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									   List of Summ er Camps For 2010                                      INTERESTED IN COUNSELLING FOR A WEEK?
                                                                          Forms available at your local United Church, OR
                                                                               on-line at   www.shagabec.c om
                                                                  Hey Parents, why not volunteer to be a counsellor or first-aider
             SENIOR CO-ED : July 4 - 9
                                                                                   the week of your child’s camp?
For campers born in 1992 – 1996. Arrive 4 pm, July 4 (Sunday).
               Depart at 4 pm, July 9 (Friday).
                       Camp Fee: $165                                       JUNIOR SQUIRTS : Aug. 1-3
                                                                  For campers born in 2002 – 2004. Arrive 4 pm, Aug. 1 (Sunday).
        JUNIOR SCAMP ERS : July 11 - 16                                         Depart at 4 pm, Aug. 3 (Tuesday).
For campers born in 1999 – 2001. Arrive 4 pm, July 11 (Sunday)                           Camp Fee: $80
               Depart 4 pm, July 16 (Friday).
                       Camp Fee: $155                                       SENIOR SQUIRTS : Aug. 4-7
                                                                  For campers born in 2000 – 2002. Arrive 4 pm, Aug. 4 (Wed.).
           JUNIOR C O-ED : July 18 - 23                                        Depart at 4 pm, Aug. 7 (Saturday).
For campers born in 1996 & 1998. Arrive 4 pm, July 18 (Sunday).                         Camp Fee: $100
               Depart at 4 pm, July 23 (Friday).
                       Camp Fee: $155                                        CREATIVE CAMP : Aug. 8-11
                                                                  For campers born in 1998 – 2001. Arrive 4 pm, Aug. 8 (Sunday).
       SENIOR SCAMPERS : July 25 - 30                                             Depart 4 pm, Aug. 11 (Wed.).
For campers born in 1998 – 2000. Arrive 4 pm, July 25 (Sunday).                          Camp Fee: $100
               Depart at 4 pm, July 30 (Friday).
                       Camp Fee: $155
                                                                       WANNABEAKIDAGAIN?: Aug. 13-15
                                                                   For ‘adults’ born after 1992! Arrive 4 pm, August 13 (Friday).
                                                                                  Depart 4 pm, August 15 (Sunday).
                                                                                            Camp Fee: $80
       SQUIRTS            SCAMPERS             CO-EDS
                                                                        NEED A VENUE FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT?
                                                                   Our camp is available to rent for religious or educational events!
                                                                    For more information, call: Jane Barkley at (306) 297-2460
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Look for information at your local
    church, or visit our website:

                         CARE CAMP: May 15
 This is the camp where it all starts. We need your help with spring cleaning
in order to get Shagabec ready for another great season, so bring your family,
    friends, or church group and join us! Some notes of interest: meals are
  potluck, all ages are welcome, and if you would like to sleep over… bring
                     warm bedding. For more information,
                    call – Dave Fletcher @ (403) 327 1217.

                  LEADERSHIP CAMP: June 4-6
 A weekend camp for all volunteer staff to get acquainted, plan their camps,
              and learn how to be effective camp counsellors.
             Starts Friday at 7 pm, and ends Sunday at 2 pm.
   For more information, call - Kat and Dave Fletcher @ (403) 327 1217
                                                                                            Chino ok P r esby t ery
                                                                                         Uni t ed C hu rch of C an ad a
                           UCW CAMP: TBA
   This is a fun-filled day of fellowship that is open to women of all ages!           Located in the beautiful
                                                                                           Cypress Hills!
         Register with the First United Church @ (306) 773 9353,
   _________________________________________________________                                MISSION STATEMENT:
                                                                                     At Camp Shagabec we strive to be a place
     PLEASE NOTE: Your child’s acceptance into their requested camp is               where campers feel welcome and accepted,
  dependant on the confirmed number volunteer leaders we have for that camp.           and where all may come to experience
  You will receive an acceptance letter when you have been officially accepted.          God in creation and in community.
Please do not come to camp unless you have been accepted and have received this
    letter or phone call. If we are unable to accept your child you will be fully
   refunded. For bursary information (either full or partial), or if you require a            C a mp Sh ag ab ec
   payment plan, please contact the Registrar. Cancellation refunds (less a $25                 809 3rd Ave NE
       administrative fee) will only be granted prior to the start of that camp.               Swift Current, SK
                                                                                                    S9H 2H7
                  Thank you for your cooperation!
                                                                                         Visit Camp Shagabec’s Website:
   REGISTRAR: Crystal O'Donnell-Schuett (306) 773 1823
     CAMP SHAGABEC MANAGER: (306) 662 3721
        RENTALS: Jane Barkley (306) 297 2460
       WEBSITE: www.shaga m

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