Plant Price List for 2010 by hmb46803


									Plant Price List for 2010
Slack Top is a small hamlet situated at over 900ft. in the central Pennines, close to the popular tourist spots of
Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall. Our nursery and show gardens overlook the picturesque Hardcastle Crags
(National Trust) with views to the distant moors. All plants for sale are grown here on the nursery. The majority of
the plants listed will be available during 2010, though we shall inevitably sell out of several lines during the season,
and several lines will not be ready for sale early in the year. Species of which we hold very small stocks are not
listed, so please ask if you have any special requests. A warm welcome and friendly service awaits!
OPENING TIMES: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (and Bank Holidays) 10am - 5pm
Open from 5 March to 26 September 2010 inclusive.

Mail Order service (see back page for Mail Order Form)

Royal Mail
We can use Royal Mail standard service where the cost varies according to the parcel weight, and can cost
approximately 25% less than Parcel Force. If you choose this option, please make sure to pay by limit cheque.
Please note that your plants will spend longer in transit, and as perishable items, we cannot accept responsibility
for orders sent by this service (though we have had no parcels lost to date).

Parcel Force 48 Hour Service
Alternatively we can use Parcel Force for delivery and the standard charge is £14.99 for any parcel up to 10kg –
very large orders may cost extra, in which case we will advise you. Charges and delivery can vary for the Scottish
Highlands, Islands, Isles of Man and Isles of Scilly – please call us for details.

Please make payment by cheque or postal order, made payable to ‘Slack Top Nurseries’. Do not send cash.
Please enclose your email address so we can notify you when your order has been posted.

Please list a few alternatives in case your choices are not available, or instruct us to substitute with something
similar, or if you prefer we can return a credit note. Alternatively you may wish to send a limit cheque, where you
simply write in words the maximum value of your order at the top of the cheque, leaving the box for figures blank.
We will then complete the text and figures for the correct amount.

Minimum Order Value
Due to the high labour input on mail order, our minimum order value is £30 sterling, excluding postage.
Please allow up to 14 days for despatch.

               1 Waterloo House, 24 Slack Top, Hebden Bridge, W. Yorkshire, HX7 7HA
Tel: 01422 845348 email:
AGM denotes Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.
{P} denotes poisonous if eaten: {SI} denotes possible skin irritant

Allium amabile Very pretty species with pink flowers on 4 - 6" stems in Summer. Not invasive.                            2.50
Allium kansuense Splendid blue flowered Allium. Easy under most conditions. 6 - 8".                                      2.50
Anacyclus pyrethrum v. depressus ‘Silberkissen’ Red-backed, white daisies, Spring. 4” tall x 8”. Sunny spot.             3.50
Androsace carnea sbsp. brigantiaca 4” umbels of white flowers in Spring. Well drained, sunny spot.                       3.00
Androsace carnea sbsp. laggeri AGM Slow growing choice alpine with 1" pink umbels.                                       3.00
Anemone nemorosa cultivars A selection of named forms is available.                                                From £3.00
Anemone trullifolia Gorgeous 1” wide blue buttercups on wiry stems. For cool, moist spot. Hardy. 6” tall x 10”.          3.00
Antennaria dioica Tough ground cover for a sunny spot. 1” tall with 4” stems of nice fluffy pink flowers. Summer.        2.50
Anthemis carpatica compact form Neat mounds of evergreen foliage, masses of white daisies, Summer.                       3.50
