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									 1.   Introduction
 2.   How to get to Opole
 3.   Opole
 4.   Transport
 5.   Academic info
 6.   Sports facilities
 7.   Restaurants, canteens, cafés and discos
 8.   Cultural life
 9.   Calendar of cultural events
10.   Travelling around
11.   Famous Poles
12.   Practical info
13.   Useful expressions
14.   Contact info
INTRODUCTION                                             1.
Welcome to Opole
University of Technology!

We are sure that you’ll enjoy time spent here! Climate at
the university is very friendly and people here are sociable
and helpful. Undoubtedly, a stay here will be a great
scientific experience for you but it’ll also be a perfect chance
to learn our language, get to know about our customs and
visit some stunning places in the country! Our volunteer
students called “mentors” will accompany and help you in
anything you might need. Before you ask mentors for help,
check out this handbook – designed to serve as a source of
all necessary information during your Erasmus experience.
Ready for a great adventure? Join us!
Wroclaw Airport - Opole:
First you have to take a bus from the airport (no. 406 - it’s
across the street from the main entrance to the airport). The
bus goes every 20-30 minutes and the final station is by the
central Train station „Wroclaw Glowny”. The bus ticket costs
approx. 4 ZLOTY and can be purchased from the bus driver.
It’s necessary to have change. Then you should take a train to
Opole Glowne. It takes approx. 1 hour to get to Opole by train.

Katowice Airport - Opole:
First you have to take a bus to Katowice Centre which has final
station by the Katowice Glowne - main train station. Then you
should take a train to Opole Glowne. The bus ticket costs 20
ZLOTY and can be purchased from the bus driver.
PYRZOWICE – KATOWICE CENTRE. It takes about 1 hour to get
to the station. Then you should take a train to Opole Glowne.
It takes approx. 1,5 hour to get to Opole by train.

Warsaw Airport - Opole:

From the Warsaw Airport, you should take a bus no. 175 to
Aleje Jerozolimskie street (stop by the Dworzec Centralny –
Main Train Station) . It takes about 20-30 minutes to go to the
train station. Then you should take a train to Opole Glowne. It
takes approx. 5 hours to get to Opole by train.

                     Opole University of Technology
Opole Główne (Central Train Station) –
Sokrates Student Hall of Residence

The student dormitory is located at 22 Malopolska Street. Bus
no. 9 goes from the train station (bus stop at 1 Maja-Kołątaja
Street) to the dormitory (5th stop at Sosnkowskiego-Małopolska
                                                                      OPOLE                                          3.
Street). The ticket costs 2,30 ZLOTY and can be purchased at     Opole, the city with a population of over 130 000, is located in
a kiosk or from the bus driver with a surcharge.                 the south-western part of Poland upon the Odra River. It is the
Taxis are available in front of the railway station. The route   capital of the Opole Region and its cultural, economic, academic
from the station to the dormitory should take about 5 minutes,   and scientific centre.
and the fare should vary from 15 to 20 ZLOTY.                    Opole is also the capital of Polish Song. Each year the National
                                                                 Festival of Polish Song takes place - the event gathers the
                                                                 greatest stars of Polish music scene performing and competing
                                                                 for many prestigious awards.

                                                                 Municipal and Regional Tourist Information Opole
                                                                 ul. Krakowska 15,
                                                                 open: Monday through Friday 10.00 - 18.00
                                                                 (winter: 10.00 - 17.00),
                                                                 Saturday 10.00 - 13.00

                                                                 The following are particularly recommended.
                                                                 listening to the bugle call of Opole played at noon by
                                                                 a bugler from the City Hall tower
                                                                 thoughtful Agnieszka Osiecka, i.e. a sculpture of
                                                                 the poet – author of song lyrics – one can sit down by Osiecka
                                                                 and remain silent with her in Kopernika Square in front of the
                                                                 University of Opole
                                                                 ”the fighters for Opole Region” monument in
                                                                 Wolności Square – is a saluting uhlan made of bronze, standing
                                                                 on a regional map by a canon in the shape of the Piast Tower
                                                                 the slender figure of ”Our Lady of Pasieka”,
                                                                 given to the residents of Pasieka Island by the priest prelate of
                                                                 the Opole Cathedral, in order to protect them against floods.
                                                                 It is located in the garden of the Opole Radio from the side of
                                                                 Barlickiego Street, and the Opole Radio building features a sign
                                                                 marking the level of the big flood of 1997

                                                                                    Opole University of Technology
a walk around a vast park from 1910
on Bolko Island, where one can find the Municipal Zoo-
logical Garden with modern paddocks and an attractive collec-
tion of endangered animals (giraffes, lesser pandas, rhinos and

Other interesting spots:

Piastowska Tower
Piastowska Street (near the Amphitheatre)
The Tower is the only remain of the Piast Castle. The castle itself
was destroyed by the Germans in the years 1928-1930. It was
built in the gothic style, around 1300. The tower is 35 meters
high. It is probably the oldest building in the city of Opole, and
many citizens think of it as a symbol of the city. Opening hours:
Nov-Apr : Tues-Sun10 am – 1 pm, 2pm-4.30 pm, May – Oct:
Tue-Sun10am-1 pm, 2pm-6pm.

The Amphitheatre
It was designed by Florian Jesionowski. In 1963 the first National
Polish Song Festival took place there. Since that time the festival has
an annual event in Opole. The Amphitheatre seats an audience of
500 people.

