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                                                        Creating A Successful Blog
                                                               By Liz Tomey Bing

    It is almost a necessity for an online business owner to have a blog these days. There are all types
of blogs out there: informative blogs, personal blogs, and marketing jobs, to name a few. Now
businesses have to compete using these blogs to receive a higher ranking in the search engines.

In order to have a successful blog, you will need to insure that it is well-written. You will also have to
check to make sure it is designed well and that you can update it frequently and regularly. You need to
take the time to research and know your audience before you start so you can be sure to target them

But what if you are not trying to start a blog for business purposes? How can you create a blog that is
successful if you just want to have a blog? There are some tips you can apply to help insure that your
blog will do well.

First of all, select your topic. Since you aren't using your blog for marketing your product, you can write
about anything that appeals to you. You can use a blog as your own personal online journal or you can
use it as your forum to comment on the news. Just be sure to choose something you are passionate
about, something that you know well, and something that will allow you a chance to show the world the
real you with all your talents, knowledge, and ideas.

Secondly, write your blog as if you were conversing with a friend. Make your writing conversational and
free from a lot of technical jargon, unless you are directing it only towards a very specific readership.
Post frequently because having more content on your blog will help more people to find it through
search engines.

Use your blog to get your opinions out to the world. You are not moderated and you are free to express
yourself in whatever way you choose. However, do not use your blog to insult people or try to damage
businesses or organizations.

Be wise in the decisions you make regarding your blog usage. Remember that you are influencing
people's views and they will be evaluating your credibility. If you are offensive, you may lose

Finally, take time to promote your blog. Don't be afraid to keep the URL for your blog in the signature

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

line of your emails. You never know when an email might cross the path of someone who might be
interested in what you have to say.

If you publish a newsletter, be sure to promote it there as well. Finally, you can join blog directories and
post the link there or join forums related to your topic and share your link with others.

If you do consider using a blog for business purposes, realize that it needs frequent updating and
good, solid content. Some people consider paying someone to maintain the content aspect of the blog
once it has been created.

Many people make extra money serving as content writers and prove to be beneficial to blog owners.

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                                       Getting Started With Your Blogging Business
                                                    By Larry McCullough

Are you considering starting your own blogging business? If so, you aren't alone! In fact, many people
have found a way to create a handsome income through blog writing, so there is no reason why you
can't do it as well. At the same time, if you are currently working and you are thinking about jumping
into the world of blogging, there are a few steps you should take in order to make certain you make a
smooth transition into the blogging world and that your finances are under control.

Get Your Feet Wet

 Before you turn in your resignation and hit the web, it is a good idea to get your feet wet in the world of
blogging. Spend some time reading some blogs and interacting with blogging communities so you can
get a better idea of how blogs work and how the communities are built. You might also want to guest
blog for some of the more popular blogs or even write blog paid blog posts for someone else so you
can better determine whether or not writing blogs is something you enjoy. Of course, you can certainly
set up a free blog with a site such as blogger and you can get started with your own blog. If you notice
that your blog is generating some interest, you may very well have found a way to leave the rat race
and start a successful home based career.

Monetizing Your Blog

 After you have successfully built up a community with one blog, you might want to start dabbling in
different ways to monetize your blog. Allowing pay-per-click advertisements to be placed on your blog
is one way to monetize your site. You might also want to get involved with affiliate products and look
into selling them through your website. Another option is to sell advertisement space on your blog. In
fact, if your blog becomes popular enough, you will find people coming to you and asking to place their
ads on your blog.

Spreading Your Wings

 If you find that you were able to make one blog a success, you might want to start looking into creating
additional blogs. The key is to make certain you don't overburden yourself by creating more blogs than
you can keep up with while still holding down your job. After all, building a successful blog takes time
and maintaining a successful blog requires making a commitment to add new blog content on a regular
basis. Therefore, you don't want to have so many blogs going that you cannot keep up with them.

 Until you start earning enough income from your blogs, you may have to juggle both your regular 9 to
5 job as well as your blogging business. But, once your blogs take off and you start earning a decent
amount of cash from them, it just may be time to spread your wings and jump into blogging full time!

Larry McCullough has been marketing and writing on the internet for over 10 years. Owner of various
websites. Main site Blog

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