Anthyllis vulneraria v. coccinea Easy and very showy. Orange-red vetch flowers in summer. 1 litre pot.                   4.00
Antirrhinum molle Very long flowering, semi-trailing habit with soft pink or white snapdragon flowers.                   2.50
Arenaria balearica Tiny creeper for rocks in not too dry spot. Starry white flowers on 1” stems. Dense green mat.        2.00
Arenaria tetraquetra sbsp. amabilis Cushion, 1”x6”, tiny white flowers. Likes good drainage, good for containers.        3.00
Arisaema candidissimum AGM Beautiful white striped pink spathe, summer. Bulb to flower 2011 {P, SI}                      5.00
Arisaema consanguineum Chocolate and white striped spathe. Very easy & hardy. {P, SI}                                    4.50
Armeria juniperifolia AGM A miniature sea thrift, sunny well drained site, good for a trough.                            2.50
Aruncus aethusifolius Astilbe-like creamy flowers, good Autumn colours. 8” tall x 12”. Very hardy.                       4.00
Aster coloradoensis Tidy mat of toothed greyish leaves, nice pink daisies all summer. 2” x 6”                            3.00
Astilbe glaberrima v. saxatilis AGM Dwarf species of just 4" or so. Plumes of creamy-pink flowers.                       3.00
Aubrieta ‘Doctor Mules Variegata’ Rich purple flowers, April-August. Good wall plant. 4” tall x 12”. 1litre pot.         4.00
Aubrieta ‘Swan Red’ Deep red flowers, variegated foliage. Cut back hard if becomes straggly. 1litre pot.                 4.00
Aurinia saxatilis ‘Dudley Nevill Variegated’ Evergreen mound 8” x 12”. Yellow flowers, Spring. 1 litre pot.              3.50
Berberis ‘Corallina Compacta’ AGM Dark, shiny evergreen leaves, bright orange-red flowers. Very hardy.                   4.00
Calceolaria tenella Neat creeper with crimson speckled yellow pouches, likes cool moist conditions.                      2.50
Calceolaria uniflora var. darwinii Fantastic browny-orange flower with a broad white stripe! Cool spot.                  3.50
Campanula betulaefolia AGM Wiry stems bear pendant creamy-white flowers, Summer. Non creeping.                           4.00
Campanula ‘Dickson`s Gold’ A fine golden foliage plant bearing soft blue flowers in summer. 4”.                          2.50
Campanula pulla Shining purple thimbles in Summer. Very popular and easy. 3".                                            2.50
Campanula raineri AGM Large lavender-purple upturned bells in July, 3” tall x 6”                                         3.00
Cardamine glanduligera 12” stems of purple-pink flowers in spring, quickly makes showy clumps. Easy.                     2.50
Cardamine pratensis ‘Flore Pleno’ Pretty, easy double-flowered ‘cuckoo flower’, spring. 8” tall x 6”.                    2.50
Celmisia bellidioides Glossy green leaves and white daisies, creeping habit, likes moist, well drained and sun.          3.00
Celmisia gracilenta Bronzy-green leaves contrast with white daisies, spreads by stolons. Height 4”.                      3.00
Celmisia haastii x viscosa? Evergreen branched shrublet of dark grey-green sticky leaves, white daisies. Acid soil. 4.00
Celmisia ramulosa v. tuberculata Neat, branched, small-leaved species. Silver-grey. Not difficult.                       3.00
Celmisia semicordata Splendid foliage plant with huge white daisies. Makes bold, spectacular clumps.               From 3.50
Centaurium scilloides Pink starry flowers on 3” stems in early summer, very pretty.                                      2.50
Chionohebe pulvinaris New Zealand cushion plant. Slow growing 1”x4”, acidic well-drained soil. Good in container. 3.00
Chrysosplenium davidianum Spring flowering ground cover, not too dry, some shade, yellow-green flowers. 1litre. 5.00
Clematis forsteri ‘Frances Rivis’ AGM Large flowered form of alpina. 1 litre pot.                                        7.50
Clematis x marmoraria hybrids Small, non-climbing plants with white flowers in spring-summer. Acid soil.                 4.50
