Building the Perfect CZ Jewelry Wardrobe by toriola1


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Building the Perfect CZ Jewelry Wardrobe By Brenda Ogilvie

If you would like to create a smashing CZ jewelry wardrobe for yourself, the most important pieces need to be purchased first. This means that these CZ jewelry pieces are the ones that go with most of the basic clothing you wear each day no matter what you are doing. To be an essential piece for your collection, they need to be necessary for your day. Reading on will provide you with some of the tips you need to know what CZ jewelry accessories are at the top of the list for being necessary for every wardrobe. Necessary Pieces For women, the essential CZ jewelry pieces might be contained in earrings or be included in the entire set. Some ladies prefer to add an accent here or there while others go all out and make their multiple pieces a daily need. Pierced ears are not as nice without a sparkling pair of CZ studs to highlight beautiful skin. They also go with the most simple of outfits or the most elegant of dresses and all within a reasonable amount of money. The colors they put out will simple are beautiful accessories for your day. Solitaire Rings Each person has a favorite piece of jewelry they love to wear. It might be a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or some other special design. If a person you know likes rings, there is nothing better or more perfect than buying them a CZ jewelry piece for a special occasion. A single stone ring or a simple band of CZ’s is a classic piece to have. For those with expensive wedding sets they are scared to loose, consider storing them and finding a nice CZ replacement to wear every day. The nice set can be for special events. You can even have them fitted with colored CZ stones that appear to be precious stones. Solitaire Necklaces With Adjustable Chains So is a single stone necklace to wear everyday. A simple design but a statement that will get noticed. It is also better if you have a chain on the CZ solitaire necklace can be changed and adjusted to work with any type of color and top you are wearing. Typical length is about 18 inches but some prefer it to hang lower at about 20 inches. A diamond cut chain will add more sparkle to the piece if you desire.

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The Classic Tennis Bracelet No CZ jewelry collection would be complete without the simplest of tennis bracelets. They have and always will be one of the most romantic of CZ choices. These flawless arrangements of the stones will catch everyone’s eye. Because the bracelet is designed with a cheaper stone, there is more affordability in an extravagant piece. They also make a nice present for the special woman in your life. They make great intimate gifts for anniversaries and birthdays. The recipient will love it and it will be one of the most affordable gifts you have ever given before. Queen Bee Jewelry offers a great selection of CZ Jewelry. Check us out on the web at for our entire line of CZ and Sterling Silver Jewelry.

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Fall & Winter 2007-2008 Jewelry Color Trends By Melanie Spark

When the temperatures begin to cool down, the world of jewelry will continue to heat up. We all expect to see warm tones in jewelry designs as the year nears its conclusion, but what may surprise many jewelry lovers is that some of the old favorite jewel tones will be a must-have for the upcoming fall and winter season. If you ask many people, they will tell you that their favorite color is blue. The fall & winter 2007-2008 color trends suggest that this popular shade will remain in style, which means blue topaz, aquamarine and blue cubic zirconia will be a staple for every jewelry wardrobe. Among the other favorites are shades of purple and pink, which means amethyst and pink topaz or their cubic zirconia substitutes will be hot picks for fall and winter. As we all know, you can't go wrong with classic black. It's always a good match for nearly every wardrobe favorite and it never goes out of style, but the upcoming season will see this classic color making a big splash in the world of jewelry. Because black will be a popular color trend for fall & winter 2007-2008 jewelry designs, both black onyx and simulated black diamonds will be the perfect accessories. When you think of yellow, you probably think of the sun and the warm summer months that typically go along with it. But, guess what. Even though the sun may not be at its strongest during the fall and winter months, the upcoming season is going to be a hot one for jewelry lovers. Believe it or not, one of the fall & winter 2007-2008 popular jewelry colors is yellow. This means that your simulated canary diamond jewelry will look perfect when paired with your cold weather wardrobe. In addition, citrine, yellow topaz or their cubic zirconia substitutes will bring plenty of sunshine into your life as your remain on top of the seasonal jewelry trends. On a final note to the upcoming fall & winter 2007-2008 jewelry color trends, remember that some of the traditional favorites will be returning. Among them, shades of pumpkin, gray and chocolate brown will once again be a wise choice for fashion conscious consumers. What does this mean for jewelry lovers? Quite simply, it means that smoky quartz, simulated chocolate and/or champagne diamonds will be in style and on trend. Whether you are looking for genuine gemstones or enjoy the affordability of cubic zirconia, remember that a classic design never truly goes out of style. While color trends may suggest that some colors are hotter than others, it doesn't mean that you should tuck away your old favorites. Instead, wear them proudly with some of the newest additions to your jewelry wardrobe. For more information on cubic zirconia, silver jewelry and silver rings, visit Almost Diamonds at

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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