Transient Heat Conduction Rod by klz10308


									                              Transient Heat Conduction Rod

1) Turn on the Fan Power and Heater Enable power switches on the apparatus control box located in
   the front of the unit.
2) Open the LabView program called Heated Rod located in the center of the desktop.
3) Click the run button on the LabView program and set the fan power to 10, which is completely off.
4) Set the heating power to 50% and the Sample Interval should be 10-30 seconds.
5) Set the stop watch to run for 30 minutes and start the run.
6) After 30 minutes, stop the LabView program. Cool the rod for 20 minutes by setting the fan power
   to 0 or full on. Turn the heater off by changing the heating power to 0%. The LabView program will
   need to be running during the cooling cycle, but this data will not be used.
7) Repeat for 75% heat, 75% heat with insulation, and 100% heat.
8) When completely finished, take the insulation off of the rod and turn off the heater and fan
   switches on the control box.

Rod Dimensions

       Dimensions (in)
 L          29.5
 D           1
 TC1         2
 TC2         4
 TC3       7.875
 TC4       15.75
 TC5        27.5

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