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									            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                     (includes SAU ID)

                                                         SAU ID
                                                                     School ID
All Saints Catholic School                               1308                Private Sectarian

     All Saints Catholic School             Bangor                      1009

AppleTree School                                         1330            Private Non-Sectarian

     AppleTree School                       Cape Elizabeth              1031

Arthur R. Gould Sch--LCYDC                               1296                   State Operated

     Arthur R. Gould Sch--LCYDC             South Portland              1854

Ashwood Waldorf School                                   1393            Private Non-Sectarian

     Ashwood Waldorf School                 Rockport                    1096

Aucocisco School                                         1407          Private Special Purpose

     Aucocisco School                       Cape Elizabeth              1110

Bangor Christian Schools                                 1309                 Private Sectarian

     Bangor Christian Schools               Bangor                      1010

Bay School                                               1321            Private Non-Sectarian

     Bay School                             Blue Hill                   1022

Becket Family of Services                                3111          Private Special Purpose

     Androscoggin Learning & Transition     Lewiston                    1937
     Central Maine Learning Center          Belgrade                    1882

Berwick Academy                                          1405            Private Non-Sectarian

     Berwick Academy                        South Berwick               1108

Blue Hill Harbor School                                  3154     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Blue Hill Harbor School                Blue Hill                   1952

Boxberry School                                          3108            Private Non-Sectarian

     Boxberry School                        Oxford                      1877

Breakwater School                                        1377            Private Non-Sectarian

     Breakwater School                      Portland                    1080

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                      (includes SAU ID)

                                                            SAU ID
                                                                      School ID
Bridgton Academy                                            1324         Private Non-Sectarian

     Bridgton Academy                        Bridgton                   1025

Brixham Montessori Friends Sch                              1424          Private Non-Sectarian

     Brixham Montessori Friends Sch          York                       1127

Carleton Project                                            1387          Private Non-Sectarian

     Carleton Project                        Presque Isle               1090

Carrabassett Valley Academy                                 1355          Private Non-Sectarian

     Carrabassett Valley Academy             Carrabassett Vly           1056

Casco Bay Montessori School                                 1406          Private Non-Sectarian

     Casco Bay Montessori School             South Portland             1109

Cathedral School                                            1382               Private Sectarian

     Cathedral School                        Portland                   1085

Catherine McAuley High School                               1384               Private Sectarian

     Catherine McAuley High School           Portland                   1087

CDS/Androscoggin                                            3113     Child Development Services

     CDS/Androscoggin                        Lewiston                   1886

CDS/Aroostook County                                        3114     Child Development Services

     CDS/Aroostook County                    Presque Isle               1887

CDS/Cumberland County                                       3115     Child Development Services

     CDS/Cumberland County                   Falmouth                   1888

CDS/Franklin County                                         3116     Child Development Services

     CDS/Franklin County                     Farmington                 1889

CDS/Hancock County                                          3117     Child Development Services

     CDS/Hancock County                      Ellsworth                  1890

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                      (includes SAU ID)

                                                            SAU ID
                                                                      School ID
CDS/Knox County                                             3118     Child Development Services

     CDS/Knox County                         Rockland                   1891

CDS/Lincoln County                                          3119     Child Development Services

     CDS/Lincoln County                      Damariscotta               1892

CDS/Opportunities                                           3120     Child Development Services

     CDS Opportunities                       Norway                     1893

CDS/Penobscot County                                        3121     Child Development Services

     CDS/Penobscot County                    Bangor                     1894

CDS/Piscataquis County                                      3122     Child Development Services

     CDS/Piscataquis County                  Sangerville                1895

CDS/Project PEDS                                            3128     Child Development Services

     CDS/Project PEDS                        Waterville                 1896

CDS/Search                                                  3123     Child Development Services

     CDS/Seach                               Brunswick                  1897

CDS/Southern Kennebec                                       3124     Child Development Services

     CDS/Southern Kennebec County            Augusta                    1898

CDS/Waldo County                                            3125     Child Development Services

