler, Waste                                       “comparable” to neighboring communities:
Management, Inc. will again pick                                       Roberts................................$1,190
up Christmas trees. Trees                                              River Falls (proposed) .........$1,024*
should be placed at curbside for                                       Ellsworth..............................$2,200
pick up; trees enclosed in plastic                                     New Richmond ....................$2,310
will be accepted. Wreaths or                                           Hudson ................................$2,353
garland will be accepted with these                        * 1/1/10 amount, increasing by $232 over next 4 years.
restrictions (no artificial wreaths and
garland, no wire or plastic supports). Curbside                    NOVEMBER OUTAGE REPORT
pick up is scheduled for the weeks of January             Date       Location                      Cause
4 and January 11, 2010 (weather permitting).              11/22      S Main Street                 Squirrel
Recycling reminder: Christmas wrapping paper              11/29      Sixth and Maple Street        Squirrel
is not recyclable. Please do not place in
                                                          Whatever the cause of an outage, we understand the
recycling containers. If you have any
                                                          inconvenience and hardship that this presents, and
questions, please call Waste Management                   greatly appreciate your patience as we work to restore
directly at 1-800-960-0008.                               service as quickly and safely as possible.

  Give a Gift to the Environment this Holiday Season with ENERGY STAR
This holiday shopping season, consider gift options        computers and monitors to fax machines, printers,
that give more! The EPA is recommending numerous           and copiers — everything you need to make your
ENERGY STAR gift-giving ideas that will help your          home office work energy efficiently for you. A
friends and family give back to the environment                  home office that has replaced all of its
and make an important difference in the fight                     equipment with ENERGY STAR products
against global warming — all while saving                          and has enabled power management
money! The typical household spends more                           features on the ENERGY STAR PC and
than $2,200 a year on energy bills, and with                       LCD monitor will save a consumer more
ENERGY STAR, you can save more                                      than $160 over the lifetime of the products.
than 30%, or about $700. Over the                                    Make sure you remind your gift recipient
lifetime of ENERGY STAR products,                                    to keep the power-management features
a household can reduce greenhouse                              enabled on their new computer or monitor.
gas emissions by 120,000 lbs and save more than            Power management places computers and
$10,000 in energy costs. A few ENERGY STAR gift            monitors into a low-power "sleep mode" when not
options and ideas include:                                 in use and allows them to awaken within seconds,
• Home Electronics. If a television, DVD player,           saving more than $25 per year. You can save
     stereo, or cordless phone is on your list, looking    even more by plugging your electronics into a
     for the ENERGY STAR is "on the money," since          power strip and turning the strip off when not in
     ENERGY STAR points you to the most energy             use.
     efficient product models. Today's ENERGY STAR •       Power Tools and Appliances. For that
     qualified TVs meet new, stricter requirements and     handyman or handywoman on your list, consider
     offer up to 30% energy savings over standard          power tools with ENERGY STAR battery
     models. An ENERGY STAR qualified TV uses              chargers, which means that they are the most
     less energy when it is both on and in standby         efficient available. EPA now qualifies products
     mode. Also look for the ENERGY STAR on the            with popular brands such as Black & Decker,
     external power adapters that come with cell           Makita, Bosch, and others. You can also choose
     phones, cameras, and MP3 players for more             from a number of other ENERGY STAR gifts such
     energy-saving gifts!                                  as appliances — clothes washers, dishwashers,
• Office Products. This holiday, help someone get          refrigerators — and decorative lighting, such as
     their home office up and running with ENERGY          ceiling and wall fixtures, table lamps, and more.
     STAR qualified office products. The ENERGY
     STAR label is on a number of office products from                           (Source:

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