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross
The church was built during the reign of King Bolesław Chrobry.
The final rebuilding took place in the years 1897-1902 and
resulted in adding two neo-Gothic towers, 73 meters each.
Inside the cathedral interesting things worth seeing are the
chapel with mausoleum and grave cover of Jan II Dobry, the last
prince of Opole Piasts

The Church of the Mother of God in Pain
and of Saint Wojciech
It is the oldest church in Opole, according to some legends the
church was built in the 9th century. Its baroque interior and neo-
Romanesque façade makes it worth visiting. It is also called the
“Church on the Mount”. In the church one can admire the allegorical
painting of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

                   Opole University of Technology
The Franciscan Church of Holy Trinity
This monastery church of Holy Trinity was founded by Władysław
I Opolczyk. Inside, you can admire the presbytery and the
chapel of Saint Anna, they both came from the turn of the
13th and 14th centuries. The church is a combination of Gothic
elements and a baroque roof and towers. Probably the most
attractive place to visit in that particular church is the burial
                                                                             TRANSPORT                                                                       4.
crypt with the remains of eight princes and five princesses.

Museums                                                                   Public Bus in Opole
The Opole Silesia Museum; 7 Mały Rynek.                                   The company’s name is MZK OPOLE. The bus stations are mostly
The building of museum is said to be the oldest house in Opole.           red and at all of them you can find timetables. The bus timetables
In 1698, after the renovation, Jesuit College was opened there.           are also available on the website - ROZKŁAD
Permanent exhibitions: „Primeval History of Opole Region” and
                                                                          JAZDY. Just click on the bus number to see the route. By choosing
„Opole - a stronghold, a city and the capital of the region” plus
                                                                          specific bus stop you can check the schedule.
some more interesting seasonal exhibitions.
Open Tue.-Fri. 9.00 a.m.-3.30 p.m., Sat. 10.00 a.m.-3.00 p.m. and
                                                                          Tickets can be purchased at a kiosk or from the bus driver with a
on Sun. noon-5.00 p.m.;                                                   surcharge.
                                                                          It is necessary to validate the ticket immediately after getting on
The Opole Village Museum (Heritage Park);                                 the bus. When traveling with a large luggage or an animal you need
174 Wrocławska Street. The museum offers to visit 46 historical           to purchase an additional ticket. The penalty for travelling without a
village buildings plus permanent exhibition: “Architecture of             ticket is 50 – 100 zł
historical buildings from the area of Opole Silesia and their             Bus ticket prices vary in each city. In Opole the fares are as follows:
                                                                              day single trip ticket: regular- 2,30zł; students- 1,15zł,
Opening hours: In the summer season (April 15- October 15)
                                                                              night single trip ticket: regular- 6,40zł; students- 3,20zł
from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (box office is closed at 5.00 p.m.)
everyday except for Mondays and holidays;                                 Single ticket for students is called: BILET STUDENCKI
In the winter season entrance from Etnografów Street, open Mon.-          You can also buy a season ticket for a month that allows you to
Fri. from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. (only park areas can be visited          travel as much you want. The cost of student’s monthly ticket is
then).                                                                    approx. 30zł.

The Central Museum of Prisoners of War;                                                                 Season tickets                              Regular ticket Student ticket
3 Minorytów Street. In 1984 the museum has been situated in a
historical building from 18th century in the center of Opole. Currently   30 day ticket for all routes within the city in the daytime                 126,50zł        63,25zł
one can see exhibitions related to the history of the II World War.       10 days ticket for all routes within the city in the daytime                44,00zł         22,00zł
The Museum collects archival documents, including a list of prisoners
                                                                          30 days personal ticket for all routes within the city in the daytime         88zł          44,00zł
of war connected with a camp in Łambinowice (World War Two)
                                                                          30 days personal ticket value from Monday to Friday for especial route.     57,20zł         28,60zł
Open :Mon.-Sat. 9.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m., and on Sun. and holidays
10.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.;                                                     30 days personal ticket for special route for the whole week                63,80zł         31,90zł

                      Opole University of Technology                                                         Opole University of Technology
A personal ticket is valid only with a special ticket card. This card   coach. The 2nd class coach is usually green and has huge number 2
is given to you when you are buying this ticket and it is with a        next to the door on both ends of the carriage.
photo. To buy this ticket you need 2 photos an ID or students ID        Polish State Railways (PKP) offer 37 per cent discount off the full fare
( for student’s ticket).                                                for students aged 26 or under, but you should have a valid student
                                                                        ID of Polish university.
PKS – Buses                                                             Pay attention to your belongings in the bus and especially at the
Intercity coach lines are serviced by PKS - the Polish Car              train station.
Transport Company.

Polish State Railways (PKP) operates EuroCity trains between
Poland and a number of major European cities. All services from
Western Europe to Poland pass through the Czech Republic,
Germany or the Slovak Republic. The main routes link Warsaw
with Berlin and Cologne, Budapest, Prague and Vienna. There
is a sleeper-car service from the Hook of Holland to Poznan and

All Taxis in Poland are marked with a TAXI sign on the top of the
Make sure that the driver uses the meter. Every taxi driver is
required to issue a receipt (rachunek) when asked. Be sure to
carry small money with you as drivers are notorious for “not
having any change.” Try to use only those taxis with phone
number on the side or top of the vehicle. The unaffiliated ones
are likely to cheat and charge you much more. There is a late-
night surcharge from 11pm-5am, and for journeys out of town,
as well as at weekends.
The fare for a km is approximately 2zł (at night- 3zł). To every
trip 5zł is added as the START fare. Some TAXI numbers in
Opole are: 0800536060, +48774536060, 0601500919

