Edline Tutorial #2 Folders and Documents by ssy92676


									    Edline Tutorial #2: Folders and Documents

1. Log in to the Edline Site: http://www.edline.net or via
2. Click on the class you wish to add Folders/documents.
3. In the upper right section, “Contents”, click the edit button to access
   the directory list.
       a. Note the preloaded folders such as assignments etc.

4. To add a new folder, use the drop down box next to manage class to
   get Folder listed and click ADD.
      a. Name your Folder
      b. You may write a description of its contents if you choose.
5. Click Save and Return to the main page
6. To add DOCUMENTS to this folder – click the active link with the
   folder’s name.
      a. Go to the drop down box and choose document.
      b. Click add

7. On the next page you can provide basic information about the
      a. Title
      b. Summary (if you desire)
      c. Provide calendar date uploaded
             i. When
            ii. How often
           iii. Event Occurrence

8. You now can add your document content in one of three ways:
     a. By Hand: Typing it in using a basic word processor on site
     b. Import: Upload an already created document from your
        computer using the browse and upload buttons.
     c. Upload a zip file.

9. The next section, Multiple Posting, allows you to add the document to
   more than one class by highlighting the class and clicking ADD.
10.Click save and return and your document is added to the appropriate

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