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Beauty Tips - The Right Cleanser By Debrah Dragon

The pores of your skin need fresh air to breathe, if they are cannot breathe because the pores are blocked by dirt then you begin to develop various categories of skin problems. These skin problems can range from pimples and acne to zits and boils. Acne is considered to affect around 75 percent of the world’s population. A majority of those acne cases are caused by blocked pores. If you are not using the right technique and cleanser to wash your face, you are inviting trouble to your face. Fortunately nothing can make you feel like a brand new you like a refreshing bath or shower. Having a good body scrub invigorates your senses and refreshes your skin, helping you prepare for the day ahead. But using the wrong soap or cleanser can, in fact, be counterproductive, throwing the natural balance of moistures in your skin out of whack, causing unsightly blemishes or itchy dryness and flaking. Cleanliness can be next to godliness, but only if you're using the right soap-so know your skin, and get the soap that will keep it healthy, and beautiful. Today the market is loaded with all different types of cleansers that promise to make your skin look younger and more radiant. The solution you choose will primarily depend upon your skin type. Using a good soap for your face is not always the right solution. The soap that's right for your body isn't necessarily the right cleanser for your face. Most people need a different soap and cleanser for each, because the different areas have different needs. The skin on your body is usually less sensitive, and you can therefore afford to use a more powerful cleanser, like bar soap, to clean it on a daily basis. However, if you your skin tends toward dryness, be moderate in your use- you may not want to scrub down every inch of your body every day. Stick to areas that tend to perspire more, to avoid drying your skin out. Also, if you have body acne, it's important that you wash daily, but not too frequently or vigorously. People often think that by washing often, they are help cut down on the oil that causes blemishes. In fact, by washing too frequently, they are drying out their skin, causing oil-producing glands to work double-time to keep up. So wash regularly, but within reason. This is the same reason that it is important for you to have a different cleanser for your face than your body. There is a much higher concentration of these oil-producing glands on your face than on the rest of you, and the use of a strong, dehydrating cleanser like bar soap can push those glands into overdrive. Also, most bar soaps contain ingredients that can clog your pores, and can cause
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breakouts. So for your facial cleanser, stick to a gentler, non-comedogenic (non-pore-clogging) soap, to keep your skin's moisture in balance. If you suffer from acne, the use of an acne cleanser with ingredients like Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can help clear your skin to facilitate the absorption of acne treatments. However, like with all soaps, overuse can irritate your skin instead of making it better, so use them in moderation for the clearest, happiest skin possible. It is easier to take a step towards maintaining a cleaner and healthier skin than it was before, with the research and technology available good skin is just a store away. Debrah Dragon writes for Beauty Items, a website about everything beauty-related - beauty tips (http:/, beauty salons (, beauty products (, etc. Debrah is also a featured at

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Colon Cleanse: 3 Tips To Adopt An Effective Colon Cleanse Therapy By Racheal

A colon cleanse program, as the name well suggests, is aimed at cleansing your colon from any grime or dirt. When the need of the hour is to cleanse your digestive tract, you need to adopt the tried and tested techniques of a natural colon cleanser with immediate effect. Not only does a colon cleanse therapy get rid of all the waste matter that is embedded within your colon, you also get to retain a fit and healthy lifestyle in a matter of days. Let us now discuss three tips, after which, you can hope to choose the best possible colon cleanser from the wide variety of products. A Colon Cleanser Needs To Be A Natural Product While trying to choose a colon cleansing agent, you need to make sure that you take your pick from a product that is bound to work well with your internal organs. In simple words, a cleanser, which uses natural ingredients to get the job done, is always better than a product which is using chemicals for the same. One of the main reasons why you require colon cleansing is because there is a lot of chemical waste which is stuck within your large as well as your small intestines. Unless and until you remove the waste matter from within your digestive tract, you cannot hope to lead a healthy life. In simple word, you are required to try and make use of a product which uses natural ingredients only. On the other hand, if you are habitual of using a product which uses chemicals for the same purpose, you would be simply spoiling your health even further. Colon Cleaning Needs To Be Tested Even before you opt to choose a suitable colon cleanser, you need to be very sure that you do so only after a well researched plan. In simple words, you can pick any colon cleansing agent but if you wish to benefit in the longer run, you need to choose one which has been recommended by people from across the globe. A tried and tested colon cleanser is always considered to be better than the rest and it can also be trusted with ease. Over here, you need not to worry about the after-effects of the natural therapy. On the other hand, there are various products which react in an adverse manner. This needs to be avoided at all costs. Go through various websites and look at the best selling products. Brands such as Bowtrol and many others have been known to provide quality colon cleansers for a very long time now. Hence, they can be trusted with ease. A Colon Cleanse Therapy Should Be Speedy It is interesting to note that a colon cleanser is always a fast acting formula. While a laxative is also fast in action, the chances are that if you use a laxative on a regular basis, you would never be able to maintain a healthy body. A laxative flushes out the liquid from within your digestive tract, and hence, it is always best to avoid its usage for a prolonged time period. A colon cleanser, on the other hand, is bound to work fast as it is a herbal remedy. At the same time, you need to try and avoid taking a colon cleansing agent, which makes you rush to the bathroom way too often. Hence, make your choice with utmost care, while opting to disinfect your colon through a colon cleanser. Detoxify your body the natural way by choosing a FREE trial of Bowtrol Colon Cleanse. Centre Affiliate products including Dating eMedia products, Beauty Tips eBook. Page 3

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