Introduction to Waterflooding

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					                                            Introduction to Waterflooding
                                      Instructor: Rob Lavoie and Brian Weatherill

Geologists, reservoir and Production engineers, technologists and technicians who are involved in planning, monitoring or
optimizing oilfield waterfloods.

This is a practical course designed to provide an understanding of the waterflood recovery process; how to estimate expected
recoveries and design a new flood, how to monitor and modify existing waterfloods and predict actual recoveries.

   1. Review of Geological Model, Rock and Fluid Properties, Primary Recovery Drives.
   2. Waterflood Displacement Mechanisms, Fractional Flow Equation, Welge Recovery Method, Segregated
       Flow Recovery
   3. Stratified Reservoirs Dykstra Parsons Permeability Variance, Stiles Method, Pseudo-Relative Permeability
   4. Areal Sweep Efficiencies, Dyes and Caudle, Craig, Geffen and Morse
   5. Waterflood Candidate Screening
   6. Pilot Waterfloods
   7. Injectivity Estimates, Pressure Fall-Off Tests
   8. Water Quality and Operational Considerations
   9. Analysis of Mature Waterfloods
   10. A Case study

Rob Lavoie, B. SC Eng., is a Reservoir Engineering Associate with APA Petroleum Engineering and has more than 20 years of
oilfield experience. After 10years with Shell Canada, Rob spent four years working on NOVA’s new gas supply analysis system.
He has extensive experience with EOR feasibility and forecasting, and economic analysis methods, with respect to gas.

Brian Weatherill, P. Eng., is a Petroleum Engineering Specialist with APA Petroleum Engineering and has more than 30 years
of oilfield experience. Prior to becoming a consultant in 1998, Brian worked for Shell Canada for over 20 years obtaining
extensive experience in petroleum engineering, enhanced oil recovery, petroleum technology management and project
management. Brian has also managed well stimulation operations for a privately owned Canadian company.