Codonopsis convolvulacea ‘Alba’ Gentle deciduous twiner, with white saucer shaped flowers.                               5.00
Codonopsis clematidea Upright 18” stems, bell-shaped blueish flowers, lovely purple & orange patterning within.     4.00
Colchicum agrippinum AGM Lovely 4”, two tone purple flowers, neat foliage, v. hardy. Autumn. Sun or shade. {P}      4.50
Convallaria majalis ‘Vic Pawlowski’s Gold’ Lily of the valley with gold longitudinal stripes. {P}                   4.50
Convolvulus cneorum AGM Silver leaved evergreen, 12” tall x 18”. Beautiful white flowers, Summer.                   3.50
Corydalis ‘Blue Panda’ A good turquoise-blue ‘flexuosa’ type hybrid.                                                5.00
Corydalis flexuosa AGM Marvellous Spring flowering plant for a not too dry site, abundant blue flowers.             5.00
Corydalis ‘Kingfisher’ Notable for flowering April-Dec. Compact habit, less vigorous than ‘flexuosa’ types.         6.00
Cotoneaster microphyllus cochleatus Splendid evergreen shrublet. Prostrate creeping habit.                          2.50
Crepis incana AGM Masses of pink dandelions in summer. 9". Very tough. 1 litre pot.                                 4.50
Dactylorhiza hybrids Hardy orchid. Seed-raised. All make excellent hardy garden plants.12".                   From 5.00
Daphne retusa AGM Dense glossy evergreen leaves. Sweetly scented white flowers in May. Slow. {P,SI}                 3.50
Delosperma basuticum Compact, fleshy mats, large yellow, cream centred flowers in Summer. Dryish spot.              3.00
Delosperma ‘Graff Reinet’ Very compact variety forming a dense dome 8” x 8”. White flowers.                         2.50
Dianthus ‘Crimson Chance’ Fragrant deep red flowers, grey-green foliage, raised at Slack Top.                       3.00
Dianthus deltoides ‘Brilliancy’ Large red flowers all Summer. Loosely spreading. Likes sunny spot.                  2.50
Dianthus microlepis ‘Alba’ Tiny species 1”x3”, a cushion-studded with stemless white flowers, Summer-Autumn         3.00
Douglasia vitaliana Dense grey-green cushions with beautiful clear yellow flowers. 2". Hardy.                       3.00
Draba rigida v. imbricata Slow growing cushion with bright yellow flowers in spring, good for container.            3.00
Epilobium glabellum Showy clump former. Masses of white flowers in summer. 12". 1 litre pot.                        5.00
Erigeron ‘Canary Bird’ AGM Abundant creamy-yellow flowers April-Oct. Good container plant. Sunny well drained. 4.00
Erigeron compositus v. discoideus Lovely lilac daisies all Summer-Autumn. Neat foliage.                             3.50
Erigeron karvinskianus AGM The ideal plant for seeding into cracks and crevices of all kinds. Pink-white flowers.   2.50
Erinus alpinus AGM Bright purple-red flowers on 3" spikes. Easy.                                                    2.50
Erodium absinthoides Masses of good pink flowers all Summer. 6” tall x 18”. Easy and hardy.                         4.00
Erodium trifolium Another sun lover, five white petals, top two with purple markings, long flowering.               2.50
Erodium x kolbianum Very popular. Finely cut silvery-green leaves, purple blotched, pale rose flowers all summer. 4.00
Erodium x variabile ‘Album’ Masses of white flowers during summer, dislikes excess winter wet.                      2.50
Erodium x variabile ‘Roseum’ AGM Very pretty and popular pink form of the above. Sharp drainage.                    2.50
Ewartia planchonii Silver-grey leaved mat, for moist, well drained acid soil. 1”. Good for a container.             2.50
Fritillaria camschatcensis Near black bells on 12” stems, spring, quickly forms clumps.                             3.50
Gentiana acaulis AGM The magnificent trumpet gentian. Large blue upward-facing trumpets.                            2.50
Gentiana saxosa 3” tall white flowered New Zealand species, nice for a trough.                                      3.00
