Diesel Generator 150KVA by smapdi62


									                                     Diesel Generatin Sets
                                Ministry of Environment BIraq
                                                  Annex A
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       Generatoring Set, transportable diesel engine driven, skid mounted, with a
 1     rating: 150 KVA. Middle east configuration, suitable for Iraq temperature          2
       conditions. The generator will be used as prime and stand-by source
       Diesel generating set including the engine, alternator, control panel, automatic
       starting equipment, fuel tank and all other accessories for autonomous
       Rated power at150 kVA, 3-phase, 380/220 V at 50 Hz, 1500 RPM at NTP
       conditions, naturally aspirated diesel engine, 6 cylinder. Directly coupled and
       mounted on heavy duty steel frame.
         Heavy duty diesel engine
         Mechanical speed governor
         Cartridge oil filter
         External fuel filter
         Heavy duty air cartridge filter
         Leads and automatic battery charging equipment
         Water-cooled with fresh water loop and tropical radiator
         Exhaust with suitable flexible piping
         Automatic electric starter including batteries
         Synchronous and air cooled
         Self excited brushless alternator
         Automatic fast voltage regulator, provides fast recovery from transient load
         Screen protected
       Panel Board: comprises of
         Automatic main circuit breaker
         Change over switch with positions for MAINS - OFF - GENERATOR
         Key to start and stop the unit
         Emergency stop button
         Vibration isolated sheet steel enclosure with hinged lockable door
         3-pole minature circuit breaker
         Outgoing cable stub-up area
         Set-point for voltage control
        Meters for Volts, amperes, frequency and running hours counter
        Acoustic and visible alarms for critical parameters including high engine
        temperature, low oil pressure and low fuel
       Mounting Arrangement:
        The engine and the alternator should be connected with a heavy duty elastic
        coupling and should be mounted on a common rigid base frame with anti-
        vibration dampers and lifting eyes flexible for transportation.
        Vibration isolation
         Baseframe incorporates integral plastic fuel tank, 8hr capacity

         Engine, alternator and panel should be one integrated unit mounted on skids

  Item                                             Description                                           Qty        Remarks

             Environmental Conditions: The following conditions should be considered:
               Standard ambient temperatures up to 50 Deg C
               Fan drive and charging alternator fully guarded
               Dust storms are expected
               Operation and maintenance manuals in English language
               Spare parts catalogues, information concerning the foundation, electrical
                Wiring diagrams
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    2        Handling of generating set into sound proofed canopy                                           2
                                                                                                   Unit Price US$
                                                                                                 Total Price US$

    3        Installation, testing and training                                                             2
                                                                                                   Unit Price US$
                                                                                                 Total Price US$
             Recommended spare part kit for generating set for 3000 hours operation,
    4        including: - alternator belt, fan belt, thermostat seal, oil and air filter cartridges,        2
             and full sets of v-belts and a full set of cylinder head gaskets.
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    5                                              Packing, Freight and Insurance Charges up to Basrah / Iraq

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