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					This player is new generation digital walk-man equipment. It supports the format of MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV, MTV, AMV...etc. Perfect timbre, higher dependable and delicate external appearance benefit by association together, it can be rated as the work of the master, we hope it can let you enjoying from the bottom of heart.

● Contraption The external appearance of square brick form designs, fit feels. ● support various frequency format Such as: MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV,MTV,AMV...etc. ● fixed upgrade function Provide the latest upgrade software to download from the website, realizing expanding function. ● FM radio Strong and big and automatic researched program or manual researched program function, can save 40 different frequencies native programs, make you relaxed to listen to the programs. ● Record function Record the program that you like to the recording document while listening to the program. ● No driver USB disc function No need to manage the procedure, can proceed the document operation “can moved disc” from “my computer” directly, the operate system has no need install the program drives at WINDOWS 2000 above. ● “The dimension of space” disc mode Make use of tool with the supplementary of player, can divide two disc, one is added password, and hided the space, so that make keep to encrypt part of in this and not let the outsiders read and write, so can “hide the secret”!. ● Recording/ Repeating Can store WAV and ACT format of speech text file by the microphone recording, can chooses the part to repeat or contrast repeating, realizing real repeat function. ●7 kinds of sound effect balanced player Nature, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz, DBB

● Variety of broadcasts mode Normal, Repeat one, Folder, Repeat folder, Repeat all, Random, viewing ● Shut down setup


Can setup the sleep mode or spear electric mode, make you using to feel more convenient. ● whole animation menu Keep viewing animation menu, match with the literalness of cowgirl to display, using with proficiency!

Thanks for your using our company’s product of MP4 player! Please read this manual first before using and uses this product exactitude. For the sake of better service, the contents of this customer manual may change. The alteration of the occurrence because of the function of the product, will not inform. If the product establishes physically and the operation method is different from this manual, please visit our website to search latest product information.

The cognition player
●Enter to the menu Can enter into each menu by pressing Mode key. The menu is divided into the main menu (long press to enter into while stopping), play the submenu (shortly press to enter into) and submenu while stopping( short press to enter into) ● View operation ○ choose song, menu ○ Backward or Forward while playing the song ● Adjustable for the volume Instructions: Adjust volume here Long press REC key to enter into volume adjustable, shortly press Prev /Next to adjust the volume. Interface display ● On / Off On: Long press down Play to turn on the player Off: Long press down Play to turn off the player


●Play or stop; Exit from the submenu. Under the music mode, shortly press key, play the music. Under playing the music, shortly press key, stop the music, long press will stop. Start recording( short press REC to switch record interface, and start to record.) Key operation ●Key function definition 1. “Next” , forward, fast forward. : 2. “Prev” Backward, fast backward :. 3. “Mode”: Enter into the main menu or last menu 4. On/Play/Pause/Stop, after this called “ PLAY” 5. “Headphones hole”: standard socket for headphones 6. “ON/OFF”:power switch. 7. “USB”: USB port. ●Key action definition Key: shortly press, long press, press down, single press, it belong to the short pressing except special elucidation. Shortly press: Press key, produce effect right away. Long press: Press the key over 1.2 second not put the hand off to produce effect, and produce effect only one time. Single press: Press the key only produce effect while put off the hand. Press down: Press the key during the hand putting off, the affairs produces effect many times with the certain frequency, for example “forward, backward” Play the music ● Simple operation 1. Insert headphones into the headphones bore inside. 2. Long press Play key to turn on the player, enter into the “music mode”, short press Play key again to start playing the music. 3. Choose music: Last key: Choose last music Next key: Choose next music 4. Control volume: Long press REC key to enter into volume adjustable, shortly press Prev /Next to adjust the volume. ● Sound effect mode 1. The music playing. 2. Short press Mode to enter into the submenu playing.


