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Design Your Engagement Ring By Andy Moquin

Young couples looking for one-of-a-kind engagement rings or ways to design their own custom ring online, have more options than they think. One might assume that they can only do this type of service with a local jeweler however there are online jewelers that can provide a completely customizable design service for people in search of their own creation. You will find that online custom jewelry design service offers much better value and pricing. Recent advances in CAD technology have made it much easier to provide consumers design ideas over the internet using email and websites. Some online jewelers will go as far as providing 3d models of their designs so that you can see the engagement ring design before it is made. Before selecting an online jeweler to make a custom made engagement ring you should investigate and assess their abilities. Ask the online jeweler if they have a portfolio of recent design projects to show you what they have done in the past. This will help you determine how skilled they are at creating good looking designs and also what type of jewelry making skills they have. Designing the ring and creating an amazing conceptual design is only part of the process, the second part involves assembling it. If your diamond engagement ring is assembled poorly then the ring could look shoddy or amateurish. In that case it won't matter how wonderfully designed the ring is and you won't be happy with the final product. Execution of the actual goldsmithing and hand assembly is essential if the ring is to look as wonderful as you had dreamed it to be. Another thing that you should ask for is a testimonial from a customer that the online jeweler has done work for. The customer could provide you with valuable and candid information about the jeweler's professionalism and desire to stand behind their product. Again, designing and creating the ring is only part of the equation and you'll want to know that the jeweler is good a returning your emails and requests for more information. Once you have decided on which online engagement ring designer to use you'll want to start on the design process. The first and most important piece of advice that I can give anyone engaging in this process is to keep good notes. Stay organized with your thoughts and correspondence with your jeweler, you don't want to forget to provide important details or input about your ring. Ideas are born during the design process and along the way you may decide to change little things about your ring that will have a diverse affect on the final jewelry design. Also, it could be really helpful to the jewelry designer if you're good at communicating your ideas about your unique jewelry design, you play an equally important role in designing your item. You should also think about what type of wedding bands that you will want to wear with your diamond engagement ring. There bands that look good with your engagement ring but not alone and there
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bands that look good alone but not with your engagement ring. If you give the designer your thoughts about what you want in the future for the wedding band then he/she can take important steps to create a wedding band friendly ring. You can learn more about the different types of wedding band scenarios by visiting our Wedding Ring Handbook at Rokstok. Another thing to consider is whether or not the online designer can provide loose diamonds to you. Its always better to work with one jeweler for both the diamond and the online service. Some jewelers have loose diamond search modules that allow you to examine large lists of diamonds while comparing EGL, GIA, AGS, and IGI certifications. Some jewelers have a problem working with their competitor's jewelry and if you design your engagement ring at one place and buy the diamond at another then you could create bigger problems for yourself, especially with the topic of warranties and service. So, if an online jeweler has great design capabilities and has a competitive diamond department, then it becomes a big plus. Andy Moquin has spent 16 years in the jewelry business buying and selling over $20,000,000 in diamonds and custom jewelry. He can be reached at:

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Engagement Ring Etiquette By Rachael Stone

Many women dream of getting married and love the idea of an engagement ring. However, often they don't know the customs around engagement rings and would like to have them explained. Learning what to expect in an engagement ring, how to wear one, and what to do if you don't like the one you get can help put you at ease and prepare you. What Is An Engagement Ring? The name of the ring given during a proposal is an engagement ring. This is the official act of requesting a marriage, and the engagement ring is what is put on the finger at that time. Custom has it that men usually propose to woman. Because of this, traditionally, the man buys an engagement ring for the lady. However, sometimes women do propose to men, and both parties might wear an engagement ring to signify that they are going to get married in the future. What Does It Mean? An engagement ring is the next step up from a promise ring. While the promise ring usually means that the couple is promising that they have a future together, an engagement ring is saying that they know that they do. Wearing an engagement ring signifies that you have formed a partnership that will be confirmed in with a wedding. An engagement ring is one that really signifies that there is going to be a big change in your life, and that you have promised you are going to get married to the person that has proposed to you. How Is It Different from A Wedding Ring? An engagement ring is different from a wedding ring, as it does not signify that you are actually married. It only means that you are going to be married, and that you have promised the other person that you are going to marry them. An actual date for the wedding may or may not be determined when you are wearing an engagement ring. Either way, the wedding ring is what you wear after you are married, and the engagement ring is something that you wear while you are waiting to be married. Sometimes after marriage, people wear the engagement ring and a wedding band as a set. Which Hand Is The Engagement Ring Worn on? When you are getting engaged, in the United States, the tradition is the wear the engagement ring on your right hand. When you get married, you move the ring to your left hand. In other countries and other cultures, the wedding ring and the engagement ring might be mixed around, and might be put on other hands, but in the United States, the engagement ring is worn on the right hand, and the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. Which Finger Do You Put The Engagement Ring On? The engagement ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. After you get married, you put the wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand, but while you are engaged, it should go on the ring finger of the right hand.

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How to Handle Getting a Ring Without Diamonds? It is usual for people to assume there will be diamonds in an engagement ring as that is what is traditionally given. Most of the time, people will buy diamond engagement rings, and won't get rings with other stones. However, there are some people who might decide that they don't want diamonds. If you did receive a ring without a diamond, then take a look at the ring because chances are it still looks great even without the diamonds. Many times, rings are very beautiful even if they don't' have diamonds in them, and even if it takes awhile for you to get used to the fact that there might not be diamonds in your ring, it might very well end up being worth it for you, because the ring could still be very spectacular for you. So, if you don't get the exact ring that you wanted, take some time and see if you get used to it. It is probably that whoever proposed to you picked the right ring and knew that you would not be captivated by mere diamonds.

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