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    Solar energy technologies offer a clean, renewable and domestic energy source. Solar energy technologies are
       poised for significant growth in the 21st century. Solar energy technologies offer a clean, renewable and
                                               domestic energy source.
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                                                            Costs of Solar Energy
                                                                  By Joe Young

   Affordable Solar Energy

 The cost of obtaining solar energy is decreasing. The cost of solar energy systems and the cost of
solar energy panels is more reachable than ever before. Essentially, the cost of solar energy panels is
less in price and produce more electricity. This is only natural to occur seeing the trend of technology.
Things such as the cost of installing solar energy starts off expensive and then gradually drops. The
cost of solar wind generators can be found for less than $800.00, while an the cost of an entire solar
energy system can be purchased for less than $12,000.00.

 There are many prices to think about based on your needs. Whether you are looking for a solar water
heater, solar panels, solar wall heaters ($600-$800.), or generator, price ranges can peak at $4000.00
or less for the heaters, or more based on what you are buying, like the panels which go up with

 The years of the big spenders having the solar energy is pretty much over. Prices of solar energy have
come down to earth so much that even the normal everyday homeowner can get in on it. Residential
solar energy costs are getting lower all the time. You can search many invaluable websites that have
everything from solar panels, to solar wind generators, storage, the entire solar energy system itself.
Some things are pricey, yes, but overall, what I have seen out there is fairly reasonable, and when it is
installed, there is just something very appealing about it that makes the initial upfront cost worth it.

 Costs of solar energy will involve the purchase of solar energy panels which can generate 50-500
watts a piece, the solar energy generator for transforming solar energy into electricity usable by the
homeowners. Solar energy panels can power many things in your home. Think about all your lights,
and their individual wattage. Calculate the watts generated by a solar panel. These are some of the
things you need to think about. A home solar energy system can be explained by a professional, as
they assess your needs. They can further explain all the energy assessments needed fro configuring
your home solar energy system.

 Their are many things you can do to put into practice for saving energy. If you do not ahve a home yet,
pick up some of the energy saving light bulbs that all utility companies offer for free! Leave your AC on
when needed, and program it in cycles when you're not at home. There are appliances, lights,

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computers that can be turned off or on low to conserve energy. When you do get that dream home,
your mindset will be energy saving and hopefully cost savings on solar energy!

 Whatever your decision. do your homework. Study solar energy, its benefits, non-benefits, the pros
and cons. Ask yourself, will it become a necessity in the future? Should I just invest in it now? Do not
jump into it blindly. Remember, knowledge is power. Use it to your advantage.

Written by freelance writer and creator of

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                                   Solar Courses Can Make Your Home More Economical
                                                   By James Copper

Would you love to save thousands of dollars each year on utility costs? Imagine what you could do with
that kind of extra money. What would you do if your utility company contacted you and told you that
they were going to provide your utilities (electricity, heat, hot water) free for one year? Well, whatever
your reaction to that great news would be is what your reaction can be every month if you're using
solar energy for your energy needs. Solar courses will make it easy for you to learn everything you
may need to know to make the switch to solar energy.

 Solar energy is much cheaper, cleaner and better for the environment. While the initial cost of solar
systems may be quite expensive, it's a savings you'll get back through the years. Yes, you'll continue
to save year after year. Many people have heard all the hype about solar energy but don't have
enough information to make informed decisions, or so they feel. This is the reason you'll find so many
solar courses being available. Solar courses can be taken to teach you as little or as much as you feel
you need to learn.

 You can choose to take basic solar courses that just educate you on solar energy and its principles or
you can take complete programs offering degrees and certificates. Many students sign up for simple
solar courses and find them so interesting that they find themselves signing up for more solar courses
and programs. There's a lot that can be learned about solar energy and signing up for solar courses is
the best way to learn.

 Solar courses will give you the many advantages of using solar energy as well as specific methods for
residential as well as commercial use. You'll learn how to put together a solar system as well as ways
to generate energy so it can be converted into electricity. Using solar energy for heating, electricity and
hot water is also covered in solar courses. The main reason why most people chose to take solar
courses is so they can learn to build and install the systems and panels themselves. By doing this, a lot
of money can be saved on installation.

 Saving money and conserving energy should become a family project. Many families sign up for basic
solar courses that their older children can also attend so they can learn ways of conserving energy. It
often makes a big difference when children can actually see numbers and real ways they can
contribute towards saving money. By taking the solar courses as a family, they're going to be much
more interested in solar energy and the solar courses offered. Whether it's on the internet or in your
local public office or school, you'll find many basic solar courses that are very informative and helpful.
Whether you just want to learn more about using solar power or want to learn to install a complete
system, you'll learn a lot in the many solar courses available.

James Copper is a writer for

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