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Family Cell Phone Plans


									                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                      Family Cell Phone Plans
                                                           By Daniel Stouffer

    A growing family brings two concerns to the head of the clan - whether it is possible to fit everything
into a budget and of course concerns about the family's safety. When it comes to communication, both
these concerns can be set aside especially if your entire household adopts a family cell phone plan.

These plans can be very cost effective and are ideal for family members. From a safety perspective,
make sure that children can always keep in touch with you and can access emergency communication
services if needs be.

Each family member may customize the available features within a flexible family cell phone plan.
Each and every individual has a different set of needs - while one might not use text messaging at all
another might constantly be tapping away. Another may just use the phone for the bare essentials,
whilst another needs constant access to the Internet.

One of the beauties of a family cell phone plan is that you don't have to divide the number of available
minutes equally between every member. Additionally, most plans will allow you to talk freely between
you during weekends and evenings - Remember that weekends can be an extremely busy time
especially as your kids start using their cell phones too.

While family members can call each other for absolutely free, it won't eat into your time allowance too.
Furthermore, a number of providers allow you to talk freely with other people on the same network
using a mobile to mobile feature, at no additional charge.

Additional lines may be added to your family cell phone plan for a nominal fee, and this is a very
popular feature. You can normally add a member of your family for as little as $10 per person and this
saving could certainly add up. For example, four people purchasing cell phone plans individually could
easily pay $40 or more per person if not enrolled in the family plan.

When it comes time to reconcile expenses at the end of the month all of your family cell phone usage
will be contained with one bill. When you have a close look at your bill, you might find one member
using the phone a wee bit more than the others - for instance, calling a childhood friend - and you
might consider having a few words with him or her!

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                                       Presented by Daniel Toriola

You will see less stress as a result of personal safety issues if you know that each and every member
of your family is linked. With a family cell phone plan, you can consolidate your usage and also make
quite a bit of saving simultaneously.

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                                                           Cell Phones Prepaid
                                                              By Chuck Stone

That is right are you tired of paying monthly cell phone bills or maybe even going over your minutes
plan? Well if so then I totally understand how expensive it can be to constantly have to pay overage
charges on your minutes. Maybe you have children or kids going off to college and you want them to
keep in touch with you; however you do not want to get stuck paying high cell phone bills. Well then
cell phones prepaid is the way to go.

With Cell phones prepaid; all you do is buy a package of how many minutes you want and when those
minutes run out you can easily reload the time onto your phone. It is simple and yet affordable for
anyone who is looking to add a mobile phone to their home; without having to make anymore monthly

With prepaid cell phone plans all you do is pay for the airtime minutes that you use while you are
actually making calls. This pay-as-you-go cell phones prepaid plans work great for anyone who does
not use their phone too often or want to provide their teenagers with a phone for emergencies; yet want
to stay within a budget and not pay huge monthly bills. These plans can be very effective for people;
especially if they can not figure out how much the taxes and surcharges will amount to on a monthly bill
which is almost everyone.

Cell phones prepaid plans are actually very popular; especially if you do not plan on using your phone
for anything except to keep in touch with family members or for an emergency. In my personal opinion
everyone should definitely have a cell phone; after all with todays modern technology it is easy to
purchase a phone that you want to use and then when the minutes run out; easily upload more

If you find yourself using your phone quite a bit during the month; then cell phones prepaid may not be
the best option. However there are many plans available that will enable you to talk as often as you
like. There are even family plans that will enable you to talk to anyone in your family without using any
of your minutes in your plan. Companies like Altell, AT&T among several others will provide excellent
family plans that may fit into your budget.

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available for anyone.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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