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Great gift choices : All Engravable
Leather wallets, Money clips, Key
chains, mantle clocks, acrylic hearts,
glass jewelry boxes, wooden boxes with
                                                                                           SSave Your Memories
marble inlay, picture frames, sports
frames, acrylic awards, desk name                                                              Forever on
plates, house name plates, glass mugs,
champagne glasses, pen & pencil sets,
business card cases.                                                                             Marble

                                                                               All Shapes
                                                                               & Sizes

                                          Location: 1074 W. Park Rd
                                                     Freeport, IL 61032                     Price List
                                          Phone: 815-235-4340
                                       Price List
     Marble                             Black Marble Square        $18.00   Black Marble Oval                  $35.00
                                       4”x 4” x 8mm                         5” x 7”x 8mm

                                                                            Black Marble Oval                  $50.00
                                                                            8.5” x 11”x 8mm

                                       Black Marble Square         $30.00
                                       6”x 6”x 8mm
                                                                            Black Marble Heart 8”              $30.00
                                                                            8mm thickness

                                       Black Marble Square         $75.00
                                       12” x 12”x 8mm
                                                                            Black Marble Heart 10”             $40.00
                                                                            8mm thickness

Finest Black Marble                    Black Marble Rectangle
                                       5”x 7”x 8mm

All Marble used is the finest                                               Engraving of All
Absolute Black Marble imported                                              Marble Pieces:
from China.                            Black Marble Rectangular    $45.00
                                       8.5”x 11”x 8mm                          All Marble pricing includes let-
We can use school photographs,                                                 tering (up to 75 characters) and
family snapshots, pictures of your                                             1 engraved photograph no larger
home, car, airplane, or pets.                                                  than 3”x 4”.
                                       Black Marble Round 6”       $30.00
Whatever the occasion, we can cre-     8mm thickness                           Larger engraved photographs or
ate a wonderful gift for you to give                                           photographs requiring extensive
to your loved ones.                                                            editing may be an extra charge

See Back side of Brochure for other    Black Marble Round 12”      $75.00      An add’l charge of $10 for each
                                       8mm thickness                           add’l photo on one piece of mar-
gift ideas.                                                                    ble.
Call (815) 235-4340 or email us at                                             Rush orders may be an add’l if any                                                   charge.
questions about our marble or other      Custom size marble pieces are
gifts or visit our web page @                                                  We reserve the right to refuse
                                            available upon request.            any picture that we do not feel
                                                                               will engrave properly.
                                          We can also engrave granite.
                                                                               Prices subject to change without notice
                                           Call for sizes and pricing

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