Travelers’ Tips:
At the train station you should pay attention to take the right
platform (in Polish it’s ‘peron’). The place where they sell tickets
is called ‘kasa’. It’s not necessary to validate the ticket but you
should keep it because there might be a ticket-inspector on
the train checking the tickets - usually dressed in a dark blue
suit. You can sit wherever you want, just take the right class of

                     Opole University of Technology
                                 ACADEMIC INFO                                              5.
                                 Degrees/Levels of study offered by
                                   3,5-year BSc programmes ( 20 courses)
                                   1,5-year MSc programmes (13 courses)
                                   4-year PhD programmes (4 courses)

                                 Studies are offered in the following
                                   civil engineering (***)
                                   electrical engineering (***)
                                   education in technology and computer engineering (**)
                                   materials engineering (*)
                                   automatic control engineering and robotics (***)
                                   electronics and telecommunication (*)
                                   computer science (**)
                                   environmental engineering (**)
                                   mechanical engineering and machine building (***)
                                   agriculture and forestry (**)
                                   mechatronics (*)
                                   physical education and sports (**)
                                   tourism and recreation (**)
                                   physiotherapy (**)
                                   european studies (**)
                                   management and marketing (**)
                                   production engineering (*)
                                   administration (*)
                                   chemical and process engineering (*)
                                   logistics (*)
                                   (*) – BSc
                                   (**) – BSc, MSc
                                   (***) – BSc, MSc, PhD

Opole University of Technology                             Opole University of Technology
                                                                       shall be forwarded to cover your last monthly payment.
Academic Calendar 2008/2009                                            In order to have an access to the internet at the dormitory, please
                                                                       contact Ms Barbara. It will be necessary to fill in a form and type
The winter semester begins on 1 October, and ends 11 February          your IP address.
   Courses are provided 01.10 - 23.12 and 05.01 - 28.01
                                                                       Changes to LA should be done within the first month of stay.
   Winter vacation: 24.12 - 04.01
                                                                       The document, having signatures of Faculty coordinator and Dean
   Winter exams session: 28.01 - 13.02
                                                                       should be brought to the International Office which is responsible
   Inter-semester break: 12 -18 February
                                                                       to forward it to the students’ home university for consent and
The summer semester begins on 19 February, and ends
30 September
   Courses are provided from 19.02 - 08.04 and 16.04 - 14.06           End of Stay: After all the classes finish, you should collect a
   Spring vacation: 09.04 - 15.04                                      document from your Faculty coordinator and you shall collect grades
   Summer exams session: 15.06 - 26.06                                 and signatures from your teachers. Then, the coordinator should
   Make-up session: 07.09 - 13.09                                      issue a Transcript of Records and forward the document to the
   Summer vacation lasts for three months: July, August and            International Office. Subsequently, the Institutional Coordinator
   September                                                           issues the Erasmus Student Certificate for you.
                                                                       Students’ ID: International Office prepares a document with
The ceremonial Inauguration of the Academic Year 2008/2009 is          all the details necessary to prepare an ID for Erasmus students,
held on 8 October 2007                                                 which is being forwarded to the Dean’s Office (Dziekanat) of the
                                                                       hosting Faculty prior to their arrival. Two passport photographs are
                                                                       necessary to issue an ID. Upon arrival, the student should go to
Grading Scale                                                          the Dean’s Office to collect the ID. The fee is 5 ZLOTY. The office is
                                                                       open from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.
    The Polish Grade   ECTS grade                                      The ID entitles to 50 per cent discount for public transport within
  5.0 – excellent          A                                           the city.
  4.5 – very good          B
                                                                       Other Activities:
  4.0 - good               C
  3.5 - satisfactory       D                                           The Erasmus students are very welcome to participate in numerous
  3.0 - pass               E                                           activities and events organized by the University, such as:
  2.0 - fail              F/FX
                                                                           Free Chinese Language and Culture course (1 class/week
                                                                           Duration: 2 semesters)
                                                                           Polish Language and Culture course ( 2 classes/week. Duration:
Rules!                                                                     1 semester, either winter or summer semester. – depends on
                                                                           the number of participants)
Dormitory Payment should be done by the 20th of each month to              Guest lectures given by Ambassadors, Consuls or visiting
the manager of the Hall of Residence – Ms Barbara Klonowska. The           professors.
change of a room is possible and depends on availability and consent       Sports activities during the annual “University Holiday” which
of the manager. Thus, any change should always be reported to Ms           takes place on May 4th.
Barbara.                                                                   „Piastonalia” – a 3-day student holiday. It’s a time free of
It is required to pay a one-month deposit which shall be designated        classes that student spend celebrating on numerous concerts,
to either cover the necessary repairs for damages in your room, or         parades and performances. It puts them in a truly festive mood!

                          Opole University of Technology                                      Opole University of Technology
Sports Facilities                                     6.
At the university:
Gym at the II campus at 76 Prószkowska Street
Opening hours: from 5 p.m
Entrance: free

Football, basketball, volleyball, badminton
The sport fields on the second campus and at the Socrates student
Opening hours: according to the schedule of the Faculties.
For further information please contact dr Jacek Soboń at j.sobon@
Entrance: free

The Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy organizes a
skiing camp every winter (winter camp). The Erasmus students are
allowed to take part. For further information and consent please
contact dr Jacek Soboń at

Fitness centers:
In the city:
“FitLife”; 11 Oleska Street;
Opening hours:
Monday- Friday: 7 a.m to 10 p.m
Saturday: 9 a.m to 6 p.m
Sunday: 9 a.m to to 4 p.m
Aerobic: Season ticket for a month- from 40zł; one entrance: 15zł
Aqua aerobic: Season ticket for a month - from 72zł;

