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                                    Handbags And Purses In Animal Print And Designs
                                                             By Linda Polansky

   For many us, our pets like our dogs, cats and the like play an important role in our lives. They have
a very special place in our hearts and we even treat them as members of our family. For those of you
who are into animals you can find a lot of merchandise including handbags and purses in a variety of
animal designs, shapes and prints. These items could serve as perfect gifts for people who love
animals in general or who are just fond of unique styles and designs. Your recipient will truly appreciate
your thoughtfulness as well as how adorable and cute these bags are.

When shopping for these unique gift items, you will find many of them in department stores, specialty
shops and even online. You will find the choices to be overwhelming ranging from simple totes in
animal print like that of a Dalmatian or Cheetah print to wallets and purses printed with pictures of cats,
dogs, bears and other animals. You will even find bags in different animal shapes or those embellished
with animal designs whether it is embroidered or decorated with beads. You will be amazed and
surprised with the often crazy and sometimes unusual and whimsical designs being thought of by the
people who may have designed these items. Still, you will definitely be assured of standing out from
amongst the crowd with these unique purses, totes, handbags and wallets. There are even numerous
online stores that offer custom made handbags with you as the designer making the decisions on what
design and specifications go into the making of your bag.

These also serve as great gifts for kids aside from being unique gift items for adults. Children will
marvel at these bags, purses and wallets that have a dual function. They can be a bag to store their
personal belongings as well as a cuddly stuff toy that they will definitely love to take along with them
where ever they may go.

More than being a novelty or collectible merchandise, it is still very important to look for items that are
made of good quality, are long lasting and durable like leather for example. Let your imagination run
wild when you choose these merchandises as gifts. I'm pretty sure that you will not only enjoy
shopping for it but it will definitely bring a smile to anyone who will be receiving such a special and
exceptional gift.

Linda Polansky writes about http://www.womenfashionapparel.com

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                                               Trendy Designer Inspired Purses
                                                         By Danielle Robins

Trendy Designer Inspired Purses For Each Occasion

What are designer inspired purses? Designer inspired purses are purses that are designed after the
designs of popular designs of famous designers. These are almost similar in design and their quality
too is good. The reason why designer inspired purses are popular is their low price. Women love to
carry designer purses but cannot afford them due to their high price tags. Designer inspired purses
give them a low cost alternative to enhance an evening dress worn at a special occasion.

Designer handbags come in exciting themes and unique designs. Each designer has his own style and
creative ideas that are reflected in their designer handbags. Designer handbags are matchless in
quality and are highly priced. Therefore beware of fake replicas if you are too particular about buying
original designer handbags. Some designer handbags brands are Gucci, Balenciagas, Louis Vuittons,
Fendi, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Couture, Coach, DKNY, Kenneth Cole and more.

Designer inspired purses @ ConsignAndSell.com

Selecting the right designer inspired purses for your dress suiting the occasion would leave every eye
stuck on you. A purse carried elegantly with a special dress can make you look even more dazzling
and stylish.

ConsignAndSell is one of the prime purse wholesalers offering affordable designer inspired purses.
Our designer handbags fascinate women of all age groups. Our aim is to sell quality and reliable trendy
handbags that are worth your money.We offer designer inspired purses that are matchless in quality
and cost. They are made of superior quality fabric that provides resistance to abrasions. Some of the
best seller designer inspired purses include

    * Large Lace Up Shoulder Bag     * Oval Ring Hobo     * Snakeskin Lace-up tote               *
Whiskey Brown Paddington Tote Medium      * White Spy Bag Medium

The return and exchange policy of ConsignAndSell makes it a reliable source for purchasing designer
inspired purses. Purses sold at ConsignAndSell can be returned within 30 days of their purchase.
Customers are required to mail in the new, unused purses with the original tags intact as no refunds
are made for the used commodities. ConsignAndSell is one of the best purse wholesalers as we
update our inventory according to the changing trends.

Danielle Robbins is a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and a contributor
to http://www.consignandsell.com and http://www.pursesandshades.com

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