WORLD HORIZONS Gap Year Cost Sheet by happo6


									                              WORLD HORIZONS
                                Gap Year Cost Sheet

1. E4S1 Course Fees £2350.00

       This includes all food, accommodation, travel, tutor expenses and administration.
       This does not include personal spending money. Please pay:

       ♦ Deposit of £350.00 by 1st August 2009
       ♦ Balance of £2000.00 on 12th September 2009

       If this is a problem, arrangements can be made to pay in instalments, please
       contact us to discuss it.

2. Medical and Travel Insurance Approx £250.00

       We have a working relationship with SALT Insurance Services Ltd which
       specialise in providing cover for mission and aid workers. We have had excellent
       service from SALT at times of emergency and we now use them for full medical
       and travel insurance for the trip during E4S1 and for all Placements. Please pay:

       ♦ £50 on 12th September 2009
       ♦ £200 balance by 11th January 2010

PAYMENT - Please pay by cheque, made payable to World Horizons, addressed to:

       Steve Coates,
       Finance Department, World Horizons, North Dock, Llanelli, SA15 2LF

Please print YOUR NAME clearly on the back of each cheque together with the
words ‘E4S1’ to ensure your money is credited to your account!

3. Placement: between £2000.00 and £3000.00 all inclusive

       Placement costs vary according to variations from place to place in such things
       as flight costs and local food and accommodation prices.

       We do not want you to send any money for your placement to World Horizons.
       We advise that you collect it in a separate personal account. We will be asking
       you how much you have towards your placement and we will expect you to have
       the full amount either in your bank or definitely pledged before you leave for your
       placement. A separate sheet with fundraising ideas is available.

       Remember you will have almost a month off over Christmas and this gives you
       the opportunity to get a job to earn some money towards your placement if

    World Horizons Ltd Reg Charity No.513524 Reg. Office: Centre for the Nations, North Dock, Llanelli, SA15 2LF

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