Gift Ideas For The Expectant Mother

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Gift Ideas For The Expectant Mother By Amy Foster

Many gift ideas are out there for the expectant mother. However, some different gift ideas are often not included as typical shower gifts. If you would like to offer a unique gift for someone that you know is expecting, you might want to choose something from the following ideas. Many times, laboring mothers are given Pitocin, a drug that enhances contractions to make labor move along. Unfortunately, Pitocin creates water retention, as if any woman needs more of that. With feet and ankles up to two or three times bigger than usual, the mother's normal slippers will not fit comfortably. Consider a shower gift of one size larger comfortable slippers that have a rubber sole for good traction. Being able to wear these during the uncomfortable swelling will be a life saver to the new mom and well worth it that she might not wear them afterwards. The duration of the pregnancy can be quite stressful. With hormones fluctuating, emotions may go up and down rather rapidly. To help relieve tension, you might want to give the expectant mother a day out to relax. You could give her a gift card for a pampered day at a spa, or a gift certificate to her favorite shopping spot, or maybe you could take her to a movie and dinner. Anything that lets the expectant mother to forget about her worries even for just an hour will help her to relax. Another helpful idea is a housekeeping service. Most pregnancies take their toll on the woman making her extremely tired, especially during the first three months. She may also be battling morning sickness and many visits to the bathroom. Having someone to come in temporarily to help clean the house could ease the expectant mother's workload and allow her to get the rest she needs. This would be a most appreciated and remembered gift. Through forty weeks of pregnancy and carrying the extra weight, mom's feet and legs are sure to become fatigued. An excellent gift idea might be a massaging footbath. With nodes to massage and water jets to soothe, the mother-to-be can leave the aches of the day and then store the footbath until she needs it again. Any expectant mother would love this gift, especially if she works all day, too. Another gift idea that will make mom feel special is loungewear designed for pregnant women. Many women only have oversized jogging pants and t-shirts that may make them feel less than pretty. Maternity loungewear is not only comfortable, but it is attractive as well, making mom feel less frumpy. Many also have breastfeeding flaps so that she can continue to use them after the baby is born. Most
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people direct their shower gifts toward the baby, but mom might appreciate a unique gift that has her in mind. Amy is the editor of a top website, and she also runs a site about

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Perfect Gifts For Mother’s Day By Francesca

Mother’s day is almost here and I urge you to start thinking about unique gift ideas for your mom. There is only one day each year when we can really thank our mother for all the effort and love she has given to us. Lets do it right. Lets give her the perfect gifts for mother’s day. I know many people that join the birth day gift for mom with the mother’s day gift. Don’t do it. She deserves the two gifts. And you could always find a gift to buy her. After all, she is a woman. My first suggestion would be to put aside for a few moments the tax and gift cost. Try to think your mother wants or what she needs. No body knows your mother better than you. For example, my mother loves everything related to cats. She has a huge cat collection of cats statues and I get her a new one each year – I admit cat lover gifts are easy to find. If you have figured out what your mother would like as a mothers day gift, decide on your budget and start searching for it. Start looking for the best gift as early as possible. This way, you will be able to make a comprehensive market research and buy the best gift at the best price. If you haven’t thought of a specific gift to buy for mother’s day, do one of the following, and I guarantee you will find a gift for your mom: 1. Search for gift ideas in online gift stores. Try searching for: “gifts for mom” or “personalized unique gifts” 2. There are several gifts which will always be perfect gifts for mother’s day. These are Jewelry, picture frames, bath spa gift baskets, designer diamond pendants, american express gift cards and visa gift card. Our experts have a made a research to find the best online gift store. Find the results on Read more precious info on

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