     CDS/Waldo County                        Belfast                    1899

CDS/Washington County                                       3126     Child Development Services

     CDS/Washington County                   Machias                    1900

CDS/York County                                             3127     Child Development Services

     CDS/York County                         Arundel                    1901

Center For Teaching & Learning                              1338          Private Non-Sectarian

     Center For Teaching & Learning          Edgecomb                   1039

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                      (includes SAU ID)

                                                          SAU ID
                                                                        School ID
Central ME Christian Acad                                 1361                  Private Sectarian

     Central ME Christian Acad               Lewiston                      1063

Cheverus High School                                      1383                   Private Sectarian

     Cheverus High School                    Portland                      1086

Child Dev Learning Center--Kdgn                           1368              Private Non-Sectarian

     Child Dev Learning Center-Kdgn          Orono                         1071

Circle of Learning                                        1331            Private Special Purpose

     Circle of Learning                      Caribou                       1032

Cocoons Inc                                               1353              Private Non-Sectarian

     Cocoons Inc                             Kennebunk                     1054

Community School                                          1329              Private Non-Sectarian

     Community School                        Camden                        1030

Country Kids Academy                                      1413              Private Non-Sectarian

     Country Kids Academy                    Topsham                       1116

Damariscotta Montessori School                            3135              Private Non-Sectarian

     Damariscotta Montessori School          Nobleboro                     1907

Deck House School                                         1337              Private Non-Sectarian

     Deck House School                       Edgecomb                      1038

Elan School                                               1371     Special Purpose Private Exempt

     Elan School                             Poland                        1074

Erskine Academy                                           1332       Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Erskine Academy                         China                         1033

Foxcroft Academy                                          1335       Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Foxcroft Academy                        Dover-Foxcroft                1036

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                     (includes SAU ID)

                                                         SAU ID
                                                                      School ID
Fryeburg Academy                                         1348     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Fryeburg Academy                       Fryeburg                    1049

Future Builder's Inc                                     1388           Private Special Purpose

     Future Builder's Inc                   Raymond                     1091

George Stevens Academy                                   1320     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     George Stevens Academy                 Blue Hill                   1021

Good Will-Hinckley                                       1340           Private Special Purpose

     Averill H S/Alfond Middle Sch          Fairfield                   1041

Gould Academy                                            1317             Private Non-Sectarian

     Gould Academy                          Bethel                      1018

Gr Portland Christian School                             1410                  Private Sectarian

     Gr Portland Christian School           South Portland              1113

Hebron Academy                                           1350             Private Non-Sectarian

     Hebron Academy                         Hebron                      1051

Hilltop School                                           1306             Private Non-Sectarian

     Hilltop School                         Bangor                      1007

Holy Cross School-S Portland                             1408                  Private Sectarian

     Holy Cross School-S Portland           South Portland              1111

Holy Savior School                                       1394                  Private Sectarian

     Holy Savior School                     Rumford                     1097

Hyde School                                              1312             Private Non-Sectarian

     Hyde School                            Bath                        1013

Ironwood (NTLP)                                          3141     Nontraditional Limited Purpose

     Ironwood (NTLP)                        Morrill                     1928

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                       (includes SAU ID)

                                                           SAU ID
                                                                        School ID
John Bapst Memorial High School                            1307     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     John Bapst Memorial High School          Bangor                      1008

Kennebec Montessori School                                 1341             Private Non-Sectarian

     Kennebec Montessori School               Fairfield                   1042

Kents Hill School                                          1389             Private Non-Sectarian

     Kents Hill School                        Readfield                   1092

Kids Peace-New England                                     1339           Private Special Purpose

     Graham Lake School                       Ellsworth                   1040

Kieve-Wavus Education Inc (NTLP)                           3146     Nontraditional Limited Purpose

     Kieve-Wavus Education Inc (NTLP)         Nobleboro                   1935

Lee Academy                                                1356     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Lee Academy                              Lee                         1057

Levey Day School                                           1385                  Private Sectarian

