TUESDAYS 8 – 9.30 P.M. or MONDAYS 9.30 - 1100 (+ crèche) at ALL SAINTS’ CHURCH, BRENCHLEY

WEEK 1     What is a Christian?
           1. How do I become one?
           2. How can I be sure I am one?
           3. Some present day myths, misconceptions, and objections!

WEEK 2     Who was Jesus and what was his purpose in coming?
           1. The evidence
           2. What he and others said about himself and his mission
           3. Dealing with our problem

WEEK 3     The Bible – what does it say and how does it say it?
           1. A ‘Salvation History’
           2. Jesus’ teaching – Four Gospels, one Jesus
           3. The ‘Parables’ and the ‘Kingdom of God’

WEEK 4     What is the meaning and significance of his Death and Resurrection?
           1. Why are these two events central to our understanding of the Christian faith?

WEEK 5     The gift of ‘Grace’ and our response
           1. The heart of the matter
           2. The ‘Holy Trinity’
           3. Living the life of the Trinity

WEEK 6     Choices and Discipleship
           1. Our choices in this life matter
           2. The life of a ‘Disciple’

WEEK 7     The Church, Fellowship, and ‘Holy Communion’
           1. What is ‘Church’?
           2. The need for fellowship. What is ‘Holy Communion’?

WEEK 8     The role of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit
           1. How does the Holy Spirit help us today?
           2. Gifts for us all!

At the end of each session there will be an opportunity for those attending to raise any issues or doubts they may have
                                 under the title ‘But I have this problem with.........?’
           JANUARY 18/19, 25/26. FEBRUARY 1/2, 8/9 - HALF TERM – 22/23. MARCH 1/2, 8/9, 15/16.

                                     A BIT ABOUT THIS COURSE
                               ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’
Many people today are very uncertain about what to believe in life and about life: there
seem to be so many competing and often conflicting claims to the truth - even to the
meaning of truth itself.
The claims of Christianity, people rightly say, are just one among many claims to the truth.
But Christianity does have – unlike many other claims – proper evidence and a rational and
intellectually defensible basis which demands to be considered. Christianity is neither fairy
tales nor pie-in-the-sky; quite the opposite in fact! Christianity is firmly rooted in this life, its
beliefs making sense of and providing meaning and purpose for life.
Many of the greatest scientists, past and present, were or are Christians because they have
discerned in the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth answers to questions about the meaning
and purpose of life which science, by its very nature, is unable to provide.
But there are and always have been many myths and misunderstandings about Christianity
as well as objections to it. This short introduction to Christianity has been designed in
response to some people’s interest and desire to learn more and also to some Christians’
admission that they need a ‘refresher’.

We hope in this short course to be able to consider and explain the Church’s teaching about
the Christian faith and why, properly understood and put into practice, it really is ‘good
news’ for everyone – challenging though that news will be for some!

At the end of the day, each person may believe whatever she or he likes about anything
they like, Christianity included. What we hope this course will help you discover is not only
those essential Christian beliefs Jesus said bring ‘life in all its fullness’ but also what it is you
understand by the word ‘truth’ itself.

‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’, said Jesus. If this is true then we need to take very
seriously indeed what he had to say about us and about our lives. We want to give you the
opportunity to explore this claim in the company of fellow travellers, fresh coffee, and
homemade cakes and biscuits.

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