Gentiana ‘Strathmore’ AGM Autumn flowering, upturned, sky blue trumpets. Acid compost. 4” tall x 12”.               3.00
Gentiana verna ‘Alba’ Pure white form of the above.                                                                 3.00
Geranium ‘Ballerina’ AGM Deservedly popular. Easy on most soils. Flowers all summer. 6"x12".                  From 3.00
Geranium dalmaticum ‘Bridal Bouquet’ Remarkable plant raised here. Pink and white flowers.                          3.00
Geranium ‘Lawrence Flatman’ Popular variety with flowers like a deep coloured G.Ballerina.                    From 3.00
Geranium napuligerum Small species, 4” tall x 6”. Large, pale rose flowers. Good for container.                     3.00
Geranium subcaulescens AGM Rich carmine flowers all Summer. Easy in sunny spot. 6” tall.                            3.50
Geranium subcaulescens ‘Splendens’ AGM Large deep rose flowers with black centre. The true plant.                   4.00
Gladiolus flanaganii 6-9” stem with 3-5 large red flowers in late summer. Likes sunny, well-drained spot.           4.00
Glaucidium palmatum AGM Large white or mauve poppies. Bold foliage. 12”x15". Spring. Very choice.                   4.00
Haberlea rhodopensis AGM Streptocarpus-like lavendar-lilac flowers. Perfect in shady damp walls.              From 3.50
Haberlea rhodopensis ‘Virginalis’ A striking pure white form of the species. We never have enough! 1 litre.         7.50
Helianthemum named hybrids. We usually have a selection of these easy spreaders.                                      2.50
Helichrysum milfordiae AGM Beautiful pale, silvery-green cushions, red-backed, white everlasting flowers.             2.50
Hepatica nobilis AGM Seed raised from our best forms.                                                                 3.00
Hepatica nobilis ‘Cobalt’ This is our most popular form. Deepest blue with cream stamens.                             3.00
Hepatica nobilis ‘Large Pale Blue’ This plant is not unlike `Ballardii’. Large, powder blue flowers.                  3.00
Hepatica nobilis pattern leaf forms Nice patterned leaves to compliment the lovely flowers.                           3.00
Hepatica nobilis ‘Rubra Plena’ Gorgeous, tight, fully double bright pink flowers.                                     20.00
Hepatica nobilis v. japonica Eastern form often with patterned leaves and rich coloured flowers.                      4.00
Hepatica nobilis v. pyrenaica This form also often has marked foliage and very good flowers.                          4.00
Hepatica nobilis v. rubra The nearest to red we have seen. A striking plant.                                          3.00
Hepatica nobilis Lilac Picotee Petals of palest lilac, edged with a much deeper shade.                                3.00
Hepatica transsilvanica rosea A most attractive bright pink form often with a darker edge to the petals.              4.00
Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ Very dwarf variety, neat, broad, blueish leaves. Small enough for troughs.                    5.00
Hosta ‘Cracker Crumbs’ Dwarf variety with attractive light yellowy-green foliage. Good for trough.                    5.00
Hosta ex. Kirishima 6” tall, plain green, shiny foliage, lilac flowers. Light shade. Very hardy.                      5.00
Ipheion ‘Charlotte Bishop’ Winter flowering. Pink starry flowers on 4” stems. Increases quickly. Nice in container.   2.50
Ipheion ‘Rolf Fiedler’ AGM Rounded, rich blue flowers in late winter. Strap-like foliage. Good for container.         3.00
Lathyrus vernus AGM A 10”, deciduous, bushy pea. Pink-purple and white flowers. Easy and most attractive.             3.00
Leucogenes grandiceps Branched stems of small silvery leaves. 4” x 6”. Acid soil, good for a container.               3.50
Leucogenes leontopodium Larger version of the above. Forms a beautiful silvery mat. Acid soil, not too dry.           3.50
