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                                                       How To Build Trust On Ebay
                                                           By Donald Mckenzie Jr

    EBay is the largest auction website on earth. It is not very easy, both as a seller and buyer, to build
trust very quickly. Here are a few tips to help you attract more potential buyers to your auction.

1) Can you trust the seller? This is a question that all your serious auction visitors will quickly ask
themselves. As they do not know you they are going to want to check you out. But how will they do
this? The first thing they would look for is your feedback rating. Feedback is a way eBay allows buyers
and sellers to rate their experiences with each other. If you have a stellar feedback rating your visitor
will feel you are trustworthy. Your goal should be to increase your auction feedback and keep it

Another way a visitor will check to see if you are trustworthy is to click over to your about me page.
This is a page you can create in your eBay account for free. It allows you to give your potential bidders
some background information about you and your business.

You can also include your feedback and other listed auctions on this page as well. This is where you
have a chance to tell your potential bidder about yourself and your business, why they should buy from
you. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of this and create it in your eBay account.

2) What methods can I use to pay? The more options you have for payment the more visitors will
become bidders. There are many methods of payment. Pay Pal is an eBay company so having a Pay
Pal payment button on your auction is an easy and cost effective way to include on your auction sales
page. Besides Pay Pal, you may want to consider excepting other payment options such as e-checks,
bid pay, western union, or even a cashier's check.

3) Is there a specific guarantee?

You always need some sort of guarantee for your product. It helps to show your visitor that you are a
trustworthy business person. Keep in mind that your buyer assumes most of the risk here. They are
buying from someone that they have never met. They are paying for a product that they have not yet
received. A guarantee that is appropriate for your product or service will help your visitor become a
potential bidder.

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4) Can you trust the delivery options? Always disclose how your product or service is delivered with
the charge. Whether you are sending it through the postal service or another service, your bidder will
want to know how they should expect to receive the item. You can usually approximate deliver time
and cost based on information you obtain from your personal post office.

5) Is the product worth even your money?

Many times on eBay, sellers will provide a picture and a short description. This is one of the most
important aspects of the process. Lazy and inexperienced sellers will use pictures from the
manufacturer's website. This is not very good because the product can be old and broken, but you will
not know.

Always keep in mind that building trust on eBay is the most important key to making a sale or buying
products. It is just a simple fact that the more trust you build equals the more possible sales you can
make. As long as you build trust with your visitors, you will succeed without a doubt.

Copyright 2007 Donald Mckenzie Jr

Donald Mckenzie Jr has used ebay for more than 6 years. For access to more of his popular eBay
articles and e-books, visit his website.

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                              How To Make Money Selling On eBay - Ebay Selling Tips
                                                                  By Rick Lee

A lot of people would like to know how to make money selling on ebay but don’t know how to start or
even what to sell. Meanwhile, there are some who ventured off to eBay but don’t really know the flow
of business in eBay hence, they inevitably close shop. Here are some tips that can help you out on

The first tip is to choose what you are going to auction or sell. In eBay, everything is sold from
pajamas, varieties of antiques to cars and even real estate. So if you are going to auction something,
make it unique and hard to find.

You can consider auctioning anything local to your region. In this way, buyers from other places will
have no other way to get the item except from your ebay auction.

Second tip is to minimize your expenses. You can start within your own backyard to think of what you
are going to auction after that you can begin to look at your neighbors’ and see what can be sold. It
goes without saying that you have a cut of profit in every good that you have sold for your neighbor.

Third tip is to think of a great title. Make your title straightforward. This makes it easier for buyers to
understand what you are selling. If you are selling a product or household item, make sure to include
the product name and model in your title since most ebay members use the search function on ebay to
find what they want.

Another great tip is to build trust. Whenever you setup a business, you are always under the watchful
eye of your buyers or customers. If you offer quality goods, word will always go around that your
products are reliable and you are trustworthy.

On ebay, this is quite easily seen with the ebay feedback system.This will result in a good following or
customer base.

Remember buyers or customers are the lifeblood of your business. Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt you at all if
you apply these tips to your eBay business.

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