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					                                                                               January/February 2004

                                                                     Rev. Tony & Patsy
                                                                   Liliana and Annalisa
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                                           Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin
                                         “You have often heard me teach. Now I want you to tell these
                                          same things to followers who can be trusted to tell others.”
                                                                  II Timothy 2:2 (CEV)

                                                                      He taught and demonstrated these
                                        originate with Brother Hagin (they
    The treasures of memories           originated from the Lord, and truths to millions in his books and
that we have with Brother Hagin         many people down through time tapes. These same blessed truths
suddenly became more valuable                                         are taught to the thousands that
                                        have taught them), it seems that
than ever to us on September 19,                                      have come through RHEMA and
                                        the Lord gave him a stewardship
2003. Since he went home to                                           hundreds of thousands in other
                                        of this particular and precious
heaven, we have begun to look again                                   Bible schools all over the world. He
                                        seed. This stewardship was with
at each wonderful memory. The                                         taught Tony and I. We have been
                                        a commission to get this precious
years that both of us traveled with                                   privileged to teach faithful students
                                        seed to His people. Whoever and
Brother Hagin, worked with him in                                     just this last year alone in Singapore,
                                        wherever God’s people are, these
meetings, and helped him start the                                    Thailand, Samoa, Italy, Germany,
                                        blessed words of life are to reach.
Prayer and Healing Center afforded                                    and America. Those same students
                                        The revelation of these wonderful
us the most beautiful opportunity of                                  are going everywhere - to more
                                        words bring a deluge of light about
learning. We are deeply grateful.       who God is, what God has, and nations than we know. Guess what
                                                                      they are doing?! They are teaching
                                        what God can do, and it doesn’t stop
    There are certain teachings that                                  people who will teach others, who
                                        there. It also gives light on who we
Brother Hagin became known for,                                       will teach others, who will teach
                                        are, what we have, and what we can
such as the total authority of God’s                                  others, who will teach others, who
                               Him! Oh how these words
Word for every area of life, man’s      strengthen! How they heal! Howwill teach others, etc. All of God’s
redemption from the curse, how                                        people, no matter what group they
                                        they equip, embolden, and mobilize
to be led by the Holy Spirit, the       God’s people!                 are in or where they live, or what
authority of the believer, the three-                                 language they speak, have a right to
fold nature of man, and healing.           Brother Hagin never forgot know what God accomplished for
Even though these doctrines didn’t      the Lord’s commission to him. them in Christ.
         Annalisa’s 9th Birthday!
I’ve been looking forward to turning 9 for years now. Well, it
finally happened in January! We had a fun Christmas vacation. We
spent some time in Ohio with our Cameneti family, then we went
to Colorado to be with my Momma’s family. Try to imagine how
cold we were after living all this time so close to the equator! Well,
we had so much fun playing in the snow.

My dog, Lacy, is going to have puppies! I don’t know if she knows
it yet.
                                                                                   Annalisa Swimming with Her Friends
One thing I learned from my GameBoy is that the card in it has 82
games on it, even though it is so small. My heart is the same way.
God put many good things in me. I am learning what they are and
how to get them out!

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