Rainbow Tips for Parents by gvz34939


         CHILD IN                             CHILD IN
   SPANISH AND FRENCH                      LANGUAGE ARTS
dducharme@northbranfordschools.org    gpolivka@northbranfordschools.org
 ckramer@northbranfordschools.org                                          Tips for
     Encourage your child to
  make and use flashcards for
                                        READING is the key to               Parents
                                     success in all subject areas.
  ALL new vocabulary;
  flashcards reinforce               Therefore, you should expect
  vocabulary learning.               your child to read at least
                                     two hours per week.                    North Branford
     Saying and/or writing new                                              Public Schools
  vocabulary words also helps           Supply Post-its for your
  with retention, we’re              child to help him/her become
  learning a new language!           an active, engaged reader.
     Even if there is no                Insist that your child do
  assigned homework, there’s         his/her written homework on
  always vocabulary to study!        the computer.
                                        Encourage your child to
 TIPS FOR HELPING YOUR               obtain a library card and use
        CHILD IN                     it frequently.
      Resource Room                     If your child is working
 jbooth@northbranfordschools.org     on a piece of writing, ask
                                     him/her to read the draft-in-
     The resource period is a        progress aloud to you. Ask
  time for you child to work         questions to promote content
  on their IEP goals and             revision. Revision is
  objectives and any subject         looking for ways to provide
  area skills they are having        meaningful content, voice,           Our Team Motto:
  difficulty with.                   style and organization.
     It is essential that you        Editing or proofreading is           Respect
  check your child's                 polishing the draft for              Responsibility
  assignment pad on a daily          presentation.                        Responsiveness
  basis.                                Post due dates for long-
     If you have questions or        term assignments on the
  concerns about your child's        fridge or a family calendar.
  progress, contact his/her
  teachers, guidance                    Model reading. If your
  counselor, or case manager.        child sees you reading, you
                                     validate the importance and
                                     role of lifelong reading.
       CHILD IN                             CHILD IN                            CHILD IN
         MATH                               SCIENCE                             HISTORY
dstone@northbranfordschools.org    kgranfield@northbranfordschools.org   rhibson@northbranfordschools.org
     Be sure your child has                                                 Our class web site is
                                     Your child’s notebook is the
  a supply of sharpened           primary text for science               http://www.mrhibson.com
  pencils in his or her           class. It is imperative that           All class info,
  locker.                         your child maintains an                assignments, due dates,
     Remind your child how        organized, up-to-date                  as well as helpful web
  important it is to bring        notebook. Any organizing tips          links and
  all materials to class:         you might have for your child          homework/research helpers
  book, notebook, and             would be helpful. Check to             are there for “one-stop
  calculator.                     see that pages are securely            shopping”.
                                  attached and that any                    You can help your child
     Check your child’s           important handouts are stored          most by your attitude: if
  notebook to see that each       in a folder.                           your child’s success in
  entry is dated; expect to                                              school is important to
  your child to review on a          Due to the interactive
                                  nature of science class, your          you, it will be to them.
  daily basis even if no
  written homework has been       child needs to attend school             Provide your child with
  assigned.                       regularly. Science activities          a schedule that makes
                                  are so much FUN, you don’t             learning a priority.
     Encourage your child         want your child to miss out.             Talk with your child
  to advocate for himself                                                about past history as
  or herself. Ask                    An inexpensive calculator is        well as current events.
  questions during class!         an absolute MUST.                        If your child misses a
     Talk to your child              Daily 5-question quizzes            class, it is the
  about what is going on in       serve as a review. Your child          responsibility of the
  math class and how those        should look over his or her            student to find out about
  topics relate to “the           notes before each class.               and make up all missed
  real world.”                                                           work in a timely manner.
                                     You too will learn some             I keep a folder for each
                                  amazing things about science.          student with missed work.
                                  Just ask your child what’s up
                                  in science!

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