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Morning sickness is a natural occurrence for a pregnant woman and a foreign occurrence to the working woman. Morning sickness is an early pregnancy burden that can be as simple as an upset stomach and as severe as non-stop vomiting. Click here to know more

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Early Pregnancy Signs By Brenda Williams

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, or have been given a surprise by the news – there are ways of detecting pregnancy through normal body functions and changes, sometimes even before a missed monthly period. Of course, the most accurate sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Often, after a period has been missed a pregnancy test will read accurately. Most women become suspicious if they have regular periods, and even a day or two late is an irregular occurrence. As motherly as it sounds, food cravings can often be a sign of pregnancy. From popcorn to chocolate, these cravings may come at unnatural times and be a sure sign of early pregnancy. Are you experiencing cravings for food that you regularly avoid? This could be a sign of early pregnancy. Tender or sore breasts are another sign of early pregnancy. With the hormone fluctuations that occur within the body, this can be a variable sign of pregnancy. Some women report that breasts feel heavier, sore, or even larger or engorged with the preparations that occur to accommodate the changes within the body. Darkening of the areolas may occur. What causes the darkening? Hormone fluctuations within the body can create these imbalances which cerate the darkening of the areolas. Sometimes in early pregnancy, an act as simple as a caress or wearing an uncomfortable bra can be a terrible experience. Not to worry, this pain usually subsides as the body adjusts to the pregnancy. The increased levels of HCG within the body can have varying effects on each woman. For most, these increased HCG levels create the need for frequent urination. Your body is working overtime to prepare for the pregnancy and the birth of the baby and with these increased workloads come fatigue. Fatigue is often one of the first signs in early pregnancy and could make something as simple as a day of errands feel like an exhausting task that warrants a nap. You can blame this on the increased levels of progesterone that are being produced within the body. Morning sickness doesn’t just occur in the morning. Ask anyone who has gone through a pregnancy and suffered from the constant nausea and vomiting within the first trimester. Did you know that nausea can occur even two days after conception? Along with morning sickness often comes an increased sense of smell as some say that this is nature’s way of protecting the mother from ingesting anything that may be harmful to the baby. Simply
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put, if you can smell garlic from down the block, or beer on your partner’s breath from across the room, you just might want to take that pregnancy test. An increase in post nasal drip or a nose that will not stop running is one of the signs of pregnancy as the nose is not exempt from the discharge which is increased through the body. An increase in cervical discharge is an early indicator of pregnancy. This clear substance can be more pronounced even two to five days after conception. http://rightstep.com/addiction-alcoholism-and-rehab.php Addiction Alcoholism Rehab http://rightstep.com/addiction-alcoholism-and-rehab.php Affordable Drug Recovery

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Can Early Signs Of Pregnancy Trick You Into Thinking Your Pregnant When You Aren’t? By Dr. April Davall

Most women are aware of the early signs of pregnancy and when they witness these signs, they began to think they are pregnant. Unfortunately, jumping to conclusions can lead to disappointment if they signs are a result of something other than a pregnancy. So before you decide you must be pregnant, you will definitely want to take a pregnancy test to be sure. With a number of early pregnancy tests to choose from, it is easy to cross check the early signs of pregnancy. Early Signs of Pregnancy The most well known of the early signs of pregnancy is a missed period. Often women will automatically assume they are pregnant, if they miss menstruation. The reason this early sign of pregnancy can be a false reading is that other things can cause it. When a woman is under mental stress, has been exercising far more than usual, or is producing a lot of progesterone and estrogen hormones, the woman can delay or even stop ovulation briefly. This will cause the menstruation to be delayed. Another of the early signs of pregnancy is morning sickness. If pregnant, this shows up when you are four to six weeks into the pregnancy. The reason this sign can be a deception is that it could be due to a stomach flu. Another cause of the “morning sickness” can be what is called “phantom pregnancy. This occurs when a woman wishes she were pregnant so much that she begins to show signs of it. The next of the early signs of pregnancy that can deceive you is tenderness and swelling of the breasts. If you experience this sign, there is a possibility that it could be due to breast cancer. So if you don’t end up being pregnant, you will want to have this checked out immediately. Another possible reason that your breasts are swelling and tender could be due to upcoming ovulation. Some women aren’t as aware that this occurs with their ovulation until they are trying to become pregnant. The raised awareness of the body can send false early signs of pregnancy. Feeling like you need to urinate frequently is one of the popular early signs of pregnancy. Just like pregnancy, both diabetes and drinking a lot of aerated drinks (colas, fantas, etc) causes you to feel like you need to urinate a lot. If you are experiencing sudden cravings for certain foods, especially foods you don’t usually eat, this can be another of the false early signs of pregnancy. Sometimes people crave certain foods because there body is lacking specific vitamins and/or minerals. You crave the food that contains the vitamins and/or minerals that you need. There are a number of the early signs of pregnancy that can be read incorrectly. So it is important to cross check with an early pregnancy test before making any assumptions. If you aren’t pregnant and you have the signs, take action accordingly. For more information on early signs of pregnancy and for easy purchase of ept early pregnancy tests, start looking online. Dr. April Davall is webmaster of http://pregnancypalace.com, which goal is to tell All about pregnancy, from Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Birth. You can learn and print out almost anything about pregnancy, from early pregnancy test to pregnancy nutrition.

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