Participants List January 21-22, 2010 Westin Savannah Savannah, GA by hmb46803


									                                                            January 21-22, 2010
Participants                                                Westin Savannah
List                                                        Savannah, GA

Joe Abisamra                               Kennedy Boakye
Chief Engineer                             Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems, Inc.
Entergy Services, Inc.
                                           Keith Boring
Surupa Abraham                             Manager, Nuclear Steam Supply Systems
Engineer                                   Exelon Nuclear
Ameren UE- Callaway Plant
                                           Christopher Brennan
Nathaniel Adams                            Senior Staff Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer                 Exelon Corporation
Xcel Energy
                                           Robert Brown
James Andrachek                            Project Manager
Fellow Engineer                            Tennessee Valley Authority
Westinghouse Electric Company
                                           Laird Bruster
Kenjiro Aono                               Chief Mechanical Engineer
Deputy Manager                             Florida Power & Light Company
Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization
                                           Dennis Buschbaum
Charles Aycock                             Chairman, PWROG
Principal Engineer                         Luminant Power
Southern Nuclear Operating Company
                                           Christopher Carey
Steven Bach                                Engineer
ECCS System Engineer                       Tennessee Valley Authority
NextEra Energy Point Beach, LLC
                                           Richard Centenaro
Phillip Barrett                            Senior Engineer
Senior Engineer                            PPL Susquehanna, LLC
Duke Energy Corporation
                                           Douglas Coleman
Terry Becker                               BWROG Chairman
Supervising Engineer - NSSS                Energy Northwest
AmerenUE - Callaway Plant
                                           Paul Collingsworth
Stephen Benesole                           NextEra Energy Duane Arnold, LLC
Primary Systems Engineering Supervisor
Duke Energy Corporation                    Amanda Corrigan
                                           Design Engineer
Steve Berryhill                            Exelon Nuclear
Senior Engineer
Southern Company Services, Inc.
Greg Cranston                                   Frank Gaber
Branch Chief                                    Senior Engineer/Safety Injection System
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission                 Engineer
                                                Arizona Public Service Company
Bruce Cummings
Lead Engineer                                   Brian Gaynier
The Detroit Edison Company                      Unit Supervisor
                                                Dominion Nuclear Connecticut
Michael D'Amore
Senior Service Engineer                         Frank Giaco
McWilliams Sales & Service, Inc.                Design Engineering Supervisor
                                                Southern California Edison Company
Shashi Dhar
Principal Engineer                              James Gilbert
Constellation Energy                            Engineer
                                                Progress Energy
Steven Dixon
Licensing Analyst                               Donald Gregoire
Luminant Power                                  Engineering Specialist
                                                Energy Northwest
Andy Donato
Engineer                                        Timothy Grimme
Duke Energy Corporation                         NSSS System Eng
                                                Exelon Corporation
Donald Eggett
Manager, Business Development                   Gregory Guliani
Automated Engineering Services                  Engineering Consultant
                                                Alion Science and Technology
Les England
Senior Staff Engineer                           Susan Harp
Entergy Services                                Engineer
                                                MPR Associates
Randall Exum
Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineering         John Harris
  Department                                    System Engineer
STP Nuclear Operating Company                   Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation

Richard Faix                                    Robert Henry
Engineering Supervisor                          Senior Vice President
NextEra Energy Seabrook, LLC                    Fauske and Associates, LLC

Carl Faller                                     Randall Herring
Assistant Department Manager, Engineering       Senior Engineer
   Configuration Management                     Duke Energy Corporation
Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
                                                Catherine Higgins
Duane Filchner                                  System Engineer
Senior Engineer                                 Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, LLC
PPL Susquehanna, LLC
                                                Abraham Hinojosa
                                                Southern California Edison Company

Gregory Holmes                                   David Madsen
Senior Project Manager (BWROG)                   Licensing Engineer
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy                        Nebraska Public Power District

Charles Hood                                     Alexander Marion
Senior Engineer                                  Vice President, Nuclear Operations
Duke Energy Corporation                          Nuclear Energy Institute

Ken Huffman                                      James Marley
Technical Executive                              Staff Nuclear Engineer
Electric Power Research Institute                FirstEnergy Corp.