     Levey Day School                         Portland                    1088

Lincoln Academy                                            1364     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Lincoln Academy                          Newcastle                   1066

Loring Job Corps Center (NTLP)                             3140     Nontraditional Limited Purpose

     Loring Job Corps Center (NTLP)           Limestone                   1927

Machias Valley Christian School                            1362                  Private Sectarian

     Machias Valley Christian School          Machias                     1064

Maine Central Institute                                    1369     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Maine Central Institute                  Pittsfield                  1072

Maine Department of Education                              3151                    State Operated

     NSS                                      Augusta                     1946

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                                    (includes SAU ID)

                                                                         SAU ID
                                                                                  School ID
Maple Stone School                                                       3145       Private Special Purpose

     Maple Stone School                                    Acton                    1933

Margaret Murphy Ctr for Children                                         1300       Private Special Purpose

     MMCFC - Charles                                       Auburn                   2608
     MMCFC - Main                                          Lewiston                 1001
     MMCFC - Rodman                                        Auburn                   1955

ME Educational Ctr for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing                        1297               State Operated

     Governor Baxter School for the Deaf                   Falmouth                 1855

ME Sch of Science & Mathematics                                          1295                       Magnet

     ME Sch of Science & Mathematics                       Limestone                1853

ME Sp. Ed./M.H. Collaborative                                            1349       Private Special Purpose

     ME Sp. Ed./M.H. Collaborative                         New Gloucester           1067

Morrison Center                                                          1372       Private Special Purpose

     Morrison Center                                       Scarborough              1075

Mount Merici School                                                      1415             Private Sectarian

     Mount Merici School                                   Waterville               1118

Mountain View Youth Dev Ctr                                              1298               State Operated

     Mountain View Youth Dev Ctr                           Charleston               1856

NFI Buxton-Beacon House                                                  1328       Private Special Purpose

     NFI Buxton-Beacon House                               Buxton                   1029

NFI Dodge House Day School                                               1325       Private Special Purpose

     NFI Dodge House Day School                            Bridgton                 1026

NFI Sidney Riverbend School                                              1404       Private Special Purpose

     NFI Sidney Riverbend School                           Sidney                   1107

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                        (includes SAU ID)

                                                              SAU ID
                                                                           School ID
NFI-Stetson Ranch School                                      1411           Private Special Purpose

     NFI-Stetson Ranch School                  Stetson                       1114

Non-Maine SAU                                                 3103                 Non-Maine School

     Non-Maine School                          Non-Maine Town                1885

North Star Christian School                                   1311                  Private Sectarian

     North Star Christian School               Hermon                        1012

North Yarmouth Academy                                        1423             Private Non-Sectarian

     North Yarmouth Academy                    Yarmouth                      1126

Notre-Dame-De-Lourdes                                         1398                  Private Sectarian

     Notre-Dame-De-Lourdes                     Saco                          1101

Opportunity Training Center                                   1386           Private Special Purpose

     Opportunity Training Center               Presque Isle                  1089

Ossipee Valley Christian School                               1333                  Private Sectarian

     Ossipee Valley Christian School           Cornish                       1034

Pen Bay Christian School                                      1390                  Private Sectarian

     Pen Bay Christian School                  Rockland                      1093

Penobscot Christian School                                    1310                  Private Sectarian

     Penobscot Christian School                Bangor                        1011

Penobscot Job Corps Acad (NTLP)                               3139     Nontraditional Limited Purpose

     Penobscot Job Corps Acad (NTLP)           Bangor                        1926

Pine Grove Child Develop Center                               1342             Private Non-Sectarian

     Pine Grove Child Develop Center           Falmouth                      1043

Providence's Merrymeeting Center                              1315           Private Special Purpose

     Providence's Merrymeeting Center          Bath                          1016

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                       (includes SAU ID)

                                                           SAU ID
                                                                    School ID
Renaissance School                                         1358       Private Special Purpose

     Renaissance School                       Auburn                  1059

Riley School Inc                                           1391         Private Non-Sectarian

