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Beauty Tips - When to Throw Out the Old Makeup By Debrah Dragon

Every woman on earth buys and uses makeup to look beautiful. Makeup prices can range from the ultra cheap to the very expensive branded products that only the elite can afford. However not many women realize that makeup can also and does expire and when that happens no matter how expensive that makeup is you are supposed to dispose of it immediately. Bad or expired makeup can cause a lot of trouble on your skin, so you need to be careful to read the expiration label on your makeup box. What women should know, but many do not know is that their makeup can literally become too old. Some women never have to worry about their makeup becoming too old because they wear it so often that they replace it regularly. However, some people who have a large load of makeup or only wear it every so often tend to hoard their face makeup for far too long. Many women will keep the same lipstick, the same eyeliner, the same blush, the same eye shadow, lip liner, and mascara for years and never even realizing that it could be dangerous. What you may not realize is that face makeup that is old tends to hold dangerous bacteria that can be harmful to both your health and your skin. Therefore it is essential to know when face makeup becomes too old to use and when it is time to throw away, and then replace with new. Use this guide to help you sort through your makeup bag and determine what to keep and what to throw away. Not many of us know when we purchased our makeup, particularly if we don't purchase it very often. A good tip for that is to take a marker and mark in an area of the makeup the month and year that it was purchased. This can be a great way to remember when it is time to throw away. An alternative is to mark the month and year that it should be thrown away, this saves you from having to figure it out later. Eye Shadow and Eye Liners – The general rule with eye shadow and liners is that if it is liquid, it should be replaced a maximum of six months after purchase. For liner pencils and powder eye shadows, these should be replaced within a year. If you have gotten an infection of the eye, you should make sure you immediately throw all eye makeup away and purchase new.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
• Lipstick – Your lipstick should be thrown away two years after purchase. If the smell or color changes, or you happen to noticed beads of oil building up on the bullet of the lipstick it is time to throw it away. •Loose Powder – Loose powders should be thrown away a year after purchase. •Concealer and Foundation – Both foundation and concealers should be thrown out six months after purchase. However, if you notice a funny smell or separation of the liquid you should throw it out immediately. •Powder Blush – Powder blush should be discarded a year after purchase. If you happen to know clumping or flaking of the blush, then you should throw it out and replace it. •Mascara – Mascara has the least amount of shelf life. It should without a doubt be thrown out three months after purchase. Your overall health and skin health depends on your makeup and sorting through it routinely. So the next time you go over to the store to buy your makeup make sure to look for the expiration date on the box or bottle of the product. This will ensure that the makeup you buy has a long enough expiration period that will allow you to finish the product before it expires. Debrah Dragon writes for Beauty Items, a website about everything beauty-related - beauty tips (http:/, beauty salons (, beauty products (, etc. Debrah is also a featured at

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From Runway-To-Real-Way - A Complete Makeup Trends Review. By John Wellington

What is it with makeup the fact is, if you're female, then you maybe like makeup at some point in your life. It almost seems like the softer sex is drawn to the material. I watched my little girl get sucked into the makeup trends. At the tender age of five, she already wanted to paint her delicate little face with eye shadow and blush. Yikes, what's with kids these days they want to grow up so fast My wife and I were shocked when our little lady came strolling into the living room with full-on makeup, which was applied way too think by the way. You've got to love the youngsters and their attempt at being grown up. However, let's save the infinite makeup trends for the older girls. At least let them get to sixteen first. Speaking of makeup trends, are you up to speed on the latest? These days makeup is as prominent as ever. Although a few women out there refuse to conform, millions of others can't live without it. Have you ever seen those hardcore makeup users on the talk shows they actually wear their makeup to bed. Some will not even let their husbands see what they look like without makeup on. That's nuts! Can you imagine never even seeing what your spouse truly looks like? Regardless of the ardent makeup users, there are infinite others who enjoy the glamour of makeup trends. While a heavy layer of foundation and blush used to be all the rage back in the 80s, these days less is more. That good old natural beauty is in full demand. Sure, you can slap on a little makeup, but don't go crazy ladies. It's ideal to hold a more natural look with just a little makeup to accent your features. Caking it on will only get you insulting glares from other women. When it comes to makeup trends, I have to admit that I like to see what a girl truly looks like. Sure, makeup can look nice if applied in moderation; however, too much may be hiding your natural beauty. It is typically expected for high school level girls to pile on the paint, but once you've hit your twenties, you may want to adopt some new and more conservative makeup rends. It's time to flaunt that natural beauty that you were born with. If you're not up to speed on the latest makeup trends, the Internet will surely provide you with a vast spectrum of solutions to all your makeup questions. John Wellington provides readers with up-to-date commentaries, articles, and reviews for, as well as other related information.

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