Develop a course in the theory of system architecture

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					Develop a course in the theory of system architecture
Potential benefit could be derived in the use of the generative algorithmic approach to system
architecting as a teaching method (and eventually a tool) for scientific investigations into
systems. Such a curriculum should include exposure to a wide range of fundamentals in the
discipline of system architecting:
     System-of-systems approach (neighborhood-of neighborhoods)
     Bounded rationality
     Theory of system architecture
            o Current state of system architecture
            o Universal problems (normative)
                     System architecture representation approaches
     Nature's principles for system architecting
            o Relevance to the engineering of human-made systems
     Holistic problem analysis
            o Stakeholder needs/wants (stakeholder value mapping)
            o Form-function analysis and synthesis
            o Conditions and constraints
            o Selection criteria
     A generative process (bottom-up)
            o Evolutionary computation (and other generative approaches to system
     Computational theory
            o Grammar
            o Language
            o Automata
            o Quantum computing
            o Software programming
                     Symbolic programming
                     Algorithms
            o Sequential versus parallel processing
            o SPACE and TIME complexity
     Physical laws
            o Least action mechanics
            o Stability
            o Robustness
     Mathematics related to system architecture
            o Function, geometry (transformations), algebra, topology, logic, sets, groups,
                graph theory, combinatorics, lists
     SG → CA as a method for scientific investigations into systems and for development of
        system architectures
            o Attributes of SG → CA
            o Use a shape grammar
            o Use of cellular automata
            o Use of the programming language Mathematica®
     Team or individual research projects to build understanding by applying the lessons

Thomas Speller, February 2008

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