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									                                Letter to DuPage Zoning Board

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(sample letter follows)

I am writing to you today regarding the property at 25W030 75th Street in Naperville. I am not a
neighbor who is directly affected, but I live in Naperville and am very concerned about the string
of events regarding this property. These are the questions that have been brought to my

1. Why did the new owner petition for a school in October of 2008, but then change it in
January to a religious institution? There have also been changes in the name of the
petitioner. Who is the individual responsible for the property? If there are violations, who is

2. Why were there such strict hours of operation on the Balkwills, and not on ILC? The
Balkwills could only operate between 7:30 am and 12:30 pm. I understand ILC is asking for
operations from early morning until 10:30 at night.

3. Why were there such strict traffic concerns about the Balkwill operations, and not on
ILC? The Balkwills had to arrange staggered arrival/departure.

4. The Zoning Board was concerned with noise levels when the Balkwills owned the
property, so why aren't there similar concerns today?

5. What impact will moving the septic field have on the adjacent properties?

6. By creating 39 parking places, what impact will that have on storm water drainage? How
will it impact the adjacent homes and 75th Street? Two "doors" down is the Peter Pan Learning
Center. That facility only has 17 parking places … how can the old Balkwill property
possible handle more than double that amount of asphalt?

7. Naperville is much more congested than it was in 1992, and 75th Street is much busier. Why
were there such concerns in 1992 with the Balkwill's small school and traffic impact and
those concerns are not being considered for the ILC?
For the record, in 2004 the intersection at 75 and Naper was the second worst intersection
in Naperville with an accident rate of 3.09 accidents per million with an estimated 63,900
vehicles daily. Adding this additional traffic burden just yards away from this already congested
intersection is creating undue risks.

8. This is single family residence with 3,668 sq. ft. of gross living space (which includes
kitchen, laundry, and 3 1/2 baths. How can it comfortably hold 100 people? Illinois state code
requires 5 bathroom fixtures for this number of people. How will just the use of flushing
water impact this residential area?

9. There is a connection between ILC and Alavi Foundation (whose assets the federal
government seized a few weeks ago due to alleged illegal ties with the Iranian government). As
you know, Alavi is listed on the mortgage for this property and has given money to ILC in the
past. Shouldn't all questions about Alavi Foundation be resolved before moving forward?

10. Finally, have you actually seen this property and walked its driveway? This is obviously
a single family residence with a small addition. I honestly don't see how this property could
possibly accommodate 100 people at one time. Additionally, the access driveway can only handle
a single file of cars.
I'd like to know what happened to the Board's initiative last May for creating church zoning
regulations. According to published reports,

        "The initiative was prompted because the county was getting applications to turn single-
        family residences into religious facilities. At least two such requests came from the
        northwest part of the county, said board member Jim Zay, who represents that area.

        "This isn't an anti-church piece of legislation, this is a pro-property-rights law," he
        said. "What rights do people have when you think you've got a single-family house
        next to you and suddenly you wake up the next day and there's 40 cars at the
        house next door, and it's a religious institution."

This is exactly what is happening in this situation. You are ignoring the property rights of all the
individuals who have lived in the surrounding neighborhoods for decades. There are too many
questions and concerns on this particular piece of real estate being used for a purpose for which
it is not appropriate. You are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. And you cannot ignore
the concern for homeland security.


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