Leptinella dendyi Prostrate mats of greenish-brown much cut foliage, creamy pink daisies.                             3.00
Lewisia columbiana ‘Alba’ Sprays of small white flowers. Good for a container in sunny, well-drained soil.            3.00
Lewisia cotyledon AGM Needs excellent drainage. Very long flowering period.                                           3.00
Lewisia pygmaea Small dainty species with neat pink flowers, deciduous.                                               2.50
Lilium duchartrei Creamy-white, crimson-speckled Turk's-cap flowers. Delicious scent. Good potfulls.                  5.00
Lilium formosanum v. pricei Huge heavily scented white trumpets in June. Well drained spot. 9".                       4.00
Linaria alpina Alpine toadflax. Mildly self-sows. Easy, very popular. 2".                                             2.00
Linaria sp. Upright habit to 6”, red snapdragon flowers in early summer.                                              2.00
Lithodora diffusa ‘Heavenly Blue’ Wonderful plant for acid soil. Gentian blue flowers in summer. Evergreen.           4.00
Lithodora diffusa ‘Picos’ Superb compact form of this popular alpine. Very rich purple-blue flowers.                  4.00
Meconopsis betonicifolia AGM Perennial blue poppy to 3ft. Likes rich soil. Avoid hot dry sites.                       4.00
Meconopsis quintuplinervia AGM Pendant lavender lampshades. Fully perennial. Cool, moist spot.                        6.00
Morisia ‘Fred Hemingway’ Stemless, brilliant yellow flowers in spring. Needs perfect drainage and sun. Container. 3.00
Narcissus x cazorlanus Natural hybrid, soon makes a showy clump. 6” high. Spring flowerer, easy. {P,SI}               4.00
Olsynium douglasii AGM Tough, early flowerer. 1” pendant purple bells on wiry 9” stems. Very attractive.              4.00
Olsynium douglasii ‘Album’ White flowered form of the above which is slightly smaller. Very hardy plant               4.00
Omphalodes cappadocica AGM Creeping rhizomes with sprays of delightful blue flowers. Tough.                           4.00
Origanum amanum AGM Hop-like flowers of green & pink bracts. Well-drained sunny spot. 3” x 8".                        3.00
Origanum amanum v. album Hop-like flowers in cream and white. Well drained sunny spot. Very pretty.                   4.00
Origanum vulgare minor A compact version of marjoram, dark purple and pale rose flowers in Summer.                    4.00
Oxalis enneaphylla ‘Alba’ Fine large white flowers, summer.                                                           3.00
Oxalis enneaphylla ‘Minutifolia’ Very dwarf variety, pale rose flowers, summer. 2” tall x 4”. Good for container.     3.50
Oxalis enneaphylla ‘Patagonia’ Large glowing rich pink flowers.                                                       3.50
Oxalis enneaphylla ‘Rosea’ Another excellent garden plant. 4“x6". Sunny spot best.                                    3.00
Oxalis inops Very large rose flowers with yellow eye in summer. Non invasive. Sunny site. 2".                         2.50
Oxalis ‘Sheffield Swan’ Very large white flowers. Hardy and increases well.                                          3.00
Oxalis Slack Top Hybrids A range of beautiful Oxalis with neat crinkled leaves. Non invasive. 2” tall.          From 4.00
Oxalis ‘Ute’ Large, rounded pale rose-lilac flowers in summer. Sunny, well-drained spot.                             3.50
Paeonia tenuifolia Fine leaved species with scarlet flowers. 18”-2ft. 1-2 years from flowering.                      5.00
Papaver alpinum Alpine poppy, flowers in pastel shades on 4” stems all Summer. Sunny spot.                           2.50
Penstemon rupicola AGM Fine ruby-red snapdragons on prostrate evergreen foliage. 3 x 8". Summer.                     2.50
Penstemon rupicola ‘Ruby’ Dwarf evergreen shrub 3”x9”. Ruby-red snapdragons May-June, good for container.            3.50