     Riley School Inc                         Rockport                1094

Riverside School LLC                                       3133       Private Special Purpose

     Riverside School LLC                     Acton                   1905

Saco Island School                                         1397       Private Special Purpose

     Saco Island School                       Biddeford               1100

School Around Us                                           1299         Private Non-Sectarian

     School Around Us                         Arundel                 1000

Seton School Inc.                                          3181       Private Special Purpose

     Seton School Inc.                        Camden                  2607

Sheepscot Valley Children's House                          1420         Private Non-Sectarian

     Sheepscot Valley Children's House        Wiscasset               1123

Spring Harbor Academy                                      3155       Private Special Purpose

     Spring Harbor Academy                    Westbrook               1956

Spurwink School Inc                                        1375       Private Special Purpose

     Spurwink Brunswick Staff Secure          Brunswick               1866
     Spurwink School--Casco                   Casco                   1871
     Spurwink School--Chelsea                 Chelsea                 1865
     Spurwink School--Cornville               Cornville               1867
     Spurwink School--S Portland              South Portland          1869
     Spurwink Services--Lewiston              Lewiston                1864
     Spurwink-Cummings School                 Portland                1868

St Brigid School                                           3148             Private Sectarian

     St Brigid School                         Portland                1942

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                           (includes SAU ID)

                                                               SAU ID
                                                                            School ID
St Dominic Regional High School                                1302                 Private Sectarian

     St Dominic Regional High School              Auburn                      1003

St James School                                                1319                  Private Sectarian

     St James School                              Biddeford                   1020

St John Regional Catholic School-Winslow                       1419                  Private Sectarian

     St John Regional Catholic School             Winslow                     1122

St John's Catholic School-Brunswick                            1327                  Private Sectarian

     St John's Catholic School-Brunswick          Brunswick                   1028

St Michael School                                              3150                  Private Sectarian

     St Michael School                            Augusta                     1945

St Thomas School                                               1401                  Private Sectarian

     St Thomas School                             Sanford                     1104

Stepping Stones Montessori School                              3112             Private Non-Sectarian

     Stepping Stones Montessori School            Chelsea                     1884

Stillwater Academy                                             1323           Private Special Purpose

     Stillwater Academy                           Brewer                      1024

Stillwater Montessori School                                   1367             Private Non-Sectarian

     Stillwater Montessori School                 Old Town                    1070

Summit Achievement (NTLP)                                      3143     Nontraditional Limited Purpose

     Summit Achievement (NTLP)                    Stow                        1931

Sweetser Children's Services                                   1396           Private Special Purpose

     The School at Sweetser--Belfast              Belfast                     1923
     The School at Sweetser--Saco                 Saco                        1099

The Childrens Center                                           1374             Private Non-Sectarian

     The Childrens Center                         Portland                    1077

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            School ID Code List
  State-Funded and Private School Systems
                                          (includes SAU ID)

                                                                SAU ID
                                                                            School ID
The Little Dolphin School                                       3110           Private Non-Sectarian

     The Little Dolphin School                   Westbrook                     1881

The New School                                                  1352            Private Non-Sectarian

     The New School                              Kennebunk                     1053

Thornton Academy                                                1395     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Thornton Academy                            Saco                          1098

Toddle Inn Elementary School                                    1402            Private Non-Sectarian

     Toddle Inn--Cumberland Foreside             Cumberland                    1921
     Toddle Inn--Scarborough                     Scarborough                   1105
     Toddle Inn--South Portland                  South Portland                1954

Trinity Catholic Elementary School                              1360                 Private Sectarian

     Trinity Catholic Elementary School          Lewiston                      1909

Washington Academy                                              1336     Private - 60% Publicly Funded

     Washington Academy                          East Machias                  1037

Waynflete School                                                1373            Private Non-Sectarian

     Waynflete School                            Portland                      1076

Winfield Children's House                                       1343            Private Non-Sectarian

     Winfield Children's House                   Falmouth                      1044

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