                     Opole University of Technology
Gym: Season ticket for a month ( from 7 a.m to 4 p.m) –
100zł; one entrance- 15zł                                      Rock Climbing: 65 Chabrów Street (School nr 11),
Sauna: The prices vary depending on the number of persons.     Tel. 506-164-030, 606-591-590
One hour for 1p – 25zł ( 2 – 35zł; 3- 45zł; 4-55zł; 5- 60zł)   Opening hours: Monday from 6 p.m to 7:30 p.m

“Oxide Fitness Club”, 17 b Grota Roweckiego Street;
                                                               Tenis: “HART” Zawada; 9 Skośna Street; tel. 421-24-75;
Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m to 10 p.m
                                                               Opening hours:
Saturday: 9 a.m to 4 p.m
Sunday: 9 a.m to 1 p.m                                         Monday- Friday: 10 a.m to 10 p.m
Aerobic: Season ticket for a month- from 65zł; one entrance:   Saturday- Sunday: 8 a.m to 10 p.m
15zł                                                           Price: approx.15zł/h
Aqua aerobic: Season ticket for a month - from 76zł; one
entrance- 19zł                                                 “Miejskie Korty Tenisowe”; 51 Oleska Street
Gym: Season ticket for a month ( from 7 a.m to 4 p.m) –        Reservation: tel.501 563 570
100zł; one entrance- 15zł                                      Open from May to October
Sauna: The prices vary depending on the number of persons.
One hour for 1p – 25zł ( 2 – 35zł; 3- 45zł; 4-55zł; 5- 60zł)
                                                                             Day                      Open hours         Renting a court for 1h
Swimming pools:                                                        Monday- Friday                9 a.m to 9 p.m      9 a.m – 3 p.m -10zł
                                                                 Saturday, Sunday and holidays       9 a.m to 9 p.m      8 a.m – 9 p.m - 15zł
“Aquarium”, 48b Ozimska Street

    Monday- Friday         Sunday,
                                                               Badminton: “Okrąglak”; 70 Oleska Street
6.00- 16.00 - 6,00zł /h    7,50zł/h
                                                               Opening hours:
16.00- 22.00 - 7,50zł/h
                                                               Monday 5 p.m – 7 p.m
                                                               Wednesday: 8:15 p.m- 10:15 p.m
                                                               Friday: 7:30 p.m- 9:30 p.m
“Swimming pool in the elementary school nr 5”, 2 Hubala
                                                               Renting a field for 1h – 10zł
                                                               Renting a racket - 5zł
Monday – Saturday : 18.00 - 21.30
Season ticket for a month: 20zł/ once a week
One entrance: - 5zł/h                                          Ice skating:     “Toropol”; 13 Norberta Barlickiego Street;
“Błękitna fala” – outdoor swimming pool; 1 Plac Róż Street;    Opening hours: Price: 1 h + renting ice skater shoos: ~10zł
Tel.: 0774556503
Opening hours:
Saturday- Sunday: 9 a.m to 7 p.m
Monday- Friday: 10 a.m to 6 p.m
Entrance: 5zł

                          Opole University of Technology                                Opole University of Technology
Inline skating:
                         „Okrąglak”; 70 Oleska Street; Tel. 077 456-

Open: Saturdays and Sundays
1h+ renting inline skater shoos: 10zł
                                                                       CANTEENS, CAFES
Bowling:    “Fitlife”; 11 Oleska Street; +48774414563;
                                                                       AND DISCOS
    Open hours/Price        Mon- Thu             Fri, Sat      Sun

      2 p.m –6 p.m      35zł, 30zł students       45zł         45zł
                                                                       Traditional Polish cuisine:
                                                                       Beetroot soup (barszcz)
   6 p.m-11 p.m/1 a.m          50zł               60zł         60zł
                                                                       Sour Rye soup (żurek)
                                                                       Pork chop with potatoes and salad (schabowy z ziemniakami i
Billard:  Bilard Klub „Zebra”; 31 Chabrów Street, tel.                 Sauerkraut stew (bigos)
458-12-34;                                          Dumplings filled with cottage cheese and potatoes /or with cabbage
                                                                       and meat (pierogi z serem /lub z mięsem i kapustą)
                                                                       Śląskie noodles (kluski śląskie)
                                                                       Stuffed cabbage leaf (gołąbki)
     Open hours/Price          Mon- Thu            Fri - Sun

        Before 6 p.m            8,5zł/h            12,5zł/h            Canteens:
        After 6 p.m             12,5zł/h           14,5zł/h
                                                                       Karczma Pod Czeremchą – 6 Żeromskiego Street
                                                                       Kubuś – 19 1-go Maja Street, opening hours: mon- fri 8:30 a.m – 5
Paintball:    “Paintball Club Opole”;      Promyk– dinner costs only 8 zlotys (2,5 euro), free of charge
You can choose from eight different localizations to play.             delivery in the area of Opole. Contact: 20 Małopolska Street,
Players: max 20.                                                       opening hours: mon-fri: 10 a.m – 5 p.m, sat: 10 a.m – 2 p.m
                                                                       Quchnia – 14 Oleska Street, opening hours: mon-sat: 8a.m – 8p.m,
From 25zł for one person /1h                                           sun: 12a.m – 8p.m. There you can eat inexpensive breakfast and
                                                                       (takeaway) dinners
“Terenowiec”; +48691022182;;                        Refleks – 48 Krakowska Street (near the railway station)                                                     Starówka – 19 Krakowska Street, opening hours: mon-fri: 7:30 –
                                                                       6:30 p.m, sat: 8-3:30 p.m
                                                                       Wyżerka – 2 Mikołajczyka Street, next to Mechanical Engineering