Phlox ‘Crackerjack’ AGM Brilliant cerise flowers cover compact mats 2x12”. Summer. Easy in sunny spot.               2.50
Phlox ‘Eva’ Pale violet flowers, compact mat 2”x12”. Likes sunny, well-drained, will hang over wall.                 2.50
Physoplexis comosa AGM Curious & beautiful, not difficult in alpine house, not impossible outdoors!                  4.00
Phyteuma scheuchzeri Flower heads made up of many small, dark purplish-blue flowers. 6” tall x 6”.                   3.00
Polygala chamaebuxus AGM Evergreen dwarf shrub with white and yellow pea flowers in spring. 4”x8” spread.            3.00
Polygala chamaebuxus ‘Rhodoptera’ Rose-purple and gold pea flowers. Sun or part shade.                               3.00
Polygonatum hookeri Miniature creeping alpine with lilac flowers before the leaves. 3” x 5”. Spring. {P}             4.00
Potentilla eriocarpa Bright yellow flowers all summer. 2”x6” hummock. Sunny spot. Good for containers.               2.50
Primula auricula ‘Slack Top Red’ Chance seedling, brick red flowers and farina coated leaves. A beauty!              3.00
Primula marginata ‘Beamish’ AGM Primula marginata hybrid with rich purplish flowers, spring, likes some shade.       4.00
Primula ‘Boothman’s’ Good garden hybrid with abundant purple-red flowers in Spring. Trough or garden.                2.50
Primula ‘Freedom’ Easy European hybrid of compact habit and abundant purple flowers in Spring.                       2.50
Primula ‘Gold Laced Polyanthus’ Gold rimmed, deep red flowers, showy Spring flowering primula.                       3.00
Primula ‘Guinevere’ AGM Deep pinkish-green foliage, heads of pale pink flowers in Spring. Makes large clumps.        3.00
Primula Harlow Carr Hybrids candelabra type Ideal for damp or soggy conditions, stunning mix of colours. 1.5L        4.00
Primula marginata ‘Slack Top hybrids’ Good shade plant, lovely foliage, purple flowers. Good for containers.         3.00
Primula scotica Tiny Scottish native, with 3” tall heads of yellow eyed purple flowers. Spring-Summer.               2.50
Primula ‘Slack Top Violet’ Garden hybrid. Compact habit, umbels of rich purple flowers. Easy. 4” tall x 5”.          3.00
Primula sieboldii AGM A selection of attractive forms, fringed & unfringed petals. Forms large, showy clumps.        3.00
Primula vulgaris AGM The beautiful wild primrose. Can be used to naturalise. Flowers from January to April. 1L       4.50
Primula vulgaris var. alba Wonderful white flowered wild form of primrose. Flowers December-May. 1L                  4.50
Primula vulgaris ‘Slack’s Crimson Beauty’ A beautiful crimson primrose, slow to propagate.                           4.00
Pritzelago alpina Tight green hummocks, masses of white flowers in Spring. Perfect among paving. 4”.                 2.50
Pulsatilla vernalis AGM Dwarf species with goblet shaped, creamy-yellow flowers, March-April. 6” tall.               4.00
Pulsatilla vulgaris Heiler hybrids Superb range of colours. Attractive feathery seedheads. 8” tall x 8”.             4.00
Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Papageno’ Flamboyant shaggy flowers in many colours. Most unusual.                              4.00
Pulsatilla vulgaris Pink form Beautiful pink flowered form.                                                          5.00
Ramonda myconi AGM Superb wall or alpine house plant. Streptocarpus family, purple to pink flowers, for shade.       4.00
Ramonda nathaliae ‘Alba’ Great for a shady wall or container. White flowers in May-June. 4”.                         4.00
Ramonda serbica Rare species with beautiful lavender flowers for cool shade. 4”.                                     5.00
Rhodanthemum hosmariense AGM Good silver foliage evergreen with large white daisy flowers. 12” tall x 18”. 1L 4.00
Rhodiola rhodantha Upright stems with narrow fleshy leaves, pinkish-red flowers heads. Easy. 8” tall.                4.00
