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									             How to Build a Performance Scorecard
                Sponsored by the Alaska Chapter of the American Society for Quality
How do you know if your organization is successful?                     An Example of Performance Scorecard Strategy
Your Vision Statement is your target, your Mission Statement is
what you do, and your objectives or goals are what you need to
reach your target. Reaching your target is success. If you only
measure dollars or you do not have measures in place that link
your objectives to the company’s strategy you may miss your

What is a Performance Scorecard?
Performance Scorecard is a business tool that was developed to
help companies achieve success. It is similar in concept to the
Balanced Scorecard and a Quality Operating System.

A Performance Scorecard links strategy to operational objectives,
which are linked to measures. The measures drive both behavior
and performance.

A Performance Scorecard requires managers to reach
agreement on those measures that are most critical to the
success of a company’s strategy. Many companies track more
measures than they can possibly use.
                                                                    Who Should Attend
                                                                    •     Executives and managers who have questions
What is the focus of Performance Scorecard training?                      about the development and implementation of a
The Performance Scorecard training will be answering the
                                                                          Performance Scorecard
following three key questions:                                      •     Professionals or interested parties who are
1. To succeed with your vision and strategy, how will your                responsible for measuring and improving
     company look:                                                        processes at their organization.
     •   To your shareholders and customers?
     •   In terms of your internal processes?                       Particulars
     •   In terms of your ability to innovate and grow?             •     Location – BP Energy Center (behind BP Building
2. What are your critical success factors?                                across from the Residence Inn)
3. What are the key measurements that will tell you whether         •     Dates – 2/21; 2/28; 3/7; 3/14
     you are addressing those success factors as planned?           •     Class Time – 6 PM to 8:30 PM
                                                                    •     Free Pizza & Sodas served from 5:30 to 6 PM
                                                                    •     Course Length – 4 sessions
Workshop Objectives                                                 •     Each Session – 1 hr tutorial, 20 minute break, & 1
•    Introduce    Basic    Performance   Scorecard                        hr breakout sessions or group presentations
     Concepts                                                       •     Tuition Cost - includes training materials, but not
•    Overview of the Performance Scorecard Process                        Harvard Business School case studies
•    Assess your current performance measures.                            o ASQ Members $250 - pre-enrollment
Course Outline                                                            o Non ASQ members $375 - pre-enrollment
•    Conceptual Overview – understanding strategic                            (includes free membership in ASQ)
     drivers and value streams                                            o ASQ Members $275 after 2/10/06
•    Translating Strategy into Operational Terms                          o Non ASQ members 400 after 2/10/06 (i.e.,
•    Strategy Mapping                                                         includes free membership in ASQ)
•    Identification of Strategic Measures                           •     Pre-enrollment payments must be to Larry Blachut
                                                                          by COB 2/10/06.
•    Identification of Targets
•    Inventory and Prioritizing Initiatives                         Enrollment
•    Creating an Implementation Plan                                • E-mail Larry Blachut at (
•    The Need for Leadership Support and Change                           or 907-762-1687
•    Hands-on breakout sessions
                                                                    •     Address: Larry Blachut, VECO, 949 East 36th
                                                                          Avenue, Suite 500, Anchorage, AK 99508

    Presenter’s Bio: Rod Reinchuck is the Lead Quality Auditor for Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Prior to joining Alyeska
    he was a consultant specializing in strategic planning, process improvement, and quality systems. Rod has asssisted
    many companies with the implementation of their Performance Scorecards and Quality Operating Systems.

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