                        Opole University of Technology                                      Opole University of Technology
Faculty, opening hours: 10 a.m – 5 p.m
                                                                           The newly open restaurant near Krakowska Street, the same food
Zefirek – Contact: 2 Hubala Street, opening hours: mon-fri:1 p.m
                                                                           menu as in Piramida but different atmosphere of Far East Culture.
– 5 p.m
                                                                           Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

                                                                           Zagłoba, 39 Krakowska Street,
Restaurants:                                                               Extraordinary climate of Old Polish Manor takes you into the heart
                                                                           of polish history and cuisine. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12a.m –
Starka Restaurant, 19 Ostrówek Str,               11p.m
The best German and Austrian cuisine in the region. Worth trying
- knuckle of pork in bear or delicious mushroom soup plus original         Maska, 7 Rynek Street
German beers. Bavarian climate of that restaurant is additional            In two halls you will find the pub and the restaurant, which serves
incentive to visit the place. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12pm until            some of the finest polish dishes in the heart of Opole, next to Town
midnight.                                                                  Hall. Open every day from 10am until the last client. Opening
                                                                           hours: Mon-Sun 10am-2am
Da Enzo, 4b/8 Sosnkowskiego Street
If you want to try the best Italian food in the city you just can’t miss   Szara Willa, 11 Oleska Street,
that place. Italian restaurant with real recipe of lasagne and unique      The complex called Szara Willa consists of hotel, bowling club,
pizza oven. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 1pm-11 pm                               fitness club and especially worth recommending is its restaurant.
                                                                           Its elegant interior together with European food makes you will
Kim-Lan, 11-13 Krakowska Street (Town square)                              never forget that experience.
Asian cuisine plus the place in the very centre of Opole town square
makes it very posh and popular. It’s not a cheap food but if you are       Pod Pająkiem, 2-6 Książąt Opolskich Street
an enthusiast of Chinese food you won’t regret it.                         This beautiful restaurant is a home of polish singers and artists
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11amp-10pm                                          when they visit Opole for National Song Festival. Opening hours:
                                                                           Mon-Sun 10am -1am
Shang-Hai, 2 Kołłątaja Street
Another Chinese restaurant with fabulous menu right from the               U Mnicha, 10 Ozimska Street
China. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm                                    Near the city center you will savour your taste in original
                                                                           atmosphere of that restaurant. Opening hours: Mon-Sun
Sushi Bar Kaiseki, 4 Ozimska Street,                                       10am-10pm
The newest sushi bar in Opole, opened just few months ago is a
sensational novelty on our food market. Probably the best sushi in         Don Vito, 30 Rynek Street
the region. Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12a.m-10p.m, sun: 12a.m-               Newly open Italian restaurant made in the style of Sicilian mob.
9p.m                                                                       Accessories form the movie “Godfather” are worth seeing. Opening
                                                                           hours Mon-Sun 12am-11pm.
Piramida, 2a Barlickiego Street
The Egyptian look plus its famous international cuisine, worth trying      Pizza restaurants:
– Cheops Pyramid Set. Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10am-11pm, Fri-               Pizza restaurants in Opole offer their clients delicious pizzas,
Sun-12 pm until midnight.                                                  which may be delivered on demand in the area of the city. All the
                                                                           necessary information (location, opening hours, contact data and
The Sphinx, 3/3 Kościuszki Street,
                                                                           promotions) may found on the website:

                        Opole University of Technology                                            Opole University of Technology
One type of food bars:
                                                                          Café Il Bacio, 12 Krakowska Street
Grabówka (pancakes), 2 Mozarta Street (Młynówka Canal)                    The best place to taste wonderful ice-creams and original Italian
It is probably the most famous place in Opole, fabulous pancakes          coffee. Opening hours: 10am-9pm.
with different fillings, you just can’t miss it. Opening hours: Mon-
Fri: 10 am – 8 pm, Sat - Sun: 11am – 6 pm

Pierożek (dumplings), 6 Kołłątaja Street, 6 Sosnkowskiego Street          Clubs:
The best polish dumplings in Opole are served in those two tiny
bars.                                                                     Aquarium Club; 145 Franciszkańska Street;;
                                                                          Sundays – Karaoke;
Pomidor, 4b Sosnkowskiego Street                                          Entrance:3- 15zł
If you are a fan of tomatoes you have to visit that restaurant to try     Papa Musioł; 4 Zamkowa Street;; Entrance:
every kind of dishes which is served with tomato.                         3zł- 15zł
                                                                          Cina Club; 55 Katowicka Street; Entrance: 3-10 zł
Cafés:                                                                    Drake Club; 42 Grunwaldzka Street; Entrance: 5- 10zł
                                                                          Rampa Club; 48 Krakowska Street;; Entrance:
Dolce Vita, 33 Krakowska Street                                           free
Located in the center of Opole, it is one of the busiest places on        Protector; 37 Głogowska Street;;
Krakowska. Many tourists visit this café and taste the wonderful          Entrance: 5- 10zł
original Italian ice-creams. However it is hard to decide whether you     Hollywood; 37A Niemodlińska Street;;
like to drink remarkable ice-coffee or try Italian tiramisu. Dolce Vita   Entrance: 10zł
offers unforgettable experience of wonderful tastes.
Opening hours: everyday 10am – 10 pm

Café house “Pożegnanie z Afryką”, 22 Książąt Opolskich Str
Extraordinary climate of this place takes you to the heart of real
café house. Drink and relish the fantastic tastes of coffee from all
over the world. Ground of espresso, whatever you like. Plus a little
shop with coffee accessories. Worth tasting – cheese cake with hot
chocolate on the top. Opening hours: everyday 10am – 9pm

