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                                              How Do You Backup Computer Software?
                                                                      By Amy Nutt

  In today's world, most people own at least one computer at which they spend a great deal of
personal and working time. By doing so, they are generating a lot of important data and using often
expensive programs to perform various tasks. So what happens when the computer hard drive, the
part of the computer that stores all this data and the programs, decides to "crash" or quit working? That
can be very devastating to the computer owner when it happens, as you may have guessed already.

 What precautions can a computer user take to avoid losing all of their important data and software in
the off-chance that their system goes down? Computer professionals recommend that users regularly
back up their data to an outside source. This can be to a portable digital device like a disk, a flash drive
or a website designed specially for storing data securely. Likewise, software can be backed up as well
and here are some suggestions on how to best go about doing this periodically.

Keep a spare hard-drive

 Some computers, including laptops, come with removable hard drives that can be exchanged with
other removable hard drives. This can be especially convenient when you have to travel away from
your business computer and need to carry with you all of your computer contents. But this can also be
very useful when you back up your computer software and other large files that will probably be too
large for a simple disk file or flash drive. Using the default windows backup process that your computer
came with, you can install backups onto the removable hard drive and then keep it in a safe place just
in case you ever need to restore these files to your exiting or another computer.

Utilize a backup software

 There are several reliable software products out there on the market that can make a copy of any
software applications you are using on your computer, plus any files and store them securely on an
outside and secure, web-based server. The software essentially makes a carbon copy of your entire
hard drive that can be accessed if needed. This is less expensive than buying an actual backup hard
drive as well. This type of software is often referred to as "PC Recovery" software. Be sure to review
the different types available before settling on one that will work for you.

Company servers

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 If you are using a computer at your employers, chances are it is already connected to a central server.
Any programs you download will also be copied to that server, including any files or work you process
on your computer. In the case of a system crash, the IT administrators for your company can pull up
your data and software and restore it to your new or repaired computer easily.

 It is always a good idea to get in the habit of backing up your data on a regular basis. Use your
windows operating system backup function to do this or follow the instructions set forth by your
company IT department.

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                                                   What is a Backup Software?
                                                        By MS Sarfaraz Khan

For sure you have been using your computer for saving and storing important files that may bee too
important for you and for your business. If you have been using a personal computer for quite some
time and you still have not encountered problems regarding possible data loss, you are lucky.
However, you are not really spared from that problem. That is why you should invest in backup
software. You would not resent spending a little amount of time, effort and money into installing a copy
of that computer program into your PC.

 So, you are keeping important files on a disk of your computer. Are you not concerned that the data
may be lost? Important information you are keeping may be a matter of life and death for you and your
company. That is the main reason why it is important that you invest in backup software.

 What is backup software? To begin with, this special computer program is designed and made to help
users secure the data and all other important files in their computer systems. Technology has brought
the advent of computers. That technology has overseen the possible setbacks and risks that
computers may have. For quite some time, users have always known the risks of data losses that are
why there have been enough businesses that have significantly invested in developing and selling
such products. Backup software can really be the most important invention made by mankind.

 The backup software is a potent and effective tool to help you curtail and prevent several stressful
situations that you may not want to experience. Look at several stressful instances when backup
software can really help save the day. Example, imagine this, you are writing your thesis paper on your
PC. You just went to the kitchen to get a drink of water but when you came back, the machine
automatically rebooted itself. Worse, when you try to restart the PC and it just won’t reboot. You need
to take the PC to a professional for a reformat. You would inevitably lose your file. You should install
backup software into your computer, no matter what.

 Like all other products, related to computers or not, there are good and bad backup software. Because
there are many entrants and players in the market, you would find that some companies have not
really made it good to develop and come up with such computer programs. Thus, it would be really
helpful if you would have the idea and knowledge about the main and basic features of good backup
software. As you strive to find a good and effective one for you, try to look at the market and scout for
this one striking good feature.

 The backup software is able to look for and retrieve trashed email and even deleted email
attachments. In Australia, for instance, there was a celebrated legal case in 2006 regarding the
deletion of important emails. The case ran because a company could not find evidences regarding the
misdemeanours and inappropriate conduct of executives. Evidence was in emails but the problem was
that those mails were already deleted. If the company only invested in a disk data recovery program,
there would not be any problem.

 Aside from that, the backup software should also be able to retrieve all lost data from computer
crashes, virus attacks and other security problems.

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