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									                        2010 All Star Selection Process

All Star selection is based on swimmers’ seasonal best times rather than swimmers’ ranking like
the process that is used for Western Zone selection. Swimmers who have achieved the “AAAA”
NAG times in the events that will be swam at the 2010 All Star meet will receive the first
priority in being selected to the team. Swimmers who have achieved “AAA” NAG times in the
events that will be swam at the 2010 All Star meet will receive second priority, and “AA” NAG
swimmers in the events that will be swam at the 2010 All Star meet will receive third priority
when selecting the team. Finally to insure a minimum of eight swimmers in each age group and
gender for these age groups, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, swimmers with minimum “A” times will be


To be eligible for selection to the SNS All Star Team, a swimmer must be registered to SNS in
good standing. This means that the swimmer must not owe money to SNS, and must not have
been restricted from representing SNS because of past disciplinary problems. Swimmers, who
owe money to SNS, may clear the debt and be considered for the All Star Team by paying the
money owed before the end of the qualifying period.

Swimmers must have achieved a minimum of two Short-Course USAS “A” times to submit a
letter of intent.


Selection will be based on verified short-course performances achieved during the qualifying
period in individual events swum in the current season. Swims performed outside the LSC must
be posted on the swim Connection website prior to Tuesday December 22, 2010, following any
USA Sanctioned Swim Meets in order to be considered. The qualifying period is from August
2009 to December 2009.

Participation on the SNS All Star team is based on the swimmer’s age on the first day of the All
Star meet. If the swimmer will be in an older age group at the All Star Meet than when they
swam the qualifying times, they will be considered for the All Star team in the older age group.

Selection Process

    1.   Swimmers with AAAA NAG times
    2.   Swimmers with AAA NAG times
    3.   Swimmers with AA NAG times
    4.   Swimmers with A NAG times
In these events:

9-10                              11-12                              13-14
50 Free                           50 Free                            50 Free
100 Free                          100 Free                           100 Free
200 Free                          200 Free                           200 Free
500 Free                          500 Free                           500 Free
50 Back                           100 Back                           100 Back
100 Back                          200 Back                           200 Back
50 Breast                         100 Breast                         100 Breast
100 Breast                        200 Breast                         200 Breast
50 Fly                            100 Fly                            100 Fly
100 Fly                           200 Fly                            200 Fly
100 IM                            200 IM                             200 IM
                                  400 IM                             400 IM

If a minimum of 8 swimmers has not been selected using AAA times, all AA applicants will be
considered as described above until 8 swimmers are selected. At a point where a tie exists to fill
the eighth position, a tie breaking system will be used. To break a tie, the swimmers will be
scored using 9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 with the highest point scorers selected for the team. Only the top
six individual events will be scored.

Letters of Intent

To submit the letter of intent, the swimmer must have a minimum of Two USA Swimming Short
Course A times. Letters will be due Monday, December 21, 2009. Coaches will be required to
sign the letter and fill in a section related to the swimmers best events to assist the All Star
Coaching Staff during the event selection.

Any questions please contact Anthony Madonna at anthonymad@gmail.com or call

                                        Please fill in both pages.

                                       Sierra Nevada Swimming
                                          2010 All-Star Team

                                            Letter of Intent

All swimmers wanting to be a member of the 2010 Sierra Nevada All-Star Team traveling to
San Diego , CA on Saturday, January 23, 2010 through Sunday, January 24, 2010 MUST fill out and return this
LETTER OF INTENT. Head Coach Anthony Madonna must receive the letter of intent if mailed before 12 noon on
Wednesday, December 16, 2008, at P.O. Box 122 Vacaville, CA 95696 Letters may also be submitted at the
Gobbler meet in Folsom. NO EXCEPTIONS!

YOUR LETTER OF INTENT MUST BE RECEIVED by Monday, December 21, 2010. No
exceptions allowed. Faxes will not be accepted. Postmark dates will not be accepted.

Swimmers Name_______________________________________ Age_____ Sex_____

Age as of 01-24-2010 ____________________Birth Date________



Coach______________________________ Coach’s Phone _____________________


Parent Home Phone____________________ Work Phone ________________ Cell Phone______________

Mailing Address____________________________________________________________________________

City, State,

If selected, I ___________________________will participate as a member of the Sierra Nevada Swimming
All-Star Team. I agree to abide by the team guidelines and Code of Conduct and other necessary rules and
guidelines set forth by the coaching staff, chaperones, and/or team manger. If my son/daughter does not abide by the
team guidelines and Code of Conduct and other necessary rules and guidelines, I understand that she/he will be sent
home at the expense of the swimmer’s family prior to the conclusion of the meet.

To defray costs, each swimmer selected will be asked to contribute an amount not to exceed $150.00. The check
must accompany your child’s letter of intent and will be cashed prior to the departure. Should the check be returned
as non-sufficient funds, only cash, cashiers check or money order will be accepted.
Payment must be made 48 hours after notification of a non- sufficient funds check if it is not, the swimmer will be
removed from the team.

Swimmers will receive a team uniform to include, swim cap(s), and T-Shirt.

Travel to San Diego will be by Southwest airlines through Sacramento International Airport departing sometime
before 8:30am on Saturday, January 23 and returning Sacramento International Airport sometime after 7pm
Sunday, January 24 . Travel inside San Diego will be by rented mini vans.

Signature of Swimmer ____________________________________________
Signature of Parent_______________________________________________

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                                           Please fill in both pages.

                                               Sizing Information

Swimmer’s Name ______________________________________

Age Group ___________________ Gender ______________

Please Indicate: T-Shirt Size: Child _____ Small Medium Large X-Large
                     Adult______ Small Medium Large X-Large
                    Sweat Suit Child ______ Small Medium Large X-Large
                    Adult______ Small Medium Large X-Large

                                               Coach Information
                                            (To be filled out by coach)

Coach Name:_____________________________ Coach Phone #:________________________
Swimmer’s Top Six Events: Please rank the best s ix events for the above swimmer to swim at the All Star Meet.
The All Star age group coach will consider your recommendation when filling entries.

1.___________________________________ 4. ___________________________________

2.___________________________________ 5. ___________________________________

3.___________________________________ 6. ___________________________________

As coach of the above swimmer, I will encourage he/she to remain in top physical condition in preparation
for a peak performance at the All Star Championship meet.

Coach Signature: _________________________________________ Date:_____________________

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