A World Turned Upside Down Social Ecological Approaches to by ssy92676


									                                 A World Turned Upside Down
             Social Ecological Approaches to Children in War Zones
                      Edited by Neil Boothby, Alison Strang and Michael Wessells
                                         A World Turned Upside Down looks at the experiences of children in war from a
                                         psychological and social ecological perspective, offering thoughtful observations
                                         and dispelling myths about what results when children grow up in conflict situa-

                                         In contrast to individualized approaches, the volume offers a deeper
                                         conceptualization that shows the socially mediated impacts of war. Children
                                         exposed to the same traumatic experiences may have different reactions and
                                         needs for psychosocial support. Further, psychosocial assistance to war-affected
                                         children often occurs not through the provision of therapy by outsiders but via
                                         support from insiders.

                                         Each contributor has worked extensively with children in war zones in Europe,
                                         Africa, Latin America, and Asia. They refrain from common perceptions of
                                         children as victims of war-induced trauma to provide a holistic understanding of
  272 Pages / October 2006               children’s experiences. Each helps pinpoint ways to nurture the kinds of social
  US $26.95 / Paper:                     connections that can liberate children from the pathologies of war so that they
  1-56549-225-0                          can mature into healthy and well-adjusted adults.

                                                                                                    The authors gather
     Contents                                                                                       significant data and
     1. A Culture-Based, Integrative Approach to Helping War-Affected Children                      provide arresting analy-
                                                                                                    sis and insight. This
     2. What is Family? The Nature and Functions of Families in Times of Conflict
                                                                                                    book should be of inter-
     3. Running Scared: When Children Become Separated in Emergencies                               est to everyone who
     4. Girlhoods Stolen: The Plight of Girl Soldiers During and After Armed Conflict               seeks to understand
                                                                                                    and reverse the terrible
     5. Education and Hope: A Psychosocial Assessment of Palestinian Children
                                                                                                    abuse of children in war
     6. Silenced Voices? Youth and Peer Relationships in Armed Conflict and its Aftermath           zones.
     7. When Former Child Soldiers Grow Up: The Keys to Reintegration and Reconciliation
                                                                                                    -   George Rupp, Presi-
     8. A Living Wage: The Importance of Livelihood in Reintegrating Former Child Soldiers          dent, International Rescue
     9. Religion as Resource and Risk: The Double-Edged Sword for Children in Situations of Armed

     10. Layers of Support: The Social Ecology of Protecting Children in War

Neil Boothby is Professor of Clinical Population and Family Health and Director of the Program on Forced Migration
and Health at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University.
Alison Strang is a Research Fellow at the Institute for International Health and Development, Queen Margaret Univer-
sity College, Edinburgh.
Michael Wessells is Senior Child Protection Specialist for the Christian Children’s Fund, Professor of Clinical Popula-
tion and Family Health at Columbia University in the Program on Forced Migration and Health, and Professor of
Psychology at Randolph-Macon College.
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