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CZ Jewelry –Comparisons of Others By Brenda Ogilvie

Most individuals are under the belief that a cubic zirconium and CZ jewelry are real diamonds when they take a look at them without a microscope or other special tools. Realism has not escaped this stone when comparing it to the diamond. Both are equally beautiful but it is the CZ jewelry that offers you a more reasonable price. More people in lower income ranges are able to purchase at least one piece of their own. Talking About Luster A CZ jewelry piece is going to have mush more luster in each stone than a diamond would. Luster means “light, radiance, gloss, or brilliance.” This is the best way to describe any of these stones whether real or man made. The luster is dispersed as a common thing knows as fire. The more fire it has the better off it is in terms of value. The cubic zirconium has a larger dispersion rate than a natural diamond of almost 0.020 higher than the other. With this in mind, let us take a look at the following three stones. Crystal Element Diamonds and CZ jewelry stones are made from crystals found in nature. A diamond is made completely from carbon while a CZ is from a special zinc oxide. When high heat is applied to both, the end result is a perfectly beautiful stone that has yet to be cut to bring out its brilliance and luster. Making them in the ground or lab is a possibility for these stones but most CZ’s are now lab created to save the oxide as a natural resource. These are better anyway for being perfectly created to mimic the diamond. Hard As Rocks Diamonds are hard enough to cut a piece of glass. The hardness of the stone will cut through a piece of glass but hen so does the CZ jewelry stone. The facets cut into a gemstone to allow it to disperse its light and luster will be determined on how hard it is before being cut. The term “fire” is present when a CZ jewelry stone takes white light and runs it through the prism to produce multiple colors like a rainbow. A Moissanite is the top stone for producing the most fire and luster in a blue green color. Believe it or not, a diamond produces less fire and color than a CZ jewelry stone can. This means the hardness is different in each.
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Brilliant Displays The luster and shine of a gemstone whether real or synthetic is know in the jewelry world to be brilliance. Brilliance is how the stone will take the light and hold it inside to spread it through the prism when light comes into play. Light gets trapped in the stones and the light and brilliance is seen. The Moissante is at the tope here also with the CZ jewelry stones being at third place. A properly created CZ will make the difference in being attractive to look because of the luster, brilliance, and light it contains. Queen Bee Jewelry offers a great selection of CZ Jewelry.  Check us out on the web at for our entire line of CZ and Sterling Silver Jewelry.

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Costume Jewelry, The Cheap Alternative By Pierre Perissel

As a little girl, you probably played dress-up many times. You might have dressed yourself up with princess dresses and fun jewelry. The jewelry you used back then is very similar to what is known as costume jewelry, and even though you are fully grown, there are still many ways that costume jewelry can make you feel like a princess. Costume jewelry has an expensive look whilst being very kind to the purse. The beauty of it is that you can create an expensive or as cheap look as you want. There are so many varieties to choose from that the possibilities are virtually limitless. Only your creativity should be the limit because you can buy and own many different pieces of costume jewelry to mix and match and create the exact look that you want. The jewelry you choose might consist of a tiara, a necklace, and a bracelet made out of fake diamonds or emeralds. If you are attending a costume party where you want to look rather outrageous, choose costume jewelry that looks very fragile and appears as if it will break at any moment. This would make for very amusing costume accessories. In the older movies, many of the apparently very expensive pieces of jewelry worn by the stars were nothing more than costume jewelry. It was far more economical and safe to use the cheap, but expensive looking jewelry than splurge a lot of cash on real jewelry. In modern movies the usage of real expensive jewelry is more common because jewelry companies use that as an opportunity for promotion of their line of products, and the movie producers do not have to carry the cost of the jewelry. Perhaps the most excellent part about costume jewelry is that you do not have to be overly fussy about their appearance, because the pieces are usually so inexpensive. On the other hand, if you are interested in a piece of costume jewelry that has been crafted so that it appears to be real, you will definitely pay more. It is often said that perceptions are everything. Some folks don't have enough money to spend on real jewelry, so instead they buy costume jewelry so that it can appear as if they really can afford real jewelry. You can find this kind of jewelry anywhere from costume shops to department stores. There are also many websites and auctions where you can find any type and form of costume jewelry to go with almost any outfit that you own. Pierre Perissel has a trendy fashion information column on (, a site dedicated to satisfying your fashion needs and giving you the opportunity to air your views on and rate the fashion choices of celebrities.

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