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									Dach-Facts: All about the Dachshund

Information for potential Dachshund owners from the
Dachshund Breed Council
                                                         Because of their long bodies, there is possibly a risk
                                                         of back problems. However, such problems are best
Introduction                                             avoided by keeping the dog fit and not allowing it to
The origins of the Dachshund can be traced back to       become overweight or to run up and down stairs
working dogs that could go to ground after game          which puts extra stress on the back.
such as badgers. Today, the breed is characterised       Mini Long and Mini Smooth breeding stock should
as long & low with a well-muscled body, bold, defiant    have been tested for Retinal Degeneration (cord1
carriage of head and intelligent expression. The         mutation P.R.A.) which is an inherited condition
breed is very popular as a pet.                          causing degenerative disease of the retina leading
                                                         to visual impairment, or blindness.
In the UK, Dachshunds come in six varieties, two sizes   Always consult a Vet if you have any concerns
– Standard (20-26 lbs) & Miniature (10-11lbs) – and      about a puppy you intend to purchase, or health
three coats – Smooth Haired, Long Haired & Wire          problems with an older dog.
Haired.                                                  Breed Club Secretaries will also be able to provide
                                                         up-to-date advice on any current or emerging health
Coats & Colours                                          concerns in any of the Dachshund breeds.

Smooth haired – Dense, short, smooth and shiny
requiring little maintenance. Most common colours        After Sales Service
are Black & Tan, Red, Chocolate and Dapple.              A reputable breeder will always be happy to answer
Long haired – Soft & straight with feathering on         any queries you may have at any stage of your
underparts, ears, behind legs & tail where it forms a    dog's life and will like to hear how your dog is
flag. Coat requires regular grooming. Most common        progressing. Reputable breeders will want you to be
colours are Black & Tan, Red (ranging from Cream         assured that your puppy has been well reared and is
to Shaded Red) and Silver Dapple.                        a fit, healthy and typical specimen of the breed.
Wire Haired – A short, harsh coat with a dense           Please remember that a puppy bought as a pet may
undercoat covers body. There is a beard on the           not be suitable for showing or breeding from.
chin, the eyebrows are bushy but hair on ears is
almost smooth. Most common colours are Brindle
and Red. Chocolate and Dapple also occurs.               Grooming
                                                         Once a week check your dog's eyes, ears & feet.
Living with a Dachshund                                  Keep the nails short using nail clippers, or a file.
                                                         When your dog has all his adult teeth (about 6
Dachshunds are active dogs and will take as much         months) start brushing the teeth weekly.
exercise as you can give them. They are however          Long and Wire Dachshunds will need regular
just as happy curled up on your lap, snoozing. They      grooming (at least weekly) using a bristle brush and
are loyal companions and generally make good             wide-toothed metal comb. Pay particular attention to
family pets. They are not noted for their obedience      the longer hairs on the legs (and a Wire's beard) to
but, with patience and persistence by the owner,         ensure there are no tangles.
they can be trained. However, they are Hounds and        Wire dachshunds have a double coat. There is a
when they are off the lead, if they get a scent, they    longer, harsh topcoat with a dense undercoat
can “go deaf” when it suits them.                        beneath. 2-3 times a year the long, dead, topcoat
                                                         will need to be plucked out to allow the new topcoat
As a generalisation, Wires are the most extrovert        to grow in. Do not clipper the top-coat. Wires do not
and active, Standard Longs are the most laid-back,       moult like other dogs.
and Standard Smooths are perhaps more “one
person” or “one family” dogs. All the Miniatures
make ideal pets for someone who is less active and       Frequently Asked Questions
who wants a small but affectionate companion.
                                                         Q. Should I get a dog or a bitch?
                                                         A. There is little difference in size or temperament
Health Issues                                            between Dachshund dogs and bitches. Bitches do
                                                         have the disadvantage of coming in season twice
Dachshunds generally suffer few health problems          yearly. Dogs can be accused of having antisocial
providing they are kept well exercised and fed a         habits but these usually only occur when a dog has
healthy, balanced diet.                                  been used at stud.
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Due for Review: Sept. 2009
Dach-Facts: All about the Dachshund

Information for potential Dachshund owners from the
Dachshund Breed Council
Q. Are they easy to house-train?
A. If you put the time in when the puppy is very           MRS D NORTON 01939 250210
young, then yes. You must be prepared to have
patience, never chastise, but rather show the puppy        EASTERN COUNTIES DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION
the area to be used, outside. Some people prefer to        MR I SEATH 01628 529936
train the puppy to “go” on newspaper and then move
this to where you want the puppy to perform.               WEST OF ENGLAND DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION
Q. Does my garden need to be Dog Proof?                    MRS A JEFFERY 01297 32502
A. Yes. All Dachshunds can dig. Your garden needs
a good strong fence all round. Make sure all visitors      LANCS & CHESHIRE DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION
shut any gates.                                            MRS K BETHEL 0161 775 7167
                                                           NORTHERN DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION
Buying Your Puppy                                          MR C MOORE 01530 271796
Except in exceptional circumstances you should             CAMBRIAN DACHSHUND CLUB
always be able to see the mother of the puppy.
Visit where the puppy was born, regardless of how          MS D PLANT 01978-751531
far you have to travel.                                    SMOOTHHAIRED DACHSHUND CLUB
Get a written receipt for the puppy. Carefully read
                                                           MS C BETHEL 0161 775 7167
and understand any conditions imposed by the
breeder.                                                   ULSTER DACHSHUND CLUB
If the puppy is KC Registered, Registration papers         MRS W FLEMING 02825 891229
should be available when you pay for the puppy.
All puppies should be provided with some health            DACHSHUND CLUB OF WALES
insurance to cover the first few weeks with their new      MRS G BRACE 02920 614339
The breeder should give you a diet sheet and               NORTHERN LONGHAIRED DACHSHUND
preferably also a few days' supply of their current        BREEDERS ASSOCIATION
food.                                                      MR A BETHEL 0161 775 7167
After-sales help should always be available from the
                                                           SCOTTISH DACHSHUND CLUB
breeder throughout the life of your puppy.
Reputable breeders will not be prepared to sell puppies    MISS A KENNEDY 01563 829495
without meeting prospective buyers and will not sell to
                                                           WEST RIDING DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION
people who are out at work all day, leaving the dog
unattended.                                                MR K HIRST 07952 570063
                                                           NORTH EASTERN DACHSHUND CLUB
Where to find out more                                     MRS P HANCOCK 01388 458 308
Dachshund Breed Club Secretaries:                          EAST YORKSHIRE DACHSHUND CLUB
 MIDLAND DACHSHUND CLUB                                    MRS I COOK 01757 706573
 MRS F WINCHURCH 01902 790276                              GREAT JOINT DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION
 THE DACHSHUND CLUB                                        MISS E HARRAP 01491 680515
 MRS A MOORE 01530 271796
 WIREHAIRED DACHSHUND CLUB                                Dachshund Rescue
 MR P ROLLINSON 01752 216331 388195                       North: Mrs V Skinner 0114 284 7425
 SOUTHERN DACHSHUND ASSOCIATION                           South: Mrs G Goad 01458 850745
 MRS S ERGIS 01202 388195                                 DISCOVER DOGS CO-ORDINATOR (MIDLAND
 LONGHAIRED DACHSHUND CLUB                                DACHSHUND CLUB): Mr P Price 01543 276797

 MR T WATKINS 01953 498642

Version 3: Nov. 2008
Due for Review: Sept. 2009

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