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                                     Finding A Search Engine Optimisation Consultant
                                                                By Ben Norman

    Whether you've decided to invest in an online component to your business or you've been looking
up ways to get traffic on your existing site up, there are plenty of options that are open to you in terms
of search engine optimization. One thing that you have to keep in mind, however, is that search
engines have gotten "smarter," or at least the people who have been programming them have. The
same tactics that earlier web designers could use to bring traffic to their sites are no longer valid, and if
you want your site to remain at the top of the search list, you will need to employ increasingly original
tactics. One strategy used by more and more online businesses is employing search engine
optimization consultants otherwise known as SEO consultants.

A seo consultant will be able to help you modify your site in a way that is very attractive to search
engines, bringing your more business. He or she will also ensure that the traffic that comes to your site
is more relevant. If your site is optimised for the wrong crowd, you will soon discover that you get
plenty of hits but that your sales and your contacts list will not go up at all.

There are many ways to find a search engine optimization consultant online. Because so much of their
business is conducted over the internet, you may have the option of purchasing the expertise of
someone in an entirely different country. With this in mind, it becomes extremely important to check out
their credentials and their testimonials. While many of them will have testimonial pages, you should
also check to see if they have some third-party reviews that attest to their expertise. If you have any
friends who have employed one, ask them; word of mouth is generally a good way to get information
on good people who provide reliable services.

One way to find a search engine consultant is to go to a site where they are recommended. Before you
decide which one you want to go with, keep in mind that some of them will optimize your site through
methods which are not necessarily beneficial to you. Be aware that some sites will hire people to go to
your site and drive the traffic up. Ask about how they intend to do what they promise, what kind of
changes they want to make to your site and where those hits they are promising are coming from!
Make sure that they are not using techniques like hidden text and links to drive up your business; while
giving your more traffic, this is an inherently dishonest and, at the end of the day, a futile attempt at
getting better business.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

Essentially, finding an SEO consultant is just like entering into any other business arrangement. You
will want to look for someone who has experience, good references and who you feel that you can
trust. Ask if they have any references you could contact, or at least an example of some of their work.

When you are looking for a good search engine optimization consultant, remember that they are going
to be affecting the way that you present to your customers, so make sure that you pick someone who
will take your business seriously!

Ben Norman is a UK based SEO Consultant (, published author and
specialist in organic search engine optimization. Ben works with a wide range of businesses helping
them to make more money from utilizing the search engines natural listings.

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                            Building An Optimised Web Site That People Will Stay On
                                                        By Mr John Seatree

 You may think that search engine optimised websites are going to basically be websites that are
poorly written, difficult to read, unnatural sounding and full of content that isn't very useful. True, there
are a lot of websites like that out there, but if you are looking to get your website search engine
optimized, you do have a choice to make it totally readable and totally accessible to your customers.
Here is what you have to keep in mind to get a search engine optimised website that is still going to be
attractive to customers.

You may not know this, but search engine optimisation is totally customizable, and you can do it to
different levels. You can have your whole site fully optimised or you can choose to just do a partial
optimisation. Sure, a full optimisation is going to give you better results, but doing something is
definitely better than doing nothing.

If you are really concerned about the way your text is going to sound if it's optimised, you may want to
start out with a partial optimisation, which is just going to fix the side of your website that most people
don't look at. It is going to change the HTML tags and descriptions that usually fly under the radar for
most web surfers. In fact, you can get a partial search engine optimization done to your website
without even changing a word in the text of your website.

If you are worried about how your website is going to sound and think that it is going to be unnatural to
have the keywords spaced at a specific interval or to have them repeated over and over again, you
may want to talk with a good firm.

An SEO firm is going to be able to make everything on your website sound as natural as possible, but
at the same time get visible results. Plus, an SEO firm is going to give you enough keywords to use
which means that you will have variety in your text and readers won't even know what hit them
because it will still sound natural.

Another thing that people worry about is that their websites are just going to be filled with words, and
any content that they had already written is just going to be thrown away by their search engine
optimisation firm.

Sure, you have probably seen these websites that are just filled with keywords and links, and have
absolutely no information on them, but you may not know that these websites are used primarily to
make fast money, not to sell a product or service. If you want a good business website, you are going
to have to sell your product or business or service, not just sell ad space.

It is possible to get a search engine optimised website that is easy on your shoppers' eyes. In fact, it is
going to be essential to get one of these websites if you want to succeed. There is a lot of competition
out there, so search engine optimisation services are absolutely crucial if you want to gain in the
search engine rankings. Getting your website higher in the search engine rankings is going to really be
important for business owners, and is something that you want to prioritize when starting a new

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