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					Introduction excel Graphic Designs

The Excel Graphic Designs team believes that a good first impression, followed by accurate
information to satisfy the need of acustomer, is important.

We believe that anexotix, impressive, well detailed and informed website can and should
replace you as the company, making the same impact as if you were personally there.

Well designed business cards and letterheads are also key items for
the image of your company, which at his turn can ensure that
your company is easily recognized by your logo and slogan.

Excel Graphic Designs aims to exceed random expectations, using modern and fine
patterns to describe and identify your company the best. Experience
 the next level in website and the way your company is exposed to the world!

Services our company offers are:
-Build custom and design website
-Custom e-mails
-Design logos
-create businesscards, letterheads and brochures

We are aware of the broad definition of the concept virtual marketing, wich also
can bring some difficulties during it's process. therefore, we listed below

Other services we offer:
-Pc assemble, repair and upgrade
-Outlook configuration
-Wireless internet setup(WIFI)
-Internet live streaming
-Pc recovery and data backup
-Software installation
-Clean Windows/MacOS install
-Video Editing
-Network setup
-Data recovery

Excel Graphic Designs, located on the marvellous
island of curaçao, was founded the 28th of April
of 2009. Our existence is recent, yet our staff
owns the rightskills on several areas, to cohesively offer you the quality you deserve and

Despite of the fact that there are countless Graphic Design companies on Curaçao ant the
caribbean itself, the team of Excel Graphic Designs aims to be different. This team
consisting of young proffesionals with an energetic and disciplined spirit, wants to create a
new dimension in the way companies are represented nowadays.

The definition of Graphic Design is broad and we achieve to fulfil its
meaning by bringing you as our client the exceptional, the best.