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Maternity clothes are designed to encompass all aspects of your lifestyle during pregnancy through to motherhood. They are a fashion collection expertly designed and created to suit all shapes at each stage of pregnancy in sizes 4-16. Click here to know more

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Fall Maternity Clothes By Amy Jarman

As the weather gets cooler and your lightweight summer maternity clothes are no longer warm enough for chilly mornings and evening, you know it is time to go shopping. If this is your first pregnancy, chances are there is nothing in your closet you can wear as pre-pregnancy clothes stop fitting by the 2nd trimester, if not sooner. Instead of panicking or spending a bundle all at once at your closest maternity store, take your time and just fill in the main necessities as you need them. Here are a few suggestions for stocking up your Fall maternity wardrobe. Layering: As the weather gets colder remember the best way to stay comfortable is to layer. Pregnant women tend to feel warmer due to a slightly higher internal temperature, added pounds, increased blood supply and general feeling of a oven heating up inside. For this reason it's good to invest in easy to layer clothing items like fitted henleys and tanks that can be worn under sweaters and jackets. Ribbed cotton crew necks and turtle necks for colder weather are perfect for daytime wear. Maternal America makes some great basics for tees, tanks, and turtlenecks in soft stretchy ribbed cotton. 1 in the Oven also has some wonderful waffle weave cotton henleys in ¾ sleeves for both maternity and nursing. Stretch Pants and Leggings: As your belly grows you are more and more likely to seek comfort over style when it comes to jeans and pants. Fortunately you don't have to sacrifice either when you invest in some comfy yoga pants and stylish leggings. There are so many leggings on the market today; you can find ankle length leggings in just about any color from all main maternity brands, cropped maternity leggings, leggings with side ruching and even lace detail on the trim. Leggings of all types and styles make the perfect compliment to a long maternity top, maternity tunic or casual dress or skirt. Yoga pants and stretch pants are also great for loungewear, activewear or even dressed up with a nice top. Dark colors such as black, charcoal and chocolate match easily with tops in your wardrobe through the fall and winter months. Transition Wear: The best way to stretch your dollar when shopping for maternity clothes, is to invest in items that can
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be worn during and after your pregnancy. Test the fabric and look for ribbed cotton or blends with lycra and spandex in the fabric which offer extra stretch and resilience. Nursing camis and tanks that are cut extra long and that are stretchy can also double as maternity tops and are great for layering in colder weather for both before and after your pregnancy. Styles with ruching at the sides and bust are particularly good at expanding where needed without looking frumpy. Also, styles that offer nursing access can be worn after you have the baby. Even maternity bottoms that fit under the belly or that have fold over bands are easy to wear after the baby. Lingerie: Every woman who is expecting soon finds their bra size is the first to change, sometimes even before they are ready for maternity clothes early in the first trimester. Usually bust size will continue to increase throughout pregnancy and then when starting to nurse as well. Instead to buying maternity bra after bra, go ahead and invest in a nursing bra that can be worn after you have the baby as well. Even if the bra you are buying early in your pregnancy is too small for nursing initially, chances are you will fit into it at some point on the way down to your pre-pregnancy size as you begin to wean your baby. Also many nursing bras are made with extra stretch and adjustments to fit several cup and band sizes which will save you money for both before and after your pregnancy. Maternity underwear also is made with extra stretch and thicker more durable fabric. Briefs that fit under the belly can be worn after the baby postpartum. Some maternity underwear can be worn over the belly or folded over and worn under the belly such as the Bravado Original Brief. Either way stretchy waistbands are key to maximizing your wear and being able to wear during and after your pregnancy. Remember when you are shopping for maternity clothes, the size you are today will not be the size you are tomorrow. We usually shop thinking we will stay the same size or even lose a pound or two. The reality is that you will get bigger when you are pregnant, so plan ahead to expanding bust and bellies and look for styles with maximum stretch and versatility. Amy Jarman is owner of the maternity clothes ( and nursing clothes store with designers such as Japanese Weekend (, Majamas (, & Maternal America.

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Maternity Clothes Can Be Stylish and Inexpensive By Jerbob Johnsen

It is true that maternity clothes can be stylish and inexpensive. Previously, maternity jeans and maternity shirts used to be quite costly. However, several suppliers now offer cheap maternity clothes. For a price of $10, you would be able to get a maternity shirt. If you purchase maternity clothing for a substantial amount, the suppliers offer free shipping of the maternity clothes to your home. Many of them provide discounts ranging from 5% 50 25% on orders exceeding certain amounts. These options allow you to obtain cheap maternity clothing that is also stylish. Still, you have to remember that pregnancies last nearly 40 weeks. The first few weeks might not make any difference but for at least 30 to 35 weeks, there would be changes in the body size and shape. Seasons would also change during this period. Hence, you might have to go in for several sets of maternity jeans and maternity shirts before the child is delivered. Buying such maternity wear without paying too much and at the same time getting stylish and comfortable maternity clothing would be a delicate job. Motherhood maternity is one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life. Getting maternity leave might be quite easy but purchasing all the maternity wear for the entire period of pregnancy requires patient searching. When the maternity clothes are stylish and comfortable, the woman would be at peace with herself during pregnancy and after delivery of the child. Women of earlier generations never bothered too much about stylish maternity clothes but the modern women are fashion-conscious. There maternity wear expectations vary vastly and getting cheap maternity dress is not an easy job. However, inexpensive maternity clothing is available in plenty nowadays. These modern maternity wear are now designed to accentuate and complement the body shape and features in such a manner that the less desirable body features are masked. From petite size to plus size, they are prepared to suit women of various body sizes. They are also made for formal and informal use. Hence, the choice is very wide now with the availability of gradual transition maternity clothing that suppliers provide at present for pregnant women. These transition clothing would reduce the cost of maternity clothes in a significant manner. They are supplied to suit the pregnancy period and the post-delivery nursing period. Many suppliers of maternity clothes also offer special offers for selecting mother and baby clothes together. The advent of the Internet had also facilitated the selection of inexpensive and stylish maternity clothes. You could sit at the comfort of your home and browse through the websites of many suppliers before deciding on the best options in maternity wear. The pressure of visiting several shops and trying to decide on what is best is outdated. You could actually see the fabrics, colors, and styles of the maternity jeans and the maternity shirts in your monitor itself, verify and compare their prices, and take the right decision. Go ahead and enjoy your motherhood maternity. Jerbob Johnsen owns the, Cheap Maternity Shirts website that has a huge inventory of maternity shirts,maternity clothes,maternity jeans and much more clothing. Our prices will not break the bank when you are shopping at Cheap Maternity Shirts.

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