3. Turn Next key to choose “sound effect mode” menu. 4. Short press Mode to enter into the “sound effect mode” to choose menu 5. Each sound effect (EQ), the details are as following: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classical, Soft 6. Turning to choose, short press Mode key to confirm. ● Synchronous lyrics display The player support “*.LRC” lyrics document, realize synchronous display of lyrics and song. How to use the lyrics document? Keep the documentary name lyrics in accordance with song. How to know to whether have the lyrics or not? If current song contain lyrics document match, then the left top “ ” changes into“ ” 。 1. Discover that have the lyrics match 2. Long press Model key to enter into lyrics interface. 3. Lyrics display 4. Shortly press Model key to go back to Music model

The voice recording
Pleases make sure have enough amount of electricity while recording sound. This play supports to save each menu 99 recording documentary. ● Record sound in" recording mode" 1.Enter the main menu: 2.Turn Next key to choose the recording mode. 3.Shortly press Mode key to enter into record sound mode 4.Shortly press Play key and then start recording sound. (The above operation, also can press “REC” key to enter into record sound interface directly) 5. Shortly press REC key: Switch to record interface, and start record The voice of recording saved current menu “recording stop submenu/ main menu” If display “space full”, means has no space to record in record file, please delete other files to release space. If display “Folder already full”, means catalogue already contain


99 recordings document, please change a catalogue. ● Choose recording type 1.At recording sound stop interface 2.Shortly press Mode to enter into to the recording sound submenu Recording submenu: Press play key to start recording sound. 3. Turn , choose “recording type” submenu, shortly press Mode to enter into the item: The recording type chooses the interface: 4.Shortly press to choose the fit recording type, and shortly press Mode key to confirm. 5.Press to start recording. ● recording type: : Superior quality recording, wav format, the quality sound is good. : Long time recording, act format, the quality sound is general. : High-quality voice controls, wav format (the voice controls the recording, pause recording while having no voice) : Long time voice controls, act format 5. Press Play key to start recording sound. Play recording sound document 1. Enter into the main menu 2. Turn Next key to choose “speech mode” 3. Shortly press Mode key to the playback mode interface. 4. Press Play key again to start playing. 5. Choose recording document. PREV: choose last recording document Next: Choose next recording document 6. Control volume
Long press REC key to enter into volume adjustable, shortly press Prev /Next to adjust the volume.

Record sound document conversion as the ACT to WAV The player can convert the document format of ACT to WAV by supplementary driver procedure tool. 1.Operate “Sound Converter” procedure, click " open" button 2.Choose the ACT document that need convert



“conversion” button, start to convert to WAV document.

In addition to converting ACT to WAV function, this tool also can play WAV and MP3 format document.

FM Frequency Modulation 1.Enter into the main menu 2.Turn to choose “FM mode” 3.It is short to press the key of Mode into the " the mode of FM" 4. Auto program search Press down / for 2 second, the player searching forward or backward as 100 KHz, and parking searching; If want to stop, turn / to stop. 5. Tiny to adjust Turn : Backward 100 KHz : Forward 100 KHz Turn 6. Store the frequency that being searched Shortly press Mode key into FM submenu Short Mode key again to store the program 7. Choose to listen the program which already storage If there is one more programs storage, you can listen to backward by short pressing key. 8. Control the volume.
Long press REC key to enter into volume adjustable, shortly press Prev /Next to adjust the volume..

: “The common Frequency Modulation” and “ Japanese Frequency Modulation” each can be stored 20 programs at most. The system setup ● How to enter Can set up the parameter of system, each options change along with the fixed upgrade. 1.Enter the main menu 2.Turn key to choose “the system setup” 3.Shortly press Mode key into “the system setup” ● The brief introduction for each parameter


(Recording time) (Backlight mode) (Language choice) (Setup shut down) (Setup repeat) (The contrast adjust) (Random Mode)

Set up the date and time while saving record sound document
Set up the color while bright Set up different country’s language

Set up a back account (minute), it will shut down automatically time is on arriving Set up repeat work appearance
Setup the contrast of display screen

Aim at the options for the dimension of space

(Store situation set up) Look for memory and used situation Display Fixed version (Fixed version) Specialized for fixed upgrade (Fixed Upgrade) Exit the interface (Exit)

● Detailed usage elucidation ○ “Recording time” setup 1.The system setup the interface 2.Shortly press Mode key into record sound time interface 3.Shortly press set up from the year, the year beginning gleam. to adjust to increase the number ( is contrary) 4.Turning 5. Press Mode to exit after completing adjusting. ○ “language choice” setup The operational method according to the “sound effect mode” setup. ○ “shut down setup” The operation method according to “Backlight time” setup. Among them: “Spare electricity mode” mean: Can set up time like this (unit: second), under stopping state, time shut down automatically to spare no any key operation start computing; this function mean close when it is 0. “Sleep mode” mean: Can set up time like this (unit: Minute), whenever in any appearance, time shut down automatically to spare no any key operation start computer; it is used to listening the music before sleeping. Attention: The “sleep mod” sets up produces effect once, It will clear automatic the time set up after shutting down, please setup again if need that function. ○ “Repeat setup” The operational method according to the sound effect mode setup. Among them: Manual mode means A-B repeat, can’t break sentence automatically, only can set up by manual.


