Quarterly Report of Session 3Q09

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					                        Quarterly Report of Session
                            3rd Quarter, 2009
The Session of Mandarin Presbyterian meets the 4th Monday of each month, excluding
July. Third Quarter Session meetings were held on the following dates:
           o August 24, 2009
           o September 28, 2009

Membership Information
There were 3 baptisms at MPC during 3rd quarter.

7/6/09        Lila Bell
7/28/09       John Eerenberg
8/10/09       Bob Walter
8/30/09       Barbara Anderson
9/16/09       Earl Huffingham
9/24/09       Gordon Millard

Funerals & Memorial Services:
7//31/09    Memorial service for John Eerenberg
8/13/09     Memorial service for Edith Bearden (non-member)
9/3/09      Memorial service for Barbara Anderson
9/19/09     Funeral for Earl Huffingham

New Members:
In October, the Session met with and received 10 new members.

Session Meeting Invited Guests:
        The Session invited Mellanie Henderson, Preschool Director, and Debra
         McElreath, Assistant Preschool Director, to discuss their ministry in Mandarin
         Presbyterian Preschool. They reviewed activities in the Preschool and the
         Session prayed for them, their lives and their ministry. The Session
         recommended including more information about the preschool in weekly
         bulletins, to further integrate MPP into the life of the church.

Summary of the Consent Agenda and Action Agenda items during the 2nd Quarter:
         Additional meetings on Acts 16:5 Initiative for MPC, as recommended by
    o Acts 16:5 is a Senior Pastor selected and led group that provides
        congregations a way to engage in a deliberate process of
    o Acts 16:5 is a 3 year process with the aim to assist a congregation in
        the following areas:
             Designing ministry appropriate to the specific needs of the
             Ways to review and to affirm each congregation’s past and
                present ministries while simultaneously designing a ministry
                for the future
             Guidance and support in the process of congregational change
                and transition
   Approved Boy Scout Troop 321 to sell greenery as a fundraiser again this
   Received the report on the July 11 Summer Stated Meeting of Presbytery,
    concerning new perspectives on Stewardship within congregations.
   Reviewed updates on the Capital Improvement Fund available funds. By
    the end of September $95,500 had been raised to cover the cost of painting
    and caulking at the West Campus sanctuary building and replacing the
    roof at the East campus administrative offices, classrooms and preschool.
   By August 31 the painting at West Campus was complete, at a cost of
    $36,400. In September, all estimates had been received for the roof
    project and a contractor will be selected in October. The low end of the
    bids was approximately $56,000. The Capital Improvement Fund has
    sufficient funds to cover both of these projects.
   Approved a staff Social Networking Policy, concerning the staff’s use of
    social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. It was recommended
    that each staff employee be asked to sign a copy of this policy for
    inclusion in their personnel files.
   Reviewed staff personnel changes: Sue Keefe resigned as Nursery
    Coordinator and Brooks Stapleton has accepted this part-time position.
    Keri Pound has resigned as Interim High School Director. Debra
    McElreath accepted the position of Assistant Preschool Director.
   Commended the High School Director Search Committee on their
    selection of Mike Mason as the new High School Director, effective
    September 1.
   Approved the Mandarin Presbyterian Preschool budget for the 2009-2010
    school year, as recommended by the Finance Team.
   Approved the Small Group Connection team’s request to put cards in the
    pews to allow people an opportunity to express interest in studies, classes
    and small groups.
   In September, welcomed Rev. Kevin Pound back from his sabbatical and
    heard his report on his time away.
   Approved replacement of the sanctuary amplifiers at the West Campus,
    damaged in a fire on September 19, totaling over $11,000.
             Elected Elder Commissioner Frances Berry to attend the Fall Stated
              Meeting of Presbytery on October 20 at Camp Montgomery. Katie
              Dayton, who has been under care of Session, will be presented as a
              Candidate at this meeting.
             Received a report from the committee reviewing future building expansion
             Approved the creation of a Worship Review Committee, to review all
              aspects of worship, including music, format, and worship times.
              Appointed Clerk of Session Craig Henderson as chair of this committee;
              members are to include Kevin Pound and Bill Vasko, as well as other
              church members.
             Reviewed finance reports and financial standing of the church as of the
              end of July and end of August.
             Approved Advent in October event for October 11
             Approved youth staff and leaders to attend Youth Specialties Conference
              in Atlanta, November 20 – 23.
             Approved High School Ski Trip to Winterplace, WV, February 12 – 15,
             Approved Middle School trip to Daytona, April 23 – 25, 2010
             Approved High School Mission trip to Costa Rica, July 7 – 14, 2010, with
              a maximum of 30 participants.

Session Updates:
   • MPC’s per capita apportionment due to Presbytery for 2010 will be $10,159.80,
       based on reported active membership of 1652 as of 12/31/08.
   • Jenn Arnold reported that the Stepping Stones program of faith-based education
       will begin its second year on August 23.
   • MPC’s first Family Camp will be held on Labor Day weekend, with
       approximately 16 families in attendance for the weekend and more coming on

Current Session Members – Classes of 2009 - 2011:
      Craig Henderson, Clerk of Session                  Bev Hawkins
      Vic Halbach, Associate Clerk of Session            Linda Mabe
      Bryan Benton                                       David Middleton
      Frances Berry                                      Mark Momberg
      John Crowell                                       Joe Perry
      Bob Gillander                                      Mack Reifers