Rhodohypoxis baurii AGM red form Good for containers, summer. Keep drier in Winter, out of severe cold.              2.50
Rhodohypoxis deflexa Very dwarf, grassy leaved species, masses of small deep red-pink flowers. 3”.                   2.50
Rhodohypoxis ‘E.A.Bowles’ Large soft pink flowers, strong growing.                                                  2.50
Rhodohypoxis ‘Perle’ Dwarf form with creamy-white flowers.                                                           2.50
Rhodohypoxis nursery hybrids Pot luck on colour.                                                                     2.50
Roscoea cautleyoides AGM Pale yellow, orchid-like blooms, upright stems to 12”. Light shade. Late Spring.            4.00
Salix ‘Boydii’ AGM Upright habit of aged appearance. Fine in trough for several years, then plant out. (small plants) 3.00
Salix reticulata AGM Prostrate willow with rounded, shiny leaves, deeply veined. 4” tall x 12”.                      3.00
Salix serpyllifolia ‘Chamonix’ Tiny prostrate willow, creeping habit, good Autumn tints. 1” tall x 12”.              3.00
Sanguinaria canadensis ‘Plena’ AGM Fully double snow white globes in late Spring. Cool leafy soil.                   5.50
Santolina chamaecyparisus ‘Small-Ness’ AGM Aromatic dwarf shrub 6” tall x 10”. Yellow pom-poms.                      2.50
Saxifraga x burnatii Natural hybrid, very compact, spiky, silver edged leaves, sprays of white flowers.              2.50
Saxifraga ‘Cloth Of Gold’ Excellent foliage plant. Yellow hummocks bear white flowers on short stems.                2.50
Saxifraga cochlearis Dense silver bun made up of hard silver leaves. Wiry sprays of white flowers.                   2.50
Saxifraga fortunei ‘Crystal Pink’ Good foliage plant for light shade. 4” tall x 6”. Nice for container.              4.00
Saxifraga granulata Masses of white flowers on 6” stems in spring-summer. Very hardy.                                2.50
Saxifraga grisebachii AGM Spectacular red haired flower stem, early spring. Gritty soil. Beautiful species.          3.00
Saxifraga ‘Hare Knoll Beauty’ Tight grey-silver rosettes with sprays of good pink flowers. A fine plant.             2.50
Saxifraga longifolia Wonderful spiky rosette up to 8" across. 15" cone of white flowers in summer. Monocarpic.       3.00
Saxifraga ‘Meteor’ Tight cushion plant with bright golden yellow flowers in Spring. Good for container.              3.50
Saxifraga oppositifolia Creeping habit. Stemless rose-purple flowers in March-April. Very hardy.                     3.00
Saxifraga paniculata v. minutifolia Very tight cushion plant with sprays of white flowers. 0.5” tall x 6”.           3.00
Saxifraga paniculata ‘Rosea’ Easy Sax with abundant pink flowers on 6” stems. Sunny spot.                            2.50
Saxifraga ‘Silver Maid’ Sturdy variety with narrow, lime-encrusted, strap shaped leaves.                             2.50
Saxifraga ‘Slack’s Ruby Southside’ AGM Our form of Southside Seedling. Petals dark red, white edged.                 3.50
Saxifraga ‘Slack’s Sensation’ Enormous rosette and flower spike. A magnificent plant.                                4.00
Saxifraga ‘Slack’s Supreme’ Enormous rosette and flower spike. A magnificent plant.                                  4.00
Saxifraga ‘Whitehill’ AGM Hardy silver sax. Greyish encrusted rosettes. White flowers on 6" red stems.               2.50
Sedum ‘Bertram Anderson’ AGM Good purply leaves, heads of pink flowers in late summer. Sunny well drained.           3.00
Sedum ‘Dragon’s Blood’ AGM Superb foliage plant with heads of pink flowers.                                          2.00
Sedum ewersii Nice foliage plant for well drained sunny spot. Pink flowers in Summer. 2” tall x 6”.                  2.50
Sedum ‘Lidakense’ AGM Wiry 4" stems with glaucous leaves terminate in flat heads of rosy-pink flower.                2.50
