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! Every organization has a constraint to better performance. Do you know yours? Do you have the right tools to eliminate weak links in processes and to actively manage a constraint? The Theory of Constraints provides answers to these questions. First developed by physicist Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt - author of numerous businesses books including the bestseller The Goal, the Theory of Constraints (TOC) is now taught in over 1,400 business schools. At The Claymore Group we’ve taken the jargon and mystery that TOC, like other improvement methodologies seem to accumulate and replaced them with clarity and simplicity. We firmly believe that the ROI from TOC should begin immediately and that your own people can make it happen. It’s our goal and purpose to provide the needed training.
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One size doesn’t fit all. Our classes can be configured to met your time and scope requirements.

We also offer a full Theory of Constraints Mastery Course which prepares a student to both lead internal TOC projects and to sit for the TOC International Certification Organization’s Fundamentals Exam - the TOC equivalent to a Six Sigma Blackbelt.

All of our classes are designed for adult learners and include relevant hands-on applications in the classroom. As a result, our Mastery Course students have awarded the class a 97.5% effectiveness score based on a 10-factor evaluation.

(program content and length is flexible)

(8 -10 class days, depending upon schedule, plus project)

Introduction to The Theory of Constraints
History - Before and after Dr. Eli Goldratt’s The Goal Philosophy, Tools, Standard Applications Real world results

Introduction to The Theory of Constraints
History - Before and after Dr. Eli Goldratt’s The Goal Philosophy, Tools, Standard Applications Real world results

The Five TOC Focusing Steps Drum-Buffer-Rope in Production
Simulation and Case Studies Buffer Management Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope

The Five TOC Focusing Steps Standard TOC Solutions
Drum-Buffer-Rope in Production Distribution Solution Critical Chain Project Management

TOC Thinking Processes
Evaporating Cloud (Conflict Resolution Diagram), Current Reality Tree, Future Reality Tree, Negative Branch Reservation, Prerequisite Tree, Transition Tree

Other Topics
Throughput Accounting A process of on-going improvement

Other Topics
Throughput Accounting A process of on-going improvement 6.5 steps to better leadership

$375 per student per day.

$5,500 per student, includes TOC-ICO Certificate of Recognition in Thinking Processes fee.

• These classes are generally offered in closed sessions with students from a single company present due to the often sensitive

nature of the workplace situations discussed and solutions developed.

• Class sizes are limited to 20 students due to the highly interactive nature of each module. • The minimum tuition for a closed session is the same as for a ten student class. • All class materials, workbooks and texts used will be provided by The Claymore Group. • Coach class air, car, hotel and meal expenses for the instructor of closed sessions will be covered by the hosting company. • Our simple guarantee: You must feel you have received an outstanding course of immediate value to your

organization or else your tuition is free.

Michael Clingan is the instructor for all sessions. He is a founding member of the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization, having been personally nominated by Dr. Eli Goldratt for this honor. Michael has earned both the External Constraints Jonah and the Jonah’s Jonah certifications from the Goldratt Institute. His MegaCell TOC sales and marketing case study is taught in numerous executive MBA programs. Michael was the founder of Innovation Architects, VP of three international firms and cofounder and Chancellor of the acclaimed TOC-based C-bridge Institute on the MIT campus. His career spans manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing and educational services. Michael has trained thousands of executives from organizations such as Agilent, British Telecom, Brush Wellman, Dex Media, MEMC, Seagate, TRW and the United Way. He has a MS in physics.

Contact us at 970-613-0923 or at to book a class.

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