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									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                       Discover the New Tricks With Windows Vista
                                                               By Jon Caldwell

   Looking through the Windows Start menu could give you a headache if you have dozens of
applications installed on your computer and you go from one arrow to the next looking for that elusive
program. Vista Start Menu makes it easier to find what you need. Users have been impressed with the
interface, which is better than the regular Windows menu. Program shortcuts don’t move around.
There is keyboard support and zoom, resizing and tabs, power buttons and scrolling. Plus, new
programs are highlighted so you find where they are. The Pro version has additional menu
customization and one-click launch, which reminds you of the days when Windows was actually

 You can get almost anything free online these days, including these impressive 3D software that give
an added dimension to your screen or artwork.

 DAZ Studio from DAZ 3D is more stable than its previous releases. It features Lip-Sync to
integrate sound files from Mimic. It also provides the new Smoothing Angle and the added your favorite
tools to the morph panel.

 Blender Foundation’s open-source Blender 2.46 gives you all the tools you need to become a 3D
animator. Like DAZ Studio above, this is a bug-fixing release, with added features such as cloth and fur
simulation, shading, glossy reflection and refraction, soft shadows, improved rendering features,
amongst others.

 If you want to create images but Photoshop does not appeal to you and you find traditional art
materials are too expensive and messy, your prayers have been answered. ArtRage 2.5 from New
Zealand-based Ambient Design is a elegant little package that gives you the tools for painting on your
computer. With realistic-looking painting tools, you can create and print as you please. The free Starter
Edition has eight painting tools including oil, pencil, and felt pen. You can also trace existing images
with ease. The Full version has four additional paint tools, layers, metallic paint, and many other
additional features for $25. It also has stencils and rulers to help you with lines and curves. The
interface has been improved and support for Photoshop PSD has been added, as well as for importing
and exporting capabilities for other image formats. See what millions of users have been raving about

The RussianEditor
A Russian Windows Notepad like editor for western Windows.
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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Can one software bundle answer all your security needs? From the looks of the new PC Tools Internet
Security, it can. The entire tried-and-tested PC Tools anti-spyware, anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall
protection has been bundled to find and eleminate Trojans, worms, keyloggers and protexts agains
phishing, tracking threats, identity theft, and other malicious attacks online. It includes the celebrated
Spyware Doctor, which has won awards from respected publications in the industry. PC Tools Internet
Security updates automatically to keep you abreast of the latest threats. It is user-friendly for novices
and experts alike, and has free support.

 Award-winning Access Manager is the software that makes keeping all your passwords safe in one
place a breeze. Your email, website and logon passwords, bank numbers, PIN numbers, and other
codes will be secured using a master password and strong dual encryption technology. You can store
as many passwords as you like, drag and drop or copy them, or automatically generate them. Link to
files, folders or websites, import codes, share or keep them private. Access Manager makes searching
for passwords and categorizing them simple and convenient. It comes as a free download, with a
Professional edition for $24.95.

Jon Caldwell is a professional content manager. Much of his articles can be found at

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                 Why Switch to Windows Vista
                                                               By M Aslam

In addition to hype there are some tangible reasons to upgrade and or switch over to Windows Vista. I
can recount only some of them.

Start from the appearance. Windows Vista looks different; window, desktop, start button, start menu,
taskbar, everything has a new look. Window in Windows Vista looks somewhat similar to that of in Mac
OSX. Minimize, maximize and the close buttons seem new. The windows can be made to appear in
translucent, 3D modes, if the new Aero is applied. The start button has been modified to give a new
look and the word
"start" is gone. Instead new Windows logo appears in start button. Start menu and wallpapers are also
new. The desktop contains a side bar, which shows a clock, and some of the widgets.

Windows Vista provides high level of security measures. Windows Vista that comes with Internet
Explorer which is version 7.0 provides a higher degree of security to the system, as well as, the
operating system environment. It includes phasing filter to provide higher
security while surfing the net. Protection against spamming is also provided. The other security
measures include tools such as Windows defender, advanced firewall, Encryption/Decryption of data,
support for NTFS partitions, auto backup. The Windows Defender is a program which blocks
suspicious programs which tries to do some illegal
activity in the computer system. Also users can control kids by using parental controls in Windows
Vista. Parents can now deny access to certain programs especially, the games. At the same time the
Windows Media Player 11 enhances video, audio quality when playing sound, music, videos.

One of my favorite features in Windows Vista is search results. Users can have a new and improved
search experience in Vista; they can manage images more efficiently with inbuilt Photo Gallery and a
lot more.

So what is your choice?

Visit to learn about Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Vista System
requirements .

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