Cake Shop “Europa”, 7-8 Plac Wolności
The best polish cakes in the whole city. Original atmosphere of
baroque manor with sensational polish doughnuts. Opening hours:
9am – 9pm

‘Kawiarnia pod Arkadami’, 26 Rynek Street
Intimate atmosphere of that cafe plus a wide range of coffee, cakes
and desserts makes it worth visiting. Opening hours: Mon-Sun

                       Opole University of Technology                                           Opole University of Technology
Jan Kochanowski Theatre;
12 Plac Teatralny Street
The dramatic theatre of Opole shows especially Polish classics
but is also presenting the new forms of expression from all
around the Europe. Every year theatre arranges six premieres.
The stage of Jan Kochanowski Theatre brings closer the most
classic dramas of European writers.

The Alojzy Smolka Theatre of Drama and Puppetry;
1A Kośnego Street
The theatre was founded in 1937. Every year the theatre holds
4 premieres and about 300 performances. It has taken part in
many prestigious theatrical festivals all around the Europe. The
theatre is mainly designed for children but not only.

Contemporary Art Gallery (next to the J.Kochanowski
Theatre); 12 Plac Teatralny Street
The gallery is an organization which popularizes Polish as
well as European artists. Moreover, it gives a chance to
Silesian artists, especially those from University of Opole.
Contemporary Art Gallery organizes the exhibition with the
cooperation of National Geographic and World Press Photo. The
Autumn Salon is a prominent presentation of artists belonging

                    Opole University of Technology
to Opole fine arts circle. Opening hours: Mon-Fr 10am – 6 pm,
Sat – Sun 11am – 4 pm

The Jan Elsner Philharmonic Hall;
24 Krakowska Street;
The Philhamonic Hall is an institution of over 50 year tradition.
                                                                    OF CULTURAL EVENTS
The concert hall can seat 400 audiences. It offers regular
symphonic concerts, chamber orchestra concert, recitals plus
occasional musical events.

Kinoplex Cinema;
1 Kopernika Street
                                                                    January, February
Visit the biggest cinema in the region and feel as if you           The Carnival Ball in the Gallery of Modern Art
were in the centre of the Hollywood. The cinema offers the
most popular movies of the season as well as the Thursday’s         March
sessions of Independent Movie. Opening hours: since the early       Easter Fair – The Opole Rural Museum – Bierkowice
morning up to the late hours.                                       The days of Passion Music
Cost of a ticket: 14PLN-20PLN                                       Opole Theatre Festival “Polish Classics” – Jan Kochanowski Theatre

                                                                    International Percussion Festival – Philharmonic
                                                                    Days of Opole
                                                                    National Festival of Independent Films – “Opolskie Lamy”
                                                                    International Exhibition of Pedigree Dogs
                                                                    Spring Fair of Construction and Building Material and Device

                                                                    The Days of Europe
                                                                    The Students’ Cultural Spring – Piastonalia
                                                                    The International Tourism Fairs

                                                                    The National Festival of Polish Songs
                                                                    Opole Street Basketball Championships
                                                                    Parade of Street Theatres

                                                                    Sunday Promenade Concertos – The Freedom Square
                                                                    The Open Air Theatre – the Amphitheatre

                     Opole University of Technology                                        Opole University of Technology
Knights Tournament – Museum of Opole Countryside and
Jazz Rock Meeting

European Championships of Street Dancing
Fair of Franciscans
The Festival of Science

International Festival of Percussion                   If you plan to rest and visit some interesting places, Poland is
Autumn Arts&Crafts Fair                                a perfect country for you! In the north there is the Baltic Sea
The National Festival of Puppet Theatre                with vibrant resorts, such as Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot or Szczecin,
                                                       where you can sunbath on the sandy beaches, explore the sea
November                                               or take a stroll in one of the tourist-tailored cities. The landscape
The Week of Academic Culture                           of the southern Poland consists of mountain ranges: Tatry,
Festival of Silesian Composers                         Bieszczady and Pieniny. Both in the north and south there are
                                                       impressing lakes where one can sail or rent a waterbike or a
December                                               canoe. Poland can also boast of some ancient monuments and
The Exhibition of Minerals and Gems                    castles spread over its territory. Below, there is enclosed some
The City New Year’s Eve by the City Hall               brief description of the most interesting places.

                                                       Cracow and Wieliczka – Wieliczka is a salt mine near Cracow
                                                       and the only one in the world that has been working for 700
                                                       years! There you can see some stunning chambers and places
                                                       where salt is extracted. Cracow, on the other hand, is the historic
                                                       city. Its monuments and churches are impressive and attract
                                                       tourists both from Poland and abroad. It’s a great fun to have a
                                                       ride around the square in of the hackney coaches.

                                                       Zakopane – the most famous resort in Poland where one can
                                                       enjoy both summer and winter holidays. The city is located in
                                                       the highest mountains in Poland, about 100 km south to Crakow.
                                                       It is famous for its fabulous skiing conditions, beautiful views,
                                                       tourist attractions and regional culture. If you are lucky, you may
                                                       meet highlanders wearing colourful folk costumes and singing
                                                       their traditional songs.

                                                                              Opole University of Technology
Warsaw – the capital of Poland. It can boast of numerous
monuments and sculptures, such as the Royal Castle and
the Column of King Zygmunt III Vasa at the Castle Square

Bieszczady Mountains and Solińskie Lake – located in
the north-eastern Poland are the paradise for water and
mountain fans. There one can swim or sail on the clear
water, breath the fresh air and climb the mountains...

