Christmas wish list – Boys

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					Christmas wish list – Boys
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Alexandre Ismael João 17 Daniel Tiago Samuel Vivaldo Hugo Carlos Radu Duarte José Eduardo Ângelo Ruben José Constantino Hugo Miguel Emanuel Paulo 4 16 14 13 12 11 10 8 18 A piping bag (for cake baking), MP4 player, an electric hand whisk, cookery book with cake recipes, Nike trainers size 47, Nike trousers size XL, bicycle equipment, Porto Football Club goalkeeper equipment (Helton), Nike jacket size XL A digital camera, an external hard drive. A pin activated safe, headset gamer, 64GB pen drive and 120 GB IPod, Adidas trainers size 41, a mobile phone, a laptop computer, a TMN sim card for a mobile phone White Adidas trainers size 41, a BMX bicycle, a warm coat size L, a jumper size M, a t-shirt size M, gold hoop earrings, an MP3 com with speaker, a mobile telephone with mp3 and black jeans size 34 An Adidas coat size L, Nike trainers size 42/43, Nike trainers size 42/43, a mobile telephone, an MP4 touch, a laptop computer, a silver necklace A camera, an IPod, a petrol fuelled remote controlled car, bicycle tyres, a laptop computer, a PSP game, a camcorder and Puma trainers size 42 A Kit surf, A Body Board 40, a wetsuit size XL, Timberland boots size 41, a portable DVD player, a downhill bicycle, an anorak size L, a mobile telephone, an Ipod A couple of cockatiels (birds), a tool box, a downhill bicycle, night goggles (eye clops, to see in the dark), MP4, Adidas trainers size 40, a Nike anorak size L, Hugo Boss perfume, a gold chain Adidas trainers size 39/40, a coat size S, Nike trainers size 39/40, trousers size 38, MP4, a digital camera, a gold chain A BMX bicycle, a PSP, an electric safe, a 120GB IPod, a camera, jeans size 40, Nike trainers size 39/40 and Vice City game for PSP MP4, a BMX bicycle, 2 coats size S, orange Puma trainers size 37/38 – a five aside football, a mini hi-fi, a remote controlled Jeep, 2 pairs of jeans size 32, a silver chain, 2 sweaters size S A watch, a hi-fi, a green Lacoste hat, football gloves, MP4, clothes for age 13/14, an Adidas five aside football, a rucksack, trainers size 38/39 and a mountain bike PSP games. A digital camera, a BMX bike, trainers size 37, an electronic safe, a digital watch, golf equipment and warm water fish A remote controlled car, a radio, DVD of School Musical 3, Hotweels track game, Play mobile do mar, Nike trainers size 38/39, drums, MP3, perfume and an aeroplane A Nike coat for age 10/11, Nike trainers size 36, a track suit, a car racing track, MP4, a rucksack, a skate board, a remote controlled car and a bag for the Magalhães computer A large dolphin, spider man, a Spiderman rucksack, Hotweels cars, a red Spiderman outfit, school equipment, DVDs of cartoons A Hotweels car track, MP3 player, a colouring book, a pillow, a Sonic rucksack, a Sega player with games, a Hotweels bicycle, a dinosaur to play with, a Portugal football and a remote controlled car A remote controlled aeroplane, Nike trainers with pythons (gold), a Portugal football, green drums, MP3 player, a waterproof watch, Lego and a skate board A remote controlled car, a Noddy toy, a Ruca doll , a Noddy CD, a Ruca CD, Noddy and Ruca clothes for age 4/5, a play telephone, a Lion King colouring book and Noddy stickers

Christmas wish list – girls

N.º 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Nome Damásia Marisa Mónica Carina Patrícia Samanta Sara Vanessa Tânia Cátia Rosalinda Bruna Jessica Vilma Leonor Luna

Idade 16 15 14 13



8 7 6 4 3

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 IPod, a digital camera, guitaril (a guitar game), black and white Allstars trainers size 36, a purple or silver mobile telephone, a gold necklace and earrings (simple e.g. with just little ball detail) Black and pink Adidas trainers size 39, MP4, a mobile telephone and digital camera, perfume A digital camera, a Nintendo DS, a mobile telephone, MP4, a safe, clothes (from Berska and Stradivarius size 42), Nike trainers size 39, a travel case and perfume Lady Gaga CD, Morangos com Açúcar volume 11 CD, Allstars trainers size 39, a radio, MP3, MP4, trousers size 40/42, tops size L, a Hello Kitty track suit, a diary, roller skates size 39 and a skirt size 40 Allstars trainers size 38, a top size M, trousers size 32, MP4, perfume, a watch, Lady Gaga CD, black boots size 38, a radio, ballet pumps (flat shoes) size 38 and Morangos com Açúcar volume 11 CD Hello Kitty clothes for age 10/12, a Hello Kitty pencil case, photo album, Hanna Montana exercise book, Hello Kitty rucksack, Hello Kitty radio, necklace, Hello kitty MP3, Nenuco doll and baby’s hospital to play Various music CDs, shoes size 39, radio, Hanna Montana CD, MP3, MP4, CD player, colouring book, Barbie book, diary, school equipment – school bag or pensil case MP4, Hanna Montana clothes, make-up, earrings, hair clips and hair accessories, shoes size 35, perfume, school equipment, Hanna Montana roller skates and Nenuco MP3, Lady Gaga CD, clothes for age 10 anos, shoes size 32, perfume, Hanna Montana CD, watch, boots size 32, Hanna Montana stickers, skirt for age 10 Radio, play hospital, play kitchen, bangles, beads, Hello Kitty rucksack, MP3, roller skates, case for Magalhães laptop, Hello Kitty, “Barriguitas” play hospital and Hello Kitty ring CD player, Hello Kitty pencil case, boots size 37, trousers size 40/42, MP3, big Hello Kitty cuddly toy, Hanna Montana top size M/L, Hello Kitty necklace and ring, Hanna Montana clock/watch Hanna Montana clock/watch, boots size 31, Hanna Montana stickers, diary, MP3, Lady Gaga CD, clothes age 8/10, shoes size 31, CD player and CDs, Hanna Montana CD Radio, Hello Kitty ring, roller skates size 30, Hello Kitty MP3 player, Hello Kitty rucksack, tops for age 8/10 anos, Hello Kitty pencil case, Hello Kitty beads, Hello Kitty case for Magalhães laptop and diary Tops for age 6/7, trousers for age 6/7, trainers size 30, shoes size 30 and boots size 30, trakc suit for age 6/7, bicycle, watch. Pen and large cuddly toy Barbie, “Barriguitas” play hospital, Ruca cuddly toy, Noddy doll, play telephone, clothes for age 4/5, shoes size 28, boots size 28, colouring book, and play kitchen Tops for age 4/5, trousers for age 4, track suit for age 4, trainers size 25/26, polo neck tops for age 4/5, shoes size 25/26, tricycle, play kitchen and play hospital