Sedum obtusatum Attractive foliage in green and reds. Flat heads of yellow flowers in summer.                        2.00
Sedum pluricaule Neat species with bright pink flowers in Autumn/late Summer. Sunny spot best.                       2.50
Sedum spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’ AGM Excellent foliage plant. Best in sun. 2".                                     2.50
Sempervivum We have over 60 different varieties and species of these popular plants at the nursery.                  2.50
Silene acaulis ‘Blush’ A form with pretty pink flowers.                                                              3.00
Silene acaulis ‘Frances’ Eye-catching golden yellow foliage. Dense cushion plant. Good for trough.                   3.00
Silene alpestris ‘Flore Pleno’ AGM Masses of double white flowers all Summer. Good in walls etc. 6".                 3.00
Sisyrinchium ‘Californian Skies’ Excellent hybrid with larger flowers than most, in a bright blue.                   2.50
Sisyrinchium ‘E.K.Balls’ Long flowering, with good deep purply-blue flowers all Summer. Sunny, well drained.         2.50
Sisyrinchium v. macounii Our dwarfest ‘sisy’, rich purple flowers,4”. Good container plant. Sun, well drained.       2.50
Sisyrinchium montanum x nudicaule Surprisingly attractive red-brown & yellow flowers. Summer.                        2.50
Soldanella carpatica Deep purple species with underside of leaves also purplish.                                     3.00
Sorbus fruticulosa Bushy rowan tree to 5ft tall. White flowers and masses of white berries. Autumn tints.            6.50
Sorbus reducta AGM Dwarf rowan less than 12” tall, large pink berries, good Autumn tints.                            4.00
Thalictrum kiusianum 6" species, open sprays of pink flowers. Cool, moist spot.                                      3.00
Thymus ‘Bressingham Pink’ Creeping habit, pink flowers in Summer. Good among paving, cracks, etc.                    2.50
Thymus camphoratus Forms a compact ball of aromatic foliage, flowers purple, Summer. 6” tall x 6”.                   3.00
Thymus Coccineus Group AGM A selected, good purple flowered form. Easily grown and good for paving.                  2.50
Thymus ‘Hartington Silver’ Most effective cream and green variegation. Pale lilac flowers, compact.                  2.50
Thymus ‘Peter Davis’ Compact bushy habit, grey-green foliage, good lilac flowers. 6" tall x 6”.               2.50
Thymus serpyllum ‘Minor’ Very compact thyme with lovely lilac flowers in Summer. Paving, cracks, etc.         2.50
Trillium chloropetalum v. giganteum AGM Flowering sized plants of this superb garden plant.                   7.50
Trollius pumilus Miniature globe flower. 6” tall x 4”. Rich golden flowers, Spring. Easy and hardy.           2.50
Viola ‘Buttercup’ Beautiful viola with the brightest of yellow flowers.                                       2.50
Viola cornuta ‘Alba Minor’ Miniature viola with gleaming white flowers. April-October. 4” tall. Hardy.        2.50
Viola cornuta ‘Minor’ AGM Very long flowering. Sun or shade 4” tall. Very hardy.                              2.50
Viola ‘Dawn’ Pale creamy-yellow flowers.                                                                      2.50
Viola ‘Irish Molly’ Old variety with attractive flowers a mixture of green, yellow and black.                 2.50
Viola ‘Mrs Lancaster’ Compact viola with white flowers.                                                       2.50
Zaluzianskya ‘Orange Eye’ More compact than Z. ovata with brilliant orange-centred flowers.              From 3.00
Zaluzianskya ovata Proving hardy outdoors. Striking red and white flowers. Very popular.                 From 3.00
Zauschneria californica ‘Dublin’ Wonderful Summer flowering alpine with bright orange-red flowers.            3.50
Zauchneria ‘Pumilio’ Forms a neat hummock with red tubular flowers in Summer. 3”x10”.                         3.50
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