The Błędowska Desert – it may be quite a surprise for
foreigners that in Poland there is a desert, but it’s true! It’s   Poland is a motherland of many prominent people. Here is the list of
8 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide and it’s located           most important ones:
near Olkusz.
                                                                   Karol Wojtyła who became the Pope John Paul II
The Moszna Castle - an amazing Disney-like castle
located in the vicinity of Opole. It dates back to the middle      Men of Literature:
of 18th century. The castle, in an unchanged outside form          Adam Mickiewicz (the leading poet of Polish Romanticism)
has survived until now and its unusual architecture rouses         Jan Kochanowski (the father of Polish poetry)
common interest. Visit the castle to find out about the            Ryszard Kapuściński (journalist, writer, war reporter known all over
history and count its 99 towers!                                   the world)
                                                                   Stanisław Lem (fantasy books writer)

                                                                   Men of sport:
                                                                   Adam Małysz (ski jumper)
                                                                   Robert Kubica (racing driver)
                                                                   Otylia Jędrzejczak (swimmer)

                                                                   Men of Art:
                                                                   Czesław Niemen (singer)
                                                                   Jan Matejko (painter, author of „Bitwa pod Racławicami” painting)
                                                                   Andrzej Wajda (leading Polish film director)
                                                                   Roman Polański (director of such films as: Rosemary’s Baby, The
                                                                   Pianist, Oliver Twist, the Ninth Gate)
                                                                   Fryderyk Chopin (pianist of the Romantic period)

                                                                   Man of Science:
                                                                   Mikołaj Kopernik (an astronomer who discovered that Sun is in the
                                                                   centre of universe)

                    Opole University of Technology                                       Opole University of Technology
Polish laureates of Nobel Prize
Henryk Sienkiewicz (Literature)
Władyslaw Reymont (Literature)
Czesław Miłosz (Literature)
Wisława Szymborska (Literature)
Maria Skłodowska – Curie (Chemistry)
Lech Wałęsa (Peace)
                                       Opole is located in the south-west of Poland. The climate in this part
                                       of the country is mild. The summer usually starts in June, but since
                                       late April it is warm and sunny. Until the late of September it is fine
                                       weather. The winter starts in December and lasts until the early days
                                       of March. Approximate temperature in winter: -15C up to 5C, in
                                       summer: 20C up to 32C.

                                       In Poland one has to pay in Polish currency, ZLOTY, so you have to
                                       exchange your money already at the airport. Don’t exchange too
                                       much because the
                                       rate at the airport might not be good. Usually 1EUR=3,3 PLN (zloty).

                                       Official holidays in Poland:
                                       In those days the banks, most of the shops and institution are

                                       1st of January – New Year’s Day
                                       April – Easter Monday
                                       1st of May – Labour Day
                                       3rd of May – Constitution Day
                                       usually at the beginning of June – Corpus Christi Day
                                       15th of September – Assumption of the Holy Virgin
                                       1st of November – All Saint’s Day
                                       11th of November – Independence Day
                                       25th of December – Christmas Day
                                       26th of December – Boxing Day

                                                             Opole University of Technology
Mobile Phone                                                         Tesco :open – every day - round the clock
Mobile Phone operators on Polish market: Orange, Era, Plus, Play,    Other shops: open 9am-9pm
In order to have a Polish mobile number, you should buy the          Opolanin Gallery, 13 Plac Teatralny
‘starter’ card of one of the mobile providers. These are located     Three floors of different stores. Ground floor: pharmacy, laundry
around the city centre or in major shopping centers. There,          plus solarium. First floor: supermarket Tesco. Second floor: sport
and also in kiosks you can buy the pre-paid card to charge           stores, clothes store, shoes shop and more. Open – everyday
your phone. The time of validity of a card depends of the price      9am – 9pm.
(the more expensive the more days valid). It is also cheaper to
contact a person that has a number of the same operator, for         Shopping Center Karolinka (opening day 29th of September),
example Orange with Orange etc.                                      170 Wrocławska Street
The operators inform the clients about promotions via SMS. It        Supermarket Real plus 100 small shops and boutiques.
is usually cost- effective to take the opportunity. The SMS are in
Polish so you may ask a Polish friend to help you in translation.    Arkadia Gallery, 45/46Krakowska Street
                                                                     Shopping center with Empik (bookshop), Superpharm
Internet cafés in Opole                                              (pharmacy) and Smyk (shop for children). Opening hours: Mon-
Huckers Club, 7Ściegiennego Street, tel. 453-15-78                   Fri 9am-7pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm
Matryca, 7 Kośnego Street, tel. 453-09-15
Virtual Cafe S.C., 11 Szarych Szeregów Street, tel. 456-15-78        Cost of living in Opole
Cent, 14-16 Ozimska Street, lokal 314, tel. 454-87-51                Opole is a specific town, as the center of Lower Silesia the town
Genesis, 8-12 Niedziałkowskiego Street, tel. 441-77-32               is not an inexpensive place to live, as many tourists especially
Pl@net, 34 Szarych Szeregów Street,                                  from Germany visit Opole each year, therefore prices are higher
Quchnia, Oleska Street (free Internet and wi-fi)                     than in other parts of Silesia. Still, not as high as in the capital
Free wi-fi access at the main building of Opole University of        and other major cities.
Technology, 5 Mikołajczyka Street                                    1 Euro – 3,20 PLN       Cottage Cheese –                Flour-2,5 zł /kg
                                                                     (=zł)                   2,5 zł                          Salt-1 zł /kg
Shops and shopping centers:                                          1 $- 2 PLN              Cheese- 4 zł /150g              Beer- 3 zł /per can
Biedronka Shop (in the vicinity of Sokrates), 140 Wiejska Street     1₤- 4 PLN               Ham-2 zł /100g                  Cigarettes-8 zł
A discount store. Competitive prices and a broad range of            Bread- 3zł              Tomato-4 zł /kg                 Hairdresser: hair
products. Opening hours: Mon-Fr 8am-9 pm, Sat –Sun 9am-6pm           Butter – 3,5 zł         Red Pepper – 6 zł /             cut 40-60 zł, hair-
                                                                     Milk- 2 zł              kg                              dying 60-120 zł
Supermarket Real (in the vicinity of Sokrates), 16                   Cream- 1,5 zł           Sugar-3 zł /kg                  Barber: 10- 25 zł
Sosnkowskiego Street
Apart from a large supermarket where one can find: currency
exchange office, post office, laundry, offices of polish mobile
operators as well as a cake shop. Opening hours: Mon – Sun 8am
until 9 pm

