Imbalance of Mind and Body Female Infertility by ssy92676


									            Imbalance of Mind and Body: Female Infertility

                By James Y. Hasegawa, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. & C.H.
                Chief Acupuncturist/Herbalist & Clinic Director
                Asahi Comprehensive Health Center, West Los Angeles, CA

                The Asahi Horizon, Fall 2001 Edition

Infertility is an increasing problem in modern society that affects 1 in 5 couples in America.
Afflicting both men and women, factors include delayed marriage and the birth of the first child.
In women, common Western medical treatments include the use of hormones to regulate
menstruation and ovulation. In addition to their side effects, these treatments do little to
address the emotional aspects of gynecology, however.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes that emotions
are an integral part of the woman’s physiology, and play a
                                                                      While often overlooked
significant role in gynecological dysfunction, such as infertility.
                                                                      by Western medicine,
In fact, very frequently in adult women, emotional problems
                                                                      TCM regards emotional
lead to gynecological problems which may compound into a
                                                                      imbalances to be one of
larger problem over time. During my internship in gynecology
                                                                      the most common
at Chengdu TCM University Hospital, I have encountered
                                                                      causes of gynecological
many such scenarios. For example, a woman complaining of
                                                                      disorders, including
infertility may initially have had irregular menstruation which
may have lead to delayed menstruation, which then resulted
in ceased menstruation over a period of time, therefore leading to infertility. All this may have
been triggered by emotional disturbances in the beginning that were left untreated. All too often
in these cases, these women did not address their menstrual problems until they find themselves
in a difficult position to get pregnant when they are trying to conceive. And unfortunately, the
emotional burden is much greater at that point, further complicating the situation.

In TCM, the best way to treat infertility is prevention: treating the initial emotional and menstrual
problems when they present themselves. While it is still possible to treat infertility after its onset,
it would take some dedication and patience for a successful result. If you or anyone you know is
suffering from infertility or any other gynecological disorder, come in for a free consultation

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