Danny Hughes                                     Kevin McCann
Project Manager                                  System Engineer
FPL Turkey Point Nuclear                         Dominion Energy

Steven Hutchins                                  Wes McGoun
Senior Project Manager, Operations Support       Principal Engineer
Nuclear Energy Institute                         Progress Energy

Scott Ingalls                                    Gordon McKenzie
Senior Design Engineer                           Mechanical Engineer
Zachry Nuclear, Inc                              Florida Power & Light Company

Jarred Jackson                                   Brett McWilliams
Licensing Engineer                               V.P.
Constellation Energy                             McWilliams Sales & Service, Inc.

William Knous                                    Anthony Mediate
Program Manager                                  Systems Sales Manager, Caldon Ultrasonics
Alion Science and Technology                     Cameron

Brenda Kovarik                                   John Moorehead
NSSS System Supervisor                           Project Manager
American Electric Power                          Westinghouse Electric Company

Michael LaPrade                                  Ken Morton
Supervisor - Nuclear Engineering                 Conference, Meeting Manager
Dominion Generation                              Nuclear Energy Institute

Anderson Lin                                     Toyohiko Muraki
Principal Engineer                               President
Pacific Gas and Electric Company                 Advanced Technology Transfer, Inc.

Warren Lyon                                      Justin Ng
Senior Reactor Systems Engineer                  Systems Engineer
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission               AREVA

Robert MacLellan                                 Craig Nichols
Key Account Manager                              Manager-BWR Owners' Group
   Metrology Sales                               GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
R Brooks Associates, Inc.

Damon Peters                                  Henry Stephens
Engineer                                      NDE Training Manager
Constellation Energy Nuclear Group            Electric Power Research Institute

Mark Pillard                                  Norman Stringfellow
Manager, Design Engineering                   Licensing Manager
WEC Welding & Machining                       Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Mark Radspinner                               Stephen Swantner
System Engineering,                           Fellow Engineer
   Primary Systems Section Leader             Westinghouse Electric Company
Arizona Public Service Company
                                              James Szivos
Donald Rickard                                Supervisor of Fleet Design Engineering
Licensing Specialist                          Constellation Energy
STARS Ameren Corporation
                                              William Turkowski
James Riley                                   Manager, Special Projects
Director, Engineering                         Westinghouse Electric Company
Nuclear Energy Institute
                                              Edmund Tyler
Darin Rippentrop                              Fleet Licensing Engineer
Principal Quality Assurance Assessor          Constellation Energy
Xcel Energy
                                              James Weir
Richard Rogers                                Engineer
Senior Systems Engineer                       Duke Energy Corporation
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
                                              Carlos Westberry
Phillip Rush                                  Engineering Supervisor, Reactor Engineering/
Executive Engineer                              NSSS Systems
MPR Associates, Inc.                          Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Sergio Santiago                               Jennifer Wilson
Engineer                                      ECCS System Engineer
Pacific Gas and Electric Company              Tennessee Valley Authority

Frederick Schiffley                           W. T. Wood
BWROG Vice Chairman                           Engineer
Exelon Nuclear                                South Carolina Electric & Gas Company

Ralph Schwartzbeck                            Diana Woodyatt
Manager, Technology                           Reactor Systems Engineer
Enercon Services, Inc.                        U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Kraig Shawcross                               Tom Worthington
Supervisory Engineer                          Senior Engineer
Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, LLC       Progress Energy

Mark Slivka                                   Mathew Zweigle
Engineering Group Supervisor                  Supervisor, Mechanical Design
Southern Company Services, Inc.               Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, LLC

List Updated: January 8, 2010


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