Automatic mode means A-B repeat can break automatically. (used for English reading aloud no music) 8. ○ “Random Mode” The operation method according to the “sound effect mode” setup. Some operate systems( before Windows 2K SP4 version ) can't support USB disc with two discs, therefore, used “the dimension of space” function empress, need choose the disc that want to use, that is to say: “single common disc” or “single disc add password”, so that can display the chosen disc after connecting the PC. ○ “Store situation” The arithmetic figure means the total capacity of the disc , the percentage means the space ratio was already used. ○ “Fixed version” Can inspect the fixed version. ○ “Fixed Upgrade” Used for the interface of fixed upgrade .it should enter into this interface. The technique hints: Shortly press key after setting up the over options, can shortly press to exit the menu quickly. The key of Play exit the menu function quickly is valid for all menus. Electric file: Enter into main menu, turn
into next menu

to choose the electric file, short press Mode to enter

● Menu option: choose the movable disc from the root. Short press Mode to enter into “choose menu”, turn Next or Pre to choose the
menu you need, short press mode key to turn back the prev. menu. Choose file as the operation .of “Choose menu” Turn Next to choose “ text file reading” , short press Mode to enter and then you can read the file. Read by turning Next or Prev. during reading .

9.Usage USB disc
The player with standard USB disc function, it supports Windows98 (need install drive the procedure), Windows 2k above (no install drive the procedure), Mac OS 10.3 and above, Linux Redhat 8.0 and above. The player supports USB supplied power by small player, no to need the battery also can play Under “ waiting”, shortly press Mode, exit the main menu, then choose the mode that want to enter.


The player supports Suspend mode. After link with PC, the player display three kind modes:



3.Sending the document

10.Upgrade for the player
The player can upgrade by using PC to install the tool software or support the system fixed. 1. Enter into the main menu 2. Turn Next key to choose “the system setup” 3. Shortly press Mode into “the system setup” 4. Turn Next key to choose “the fixed upgrade”, shortly press MODE to enter into. 5. Make the player link of PC 6. Operate “ MP3 Player Update” at the PC, then click “choose the new version document” button 7.Choose the new fixed procedure(can find out the disc with the player , and also can download from the website of factory) 8.Click “start upgrade” button, the system start to upgrade. 9.Success to upgrade, display as following.

The fixed upgrade is used for the exaltation and excellent player. Not adopt tit also can't affect the normal operation. The fixed upgrade maybe can't work normally because of the mistake operate! Please read the manual before operating, the operation is suit for the person who own basic operation The fixed upgrade soft is not fit for other player.


Others setup
Choose different folder ( stop the submenu) The customer can put the different document into different folder (Deale well by PC), in order to classify and manager the document. The player supports 9 first lever folder to recognize. At stop interface 。 For 2.Press Mode to enter into Stop menu example: Music mode, Recording, and sound playing can be chosen folder)
1. 3.Press Mode key again to enter into folder choice interface 4.Press from folder or to choose


5.Press Mode key to confirm the folder

Attention: The music mode, Recording mode, Sound playing mode can setup independent folder, that is to say three kinds of mode maybe not setup the same of folder. ● Delete the file( stop the submenu) Under the music mode, sound playing mode and FM mode can delete document and store the program.
1.At Stop interface。 (FM has no) 3. Turn
from Menu

2.Press Mode to enter into Stop menu 4.Short press Mode to enter into Delete interface 6.Press Mode key to confirm to start to delete


to choose “One file” or “All files”


will change“NO”to“YES”