Supermarket Tesco (in the vicinity of Sokrates), 19 Ozimska
Street. New Tesco Gallery. Supermarket and small shops around
it such as clothes shop Monnari, shoes store Deichmann and
jewelry store.

                     Opole University of Technology                                         Opole University of Technology
List of currency exchange offices
Most of the currency exchange offices are open from Monday to
Friday 9am-5 pm.
16 Sosnkowskiego Street (in the supermarket Real)
8 A Reymonta Street
1A Sienkiewicza Street
37 Krakowska Street
Currency Exchange points in the banks listed                    Hello, Hi – cześć
below:                                                          Good morning, Good afternoon – dzień dobry
CITI Bank, 29 1-go Maja Street                                  Good evening – dobry wieczór
ING Bank, 2 Zwierzyniecka Street (in the center of Opole)       Goodnight – dobranoc
Narodowy Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland), 2 B Damrota     Goodbye – do widzenia
Street                                                          See you – do zobaczenia

Cashpoints in Opole:                                            Courtesy words
BZWBK , 6 Ozimska Street                                        How are you? – Jak się masz?
BZWBK ,4 Spychalskiego Street                                   Welcome – witaj
BZWBK ,17 Grota-Roweckiego Street                               Thank you – dziękuję
BZWBK ,1 Maja Street                                            Excuse me, Pardon me – przepraszam
CITI ,1 Krakowska Street                                        I’m sorry – przepraszam
EURONET, 18 Szewska Street - Oddział Banku - Lukas Bank         Please – proszę
EURONET, 7-11 Kościuszki Street                                 You’re welcome – nie ma za co
EURONET, 16 Sosnkowskiego Street - Supermarket ‘Real’
PEKAO-SA Opole, 5 Mikołajczyka Street – University of           Other useful expressions
Technology                                                      Yes – tak
PEKAO-SA Opole, Rynek – Town Hall - Urząd Miejski               No – nie
PEKAO-SA Opole, 14 Wiejska Street - Supermarket Castorama       When? – kiedy?
                                                                Where? – gdzie?
‘Round the clock’ pharmacies:                                   Who? – kto?
“Aleja Witosa” 2 Tarnopolska Street                             Why? – dlaczego?
“Całodobowa” 19 Ozimska Street                                  How much...? – ile?
“Na dobre i na złe” 44 Krakowska Street                         Where is…? - gdzie jest?
“Na Rondzie” 48 Książąt Opolskich Street

Polish National Post Office
Main headquarters is open round the clock:
46 Krakowska Street (next to the Railway Station)

                   Opole University of Technology                                   Opole University of Technology
0 – zero
1 – jeden       Days of the week
2 – dwa
3 – trzy
4 – cztery
                Monday – poniedziałek
                Tuesday – wtorek        CONTACT
5 – pięć
6 – sześć
                Wednesday – środa
                Thursday –czwartek
7 – siedem
                Friday –piątek
8 – osiem
9 – dziewięć
                Saturday – sobota       OPOLE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY
10 – dziesięć   Sunday –niedziela       International Relations Office
                                        ul. S. Mikołajczyka 5
100 – sto
                                        45-271 Opole
1000 – tysiąc                           POLAND

                                        Tel: (48 77) 400 63 15
                                        Fax: (48 77) 455 63 49

                                        Joanna Boguniewicz-Zabłocka, PhD Eng.
                                        Head of the Office
                                        Tel. (+48 77) 400 61 53
                                        Małgorzata Głuszek M.A.
                                        Erasmus LLP Insitutional Coordinator
                                        Tel. (+48 77) 400 62 99
                                        Anna Szafarczyk
                                        Erasmus LLP Advisor
                                        tel. (+48 77) 400 63 15
                                        Marcela Pluskwa M.A.
                                        Erasmus LLP Advisor
                                        tel. (+48 77) 400 63 15

                                                          Opole University of Technology
                                 References and recommended
                                 More info about Opole:

                                 Everyday weather in Opole:

                                 General info about Poland:

                                 Maria Cichń-Bitka, 2004 “Moszna. Zamek i azalie”

Opole University of Technology                           Opole University of Technology
         Opole University
          of Technology
          Locations in the city Opole

1. Faculty of Civil Engineering
2. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Erasmus Office
3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering Automatic Control and
   Computer Science
4. Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy
5. Faculty of Management and Production Engineering
6. Faculty of Education in Technology and Computer Engineering
7. The Main Library
8. Foreign Language Center
9. II Campus
10. Students housing estate Archimedes
11. Sockrates Students Dorm

                        Opole University of Technology

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