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									How To Improve Your Memory Naturally
By Vic Torgeson

If you are wondering how to improve your memory naturally, the first golden rule is, use it. Like any other muscle in your body, the more you use this muscle the better toned it will become. The adage is, use it or lose it. Sensory stimulation and novelty encourage your brain to remember longer and better. If you challenge your brain to more and newer experiences it will function better and remain alert. Try this exercise, use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth this will activate the seldom used connections in the brain. Again, a natural way to improve your memory. Try a neurobic or brain-aerobic exercise to use your brain and faculties in unusual ways. Try to get dressed with your eyes closed, try a new strategy, take a new course in a subject you know nothing about, try out new recipes. Pick anything which will keep those synapses firing and connecting with each other; pay attention to what you are learning or doing. Encode it or link it to a concept or event which would help your remember the concept or fact you need to keep in mind. According to certain studies it takes around 8 seconds of intent focus of attention on any piece of information for it to be properly processed through the hippocampus and reach the appropriate memory center. Do not multitask and if easily distracted do try working in a quiet place. Devise your own information retention methods because some people are visual learners, others learn by listening to remember better. Involve your senses in learning and the more involved you get with your senses the better you will remember. Try remembering the texture, tastes, smells and colors even the act of writing the information is like imprinting it in your memory. Writing things down helps organize your thoughts which fall into a linear or fish bone like mind map and everything becomes linked schematically. If you can rhyme things to remember then do so, use figures, mnemonics or other methods and get as creative as possible. Linking the information to whatever you already know is another way to help develop long term memory about the topic.

Say it is an address of a new friend; relate it to the vicinity to another friend or your favorite hangout. Understand any input is a complex process of linking it to the previous information and reasoning it out this is the best way to remember any information. Lastly keep a positive alert attitude and revise all what you know. Improving your memory naturally is the best way to go, and is least invasive to our physical conditions.

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