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                                    Goodbye Webcams, Hello Wireless Internet Camera
                                                            By Nahshon Roberts

   Now more than ever would be the best time to throw out your old webcams and bulky surveillance
cameras. With the wireless Internet camera, you'll get everything you might ever want and need from a
surveillance camera.

The newly released wireless Internet camera just might be the best thing ever developed in the
security surveillance world - at least, until its makers come up with something better. This device looks
like a typical webcam, but don't let it fool you. This small contraption is one mean machine that boasts
of quite a number of impressive features.

Wireless Connectivity

For starters, it offers wireless connectivity. You can place it anywhere you please without having to
worry about cables and wires. It's a foolproof device that even your seven-year-old kid can mount. All
you have to do is choose the perfect spot for the cam, and hang it up. It's that easy.

Built In Web-browser

With it's built in web-browser, surveillance is made accessible, even if you're halfway across the world.
Let's say you're on a business trip in Hawaii and you want to check up on your son at home. You
simply hook up to the Internet, log on to the program, and presto! You get clear, crisp images of your
son religiously doing his homework or partying it hard with his buddies. What's more is that the
wireless Internet camera gives you none of those jerky 10 to 25 frames per second that you're
probably used to with your webcam. Instead, you get 30 frames per second of full fluid motion with
zero interruption.

Motion Sensor and Email Notification

Another great thing about this device is its smart motion sensor and email notification. Let's say you
hung it up on you front door and something or someone moves by. The motion sensor will scan the
area, take a short image of whatever is movement, and it will automatically email you the clip. You can
input three other receivers to receive the email. So when you're away from your computer, you can be
sure that somebody gets it.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

Timed Imaging

Most wireless Internet cameras come equipped with timed imaging. This allows you to program the
software to periodically take video clips, like every 15 or 30 minutes, and have these clips forwarded to
your email. This tells you what goes on in your house all throughout the day. It's perfect for keeping an
eye on you kids or monitoring the household help.

Audio and Microphone Input

One other big thing about the wireless Internet camera - it comes with built in audio. You not only see
what's happening in your homes, you also hear everything, just like watching TV! If the audio's not
good enough, that won't be a problem. Most wireless Internet cameras have microphone input which
allows you to plug in a little condenser microphone and place it where the action really is.

Ethernet Port

These cams also come with Ethernet ports. So if you need a little more speed or if you want to install
another wireless Internet cam to another part of your home, all you need are a few wires. The cam also
allows multiple user interface for up to ten people. So you can have ten people online at the same time
looking at the live clips.

With all these innovative features, what more could you want or need? It's like upgrading your entire
surveillance system, minus the wires, bulk, and inconvenience.

Tired of your old webcams? Upgrade your security system. Get a wireless Internet camera ( that's got everything you could ever
want from CCTV security ( or a
hidden surv

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      America Home Owners Insurance - You Can Save Around Twenty Percent With A Home
                                       Security Setup
                                                             By Dermot OCondell

Private security camera systems are turning increasingly common place as price plus availability
proceed to improve. Home owners and businesses can benefit from employing these systems. Home
owners buy house security camera systems for several reasons. Safety is one of them. Supervising the
safety of family members, specially little children plus elderly members, the safety of cats and dogs and
the security of private property give house holders serious reasons to install home security camera

Security Systems for the supervising of cats and dogs and little children are quite easy and cheap to fit
as only a small area needs to be checked. E.g., watching the nursery or the pen where a cat or dog
passes time when house holders are away may be done with a laptop and a camera that cost under

Moms and Dads can quickly see when and how well a child is dozing off, what kind of attention the
child experiences once waken plus what kind of daily timetable is being observed.

Cat or Dog lovers will be able to look in on their pets, watching movements and demeanor and know
immediately if a cat or dog becomes poorly or is hurt someway.

Grown ups can utilize a house security camera set-up to keep an eye on older moms and dads who
wish to live in their own home and preserve as much independence as possible still could easily
sustain an collapse or health issues.

Home owners employing a house security camera set-up will be able to add a layer of protection
regarding private property while saving almost 20 % on American homeowners insurance.

Start-up shopkeepers may benefit in several ways by employing a house security camera set-up.
Company offices plus public areas can be checked for destruction via mishap, violation or even staff

Security camera systems come in various sizes, ranging from easy to hide to easy to overlook.
Frequently the best house security camera set-up utilises a mixture of sizes and types of camera.
Hidden webcams can be positioned to keep an eye on specific sections of the factory, specially those
controlling delicate info.

Bulkier webcams may be positioned in highly visible places to discourage raids, theft and hooliganism.
Private security cameras come as wireless or wired systems. Wired systems are usually set-up by
contractors or security technicians during the construction of the home or store.

Wireless systems can be set-up anytime after construction and almost anywhere. The wireless
systems are quickly upgraded to include extra webcams for more capabilities.

Nonobligatory plugins for house security cameras consist of motion detectors, smoke detectors, heat
changes detectors and more.

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Monitoring of a house camera set-up may frequently be carried out by cellular phone, notebook, plus
additional hand held electrical goods also by TV. Home owners may save camera images digitally or
on recording devices for instance a Digital Video Disk or videocassette recorder. Home owners that
wish to do so can join a monitoring service which automatically warns the authorities whenever alarms
are set off.

The purchase of a house camera set-up offers homeowners a means to keep an eye on the security of
those who are dearest to them, their pets and property. Most America homeowners insurance
companies offer discounts of up to 20 percent on houses where a camera set-up is used.

Here is a simple technique to save even extra money on your homeowners insurance. In merely
minutes, you can link up with many insurance brokers who will help you find the perfect, Low-priced
American Home Owner Insurance you need. Just go to and find
yourself the ideal free homeowners insurance quote!

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