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Ebel Watches the Ebel Beluga Collection By Joseph Levy

For nearly a century, Ebel has been crafting some of the very finest Swiss watches. The company is unique in that it was cofounded by a husband and wife. They dreamed of making luxury watches grounded in both masculinity and femininity accordingly. Ebel’s Beluga Collection follows that feminine tradition that began long ago in 1911. The Beluga Collection sacrifices nothing to uphold the traditions that this fine watchmaker stands for. The Beluga Collection is designed just for women. More specifically, it is for women who have a tendency to perceive their watches as not only timekeeping pieces, but also as jewelry. A watch can serve as more than a timekeeper, it can become a part of an overall fashion statement or personal image. Watches from the Beluga Collection glitter and shine. Feminine cofounder Alice Levy was a gem-lover and it is no strange coincidence that Beluga watches feature plenty of them. They deliver beautifully set gems against stylish faces, and a diverse spectrum of bracelets that are designed to be comfortable and eye-catching at the same time. Beluga watches are beautiful and versatile. Imagine a unique watch face that is surrounded by a delicately crafted heart shape and inlaid with fine mother of pearl. Intricate diamond accents round out the overall look of the Ebel Beluga Heart watch. This is just one of many unique and stylish models in the collection. It would be a perfect accompaniment for a special occasion or a professional activity. An innovative concept introduced by Ebel is the scaling down of the size of several watches in the Beluga Collection. The Beluga Mini watches are smaller in size, yet feature the same intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship as the full-sized versions. In fact, some Beluga Minis leave room for as many as 46 diamonds to be set around the watch case. The tiny watches are delicate yet tantalizing at the same time and are just as capable in the area of performance. The Beluga Collection watches feature a wide selection of vibrant colors in their mother of pearl faces. Subtle colors like traditional white, smooth rose and baby blue are complimented by bolder statements made by green and royal blue mother of pearl. There are also models that make even bolder statements with stainless steel faces of bright fuchsia and several different blues. Some of the faces feature Roman numeral numbering which is charming and nostalgic, or boldly stated diamond accents at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

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Each and every watch from the Ebel Beluga Collection is the result of Swiss craftsmanship. The Ebel name and those who stand behind it are known as ‘architects of time’ and the innovative designs found in the Beluga Collection are no exception. An architect carefully designs and plans each and every facet of their creation. The artistry, innovation and attention to detail that goes into each and every timepiece in the Beluga Collection is a part of the longstanding Ebel tradition – they are true architects of time. TheWatchery is the number one source for ebel beluga watches http://www.thewatchery.com call 866-843-9282 for a deep discount on ebel watches.

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Four Tips on Buying a Discount Luxury Watch By Mark Etinger

With a down economy comes opportunity, and the time has never been better to purchase a discount luxury wristwatch. Simply put, it is a buyer’s market out there, as sellers and re-sellers are willing to do more in order to move their expensive inventory off of store shelves. But before you jump into the discount watch market with both feet, it is important to understand a few things first. TIPS FOR BUYING A DISCOUNT WATCH: Tip #1: Be brand conscious More than almost any other accessory or type of apparel, when it comes to buying a luxury watch, the brand is king. Top watchmakers such as Ebel Beluga, Philip Stein and Bulova are world-renowned for a reason - they make beautiful, quality timepieces that rise above the competition. You can buy a knock off that looks just like these brands, but you are doing so at your very own risk. Tip #2: Work with someone you can trust Unfortunately, there are some less-than-reputable merchants out there who sell goods that are not quite what they seem. Counterfeit watches and non-functioning time pieces are a fact of life in the online watch world, but there are ways to protect yourself. Work with merchants who were recommended by your friends, have solid customer feedback posted on the web, and most importantly, provide customer support through a LIVE PERSON who is available over the phone. Tip #3: Beware of counterfeits There are two types of counterfeit watches that every consumer or watch collector should and must know about. First, there is the “cheap knock off”, a watch that make look like a Rolex from a distance, but when you get close enough to inspect it is really just a cobbled-together mess. These counterfeits are sold on the cheap – so the buyer needs to use their logic skills and remember that any deal that “seems too good to be true” probably is. The second type of counterfeit watch is much more insidious. These watches are built by professional counterfeiters who understand the intricacies of fine watchmaking and will do just enough to convince the unwitting customer that what they are buying is the genuine article. Be on the lookout for fake serial numbers, and watch for the absence of holograms or other key markings that can only be produced by the manufacturer of the watch. We may never be able to stomp out counterfeiting in its entirety, but knowledge is power and will help lessen the chance of a rip-off. Tip #4: Get online to find great deals Now that you know the things you need to be very careful about, it is time to hop online and find some of the best deals in the world on luxury watches. Businesses that once shied away from the web, preferring to do business in their brick-and-mortar stores, have now moved their inventory onto their websites so that watch lovers from all around the world can shop for great deals.

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