“Delete all” will delete all relevant document under current mode.( for example: delete all under the music mode ,it can delete the music document, recording sound document can't be deleted) It is more simple for FM deletion interface ,only will appear the third step. Delete the program is stored before When deleting the text file from the computer, please wait to flick player and then pull out the line of USB, or will appear not delete the

documents. ● Play mode( play the submenu) While playing the music and sound recording document, can choose different playing mode (such as repeat, Shuffle etc.) The first item is “Play mode”,the player will play as the rule which set up after confirming

○ Repeat( REPEAT)
(Normal) (Repeat One) (Folder) (Repeat Folder) (Repeat All) The current song over ,it will go on the next song, until end all the files。 Repeat one song Play all music in the folder Play all music in the file Repeat all the music

(Random) Random the current file’s music

○ ( INTRO)
(Intro) Play all the music of current file ex-10second。

● Play speed ( Play the submenu) While playing music(only valid for MP3 files), can choose to different speed( like become quick or become slow), but the voice will not change. 1. The music playing. 2. Shortly press Mode key to play the submenu to choose “play speed” menu. 3. Turn 4. Shortly press Mode key into “ play speed” to choose menu. 5. Turn to speed up playing, turn to slow playing. Attention: Setup the speed will aim at each song, until the next changes. ● Repeat mode( play the submenu) ■ By pressing “REC/ A- B” key to enter directly. The operation is the same as below. ■By playing submenu to enter: Instructions: Users can proceed manual repeat or auto repeat here.

Details for A-B repeat, repeat times, repeat pause will be set up at SYSTEM. ○ “Manual repeat” process: Enter into manual repeat model. Repeat mark inside “A” gleams. 1. Shortly press NEXT or REC key. Certain point of departure A, “B” gleams. 2. Shortly press NEXT or REC key, make sure point of departure B, “A” and “B” fixed. Repeat from A-B again and again. 3. Shortly press PREV or REC or after finishing, it can proceed circle repeat. 4. Shortly press NEXT to enter into follow and read, that is recurrence for follow-> repeat. Follow is read record, using ADPCM record. The time for record is 10% longer then it is for repeat, but the shortest time is 1 second. 5. Shortly press PREV, back repeat function 6. Shortly press PREV return to “follow and read” function. 7. Shortly press NEXT, continue waiting next repeat set up. 8. In all above process, short press MENU can return to repeat interface. 9. Shortly press NEXT to enter into contrast repeat, that is recurrence for repeat-> compare. 10. In all above process, shortly press PLAY to exit repeat interface and play interface, return to stop interface. ○ Auto repeat: 1. When enter into auto repeat, in repeat mark “A” gleam. 2. Shortly press NEXT/REC key, fix departure “A”. 3. Finding where blank and can break sentences or shortly press NEXT/REC, repeat, and begin to repeat from A-B again and it will showing again. 4. After timing is up, it will set up “B” point as “A” for next segment. 5. Shortly press PREV, can set up repeat function circularly 6. Shortly press NEXT to enter into follow and read, that is recurrence follow-> repeat. Follow is read record, using ADPCM record. for The time for record is 10% longer then it is for repeat, but the shortest time is 1 second. 7. Shortly press PREV return repeat function. 8. Shortly press NEXT to enter into contrast repeat, that is recurrence for repeat-> compare. 9. Shortly press PREV, return follow and read function. 10.Shortly press NEXT, continue waiting next repeat set up. 11.In all above process, short press MENU can go back to repeat interface.


12. In all above process, shortly press PLAY to exit repeat interface and play interface, return to stop interface.

Under repeat mode, can press Next key or Last. key set up" play speed".

●Repeat times( play the submenu) Repeat times decide to exit after A-B Repeat times. ● Repeat partition( play the submenu) Repeat partition decide the length of this time play and last time (unit is second) ● The important recommend The dimension of space function Make use of tool in player with the supplementary, can divide two disc, one is add password, and hide the space, so that make keep to encrypt part of in this and not let the outsiders read and write, so can “hide the secret”!. 1. Make the play link with the computer. 2. Operate the install procedure tool MP3 Player Disk Tool with the player 3. First seen the format tool, choosing" sub-area and encrypt" options, Choose one fit capacity for encrypt disc, and establish customer or password, input customer at" new customer", input password in the " new password", at " confirm new password " input the same password , clicking" beginning" button, then start dividing the area. 4. Complete sub-area, hinting as follows 5. Press “certain” empress the computer to re-start, make sure and restart the computer. 6. Can see two disc after re-start(before Windows 2k SP4 version only can see one disc sign,) after starting, click to see the disc of encrypt ( line up in the second), There are three documents above, two among those are for concealing document, another is for carrying out document, It is only 300K space. 7. Carry out the document" Rdisk Decrypt.exe", input customer and password into dialog box, if correct, then can open the disc, Copy document from the above 8. Connecting computer every time, need input the customer and password and then can open the disc with password. Attention: If divided into two disc, the data will clear away, please


