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					                                          Re: PHP security issues?

Re: PHP security issues?


      • From: David Clymer <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
      • Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 08:53:38 −0400

On Sat, 2006−04−08 at 21:34 −0700, Marc Shapiro wrote:

        I recently installed php4 (4.3.10−16) since I am about to bite the
        bullet and pay for hosting of my web−site and the hosting service
        (1& only allows php3, php4, or php5 with its least expensive
        service. I am now going to teach myself php so that I can make use of
        the service if need be. I keep seeing posts, however, about security
        issues with "badly written" php scripts. Can someone point me to some
        info explaining what the security issues are so that I don't end up
        writing scripts that will be a security risk.

I think a PHP mailing list would be the appropriate place for this
question, not debian−user.

For secure programming tips, go to google, type in "writing secure php"
and click "I'm feeling lucky."

If you have to learn a language, you might want to think about using
python− or some other place that supports Django
( and RubyOnRails ( as
well as PHP. IMHO, PHP is one of the uglier languages out there. These
two frameworks are written in much more beautiful/powerful languages
(python and ruby, respectively), and take care of a lot of the tedium
involved in developing web apps − Django especially.


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