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									SEG 3430 Tutorial 2

   SDLC Job Role and
   Economic Analysis
Role : Business Analyst

    Job Duties
      Re-engineer the Business Process
      Study and implement ERP System

      Analyze the Workflow and streamline the
       Group's Operation
Role : Business Analyst

    Requirements
      Tertiary Education in Industrial Engineering,
       Manufacturing Engineering, Statistics,
       Operational Research, Logistics or
      Sound experience in the combination of
       Quality Management Knowledge (familiar
       with QC tools); ISO Implementation; ERP
    Source : Jan 08 2005,
Role : Systems Analyst
    Job Duties
        Conduct technical study to provide project estimate and
        Capture IT requirements and translate into solutions
        Plan, design, develop and implement IT related systems
         fitting the business needs of corporate development; e.g.
         Human Resources related system, Customer Relationship
         Management System, Management Information System,
         Cargo Operations System, as well as Logistics System
        Perform technology search and research
        Manage vendors to deliver solutions
        Perform application architectural and detailed design
        Assist in infrastructure planning and implementation
Role : Systems Analyst
    Requirement
        Degree in IT, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or
         related discipline
        Minimum 5 years' experience in systems development, with
         not less than 3 years' systems analyst role
        Good business sense and application experiences
        Experience and Knowledge in any of the following areas will
         be an advantage:
             Human Resources Systems, Customer Relationship
              Management Systems, MIS
             Material flow control system
             Optimization and computing algorithm, or other operational
              research methodology
        Familiar with project management methodology
    Source : Dec 30 2004,
Role : Project Manager
    Job Duties
        responsible for managing, monitoring, coordinating
         and controlling all project events
        planning and monitoring project resources
        monitoring project progress and product quality and
         project reporting
        In a pre-sale situation, you will be assisting the
         sales team to prepare project proposal, perform
         presentation and demonstration.
        managing a call center, handling customer
         complaints and coordinating event's ticketing with
         event organizers.
Role : Project Manager
    Requirement
        University degree holder in Computer Science / Software
         Engineering or equivalent.
        10 years' post-qualification IT experience with at least 3 of
         those in a project management role.
        Experience in ticketing business and customer service is
        Competence in several technical areas such as: Internet, e-
         commerce, security, n-tier application, Unix and Windows.
        Ability to communicate effectively with both
         technical and non-technical customers and co-workers
    Source : Jan 08 2005 ,
Job comparison

    Common requirements
        University Degree in Computer Science or related
        Good command of both English and Chinese
        Ability to speak Mandarin
        Good interpersonal skills for communicating with
        Hardworking, able to work independently and under
        Strong problem/analytical skills
Working Experience
    Business Analyst
        Minimum 2 years' relevant
         working experience,                 Project Manager
         preferably in related field, e.g.
         banking industry
    System Analyst
        Min. 5 years' working               System Analyst
         experience in system
         development and support field
    Project Manager
        10 years' post-qualification IT     Business Analyst
         experience with at
         least 3 of those in a project
         management role
Job comparison
              Duties               Business Systems   Project
                                    Analyst Analyst   Manager

 Business Process Reengineering      Yes      Yes       Yes
 Collect and confirm detailed        Yes      Yes
 requirements with clients
 Develop specifications, and         Yes      Yes
 possibly programs
 Prepare system documentation        Yes      Yes

 Perform system integration test     Yes      Yes
 and load test
Job comparison
              Duties               Business Systems   Project
                                    Analyst Analyst   Manager

 Understand the functions of the              Yes       Yes
 system and set Functional
 Setting data models and process              Yes       Yes
 Deliver the assigned work from               Yes
 Project Manager in good quality
 and on time
 Presentation and demonstration                         Yes
Economic Analysis

 1)   Identify costs and benefits
         Development costs, e.g. equipment
         Operational costs , e.g. software upgrade
         Tangible benefits , e.g. sales
         Intangibles , e.g. brand , supplier relations
 2)   Assign Values to Costs and Benefits
         Do the best you can to come up with reasonable
         Work with business users and IT professionals to
          create numbers for each of the costs and benefits
Economic Analysis

 3) Determine Cash Flow
    Over a period of time, usually 3-5 years
    Apply the growth rate to the number, if
         PV = Cash flow amount
              (1 + interest rate)n , where
                interest rate = required return
                n = number of years in future
Economic Analysis



     Given rate of changes for money is 3%
Economic Analysis

 4) Determine Net Present Value (NPV)
      Compare the present value of future cash
       flows with the investment outlay
      Select a rate of growth to apply the NPV
       formula (i.e. 3%)
Economic Analysis

 5) Determine Return on Investment
      The amount of money an organization
       receives in return for the money it spends
      Only consider the end points of investment,
       not the cash flow in between

   ROI = (Total benefits – Total Costs)/ Total Costs
       = (5,041,515 – 1,531,638) / 1,531,638
       = 229.16 %
Economic Analysis

 6) Calculate Break-Even Point
 7) Graph Break-Even Point
   1) Understand how long it will take before the
      system creates real value
   2) Plot the yearly costs and benefits on a line graph

                  1415119/ 2094731 = 0.68 years
              Break-even Point: 1+0.68 = 1.68 years

    Economics Analysis for VMiner Inc.
     Start-up Business Plan
      An intelligent financial advisory company
      Provide investment advice service for retail
       investors in Great China
                                                      Venture Capital

                             Mainly used for technology research
             Require RMB 4.1 Million Investment
                 Fund Allocation
                             and service development
    16%                R&D
 Variable Cost
                                       R & D Expert
Management                                 39%
   Team          Marketing Setting -
 Salaries          10%       up
   23%                     company
                       Breakeven Analysis


                 Breakeven in 17 Months

          1000                              Fixed…
                    Low Cost, High Return   SalesHK…


Financial Projection
            Sales      Sales
           Revenue     Revenu Total
           (B  B      e (B  Sales      Net Profit Profit
Year       C)         C)     Revenue    after Tax Margin
       1         684        0      684      -3227    -4731%
       2       13274      421    13695       4646      34%
       3       34534     2304    36838      18367       50%
                               Exit Strategy

     Become an Acquisition Target

April 30, 2007, ClearForest (with gross asset $3.8M)
            acquired by Reuters for $25M

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