advance to backup the data from the disc. Two disc are combination also will clear the data away. Warning: Please do not lose the customer and the password or can't use to encrypt disc. And only combinate the disc can cancel this encrypting disc ,like this, you would lose encrypting disc.
● Play movie(AMV format)

● Play movie(AMV format) At stop interface, basic operate details same with it at music play interface. Only add repeat model. The operate details same with it at sub-manual of music play interface. At play movie interface, shortly press PLAY key return to pause . ● JPG picture browser JPG browser need the format supporting usual internet JPEG format. Entering from menu, that is documents option estate Document option estate

If there is no document, the catalog will be empty. Press Play key entering into picture play state Press Next/PREV key choosing next /last document. Press Menu key entering stop sub-menu. 1. catalog option, 2. play set up, 3.delet document, 4.exit. Under play estate: 1.Manual play, 2. Auto play. It is can be set up turn pages automatically from 1 second to 10 seconds. ● Picture play Enter into Picture browser, it will showing as follows:

Shortly press Next/PREV key, showing the next/last picture Shortly press play key, return to document option estate Long press Menu key, return to Menu Other keys no use.


Convert Video Files into AMV
This program is used to convert video files into AMV format, currently only WMV format is supported to choose the folder where to save the AMV files, then 1. Run “AMV Convert Tools” Click to select the folder where the original files are. click

, the icon will be highlighted into and a 2. Select unprocessed AMV files, then click dialog box will shown. Choosing Pixels of AMV to “208*176” and frames per second to “Middle”, then click OK to confirm(Note: only pixels in 208*176 can be supported)

to start converting 3. Click 4. After Convert, the AMV files will be played automatically


● Difficulty answers
No power No voice inside earphone Check whether put the battery correct or not; Confirm whether turn on the player or not Please confirm the volume is not on the 0 condition and whether the earphone is connecting ok, keep the earphone clear, breakage MP3 will make different noice even can not play music, so please keep it completely Please confirm to choose right language Adjust the position of earphone and the player, Close the near electric power equip; Earphone can be

Different words on the display screen FM receiver is not good

used for wire.
Can not download music Check whether the USD port is ok or not, Whether connect well or not, Whether install the drive procedure well or not, check whether has blank memory

Technique specification
Display Connect PC Memory 2.0inch TFT High speed USB2.0 (FULL SPEED) Memory:4GB



Lithium battery Time:12 hours Sampling rate 8KHz WAV(32K bps) 、ACT(8K bps) 35hours(ACT,128M Flash) (L)5mW+(R)5mW(32Ohm) 8K bps – 320K bps 5K bps – 384K bps 20Hz-20KHz 85dB Record format Record time earphone output MP3 hits WMA、WMV、 ASF bit Frequency SNR Distortion Frequency range received frequency Program Earphone output SNR 20+20 (L)5mW+(R)5mW(32Ohm) 45dB of 76MHz – 90MHz / 87.5MHz – 108MHz



FM Radio

Music format Used temperature Language

MP1、MP2、MP3、WMA、WMV、ASF、WAV、MTV -5 ~ 40 degree Simple Chinese 、 traditional Chinese 、 English 、 Japanese、 Korean、 French、 Germany、 Italian、 Polish、 Portuguese、 Spanish、 Russian、 Arabic, Thai、 Swedish、 Danish、 Czech、 Polish、 Slovakian、 Croatian、 Hungarian、 Romanian、Turkish、Slovenian

Support operate system

Windows98/SE/ME/2K/XP、Mac OS 10、Linux 2.4.2


Remark: will not inform if the product design and the